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Ooo I bet there are going to be some new babies when I get back Tuesday. Good luck everyone!

Emily – WOW you went through a lot. I’m so glad the epi worked for you. How’s everything going?

Dee – ‘whatever works’ has become my new motto. You are smart to know your options, know the implications, and be ready for whatever comes your way. If pain relief had been an option for me, I would have taken it after 5 hours of pushing. But it wasn’t and I would totally do the birth center again.

On carriers – I don’t use the hotsling pouches much at all. Ring sling accomplishes the same thing and is so much more flexible. Just got the ergo and am a little disappointed. She’s not big enough to straddle my waist so I have to frog her. (is that a verb? To frog?) so it’s basically like a mei tai only bulkier. I'm sure we'll use it for the back carry eventually though.
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minnow, I think I got "ready" by accepting that it was ok if everything wasn't perfect. You WILL have time to do things after the baby comes, they'll just happen slower than usual.

Sarah, congrats on your girl!! Welcome to Team Pink! What a perfect profile shot! And the little foot is so adorable!

Emily, you DID go through a lot. Kudos for all your hard work.
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So much to catch up on!

Minnow: The appointment went well today. I really liked the new doctor, she is young and seemed very down to earth. It was more an intro meeting than anything. They pegged my EDD as April 16 although we are still going to tell people "late April" to keep them off our backs. The only crappy thing is that she is in a group of 7 women doctors so there is no guarantee that she will be delivering the baby. I asked her about medication-free labour and she said the best thing to do is read up on it, go through the child-birth classes of our choice and ask lots of questions every time I see her - that way I will know what my options are and will be able to make informed decisions when the time comes and not beat myself up if something happens and I do need medical assistance. That sounds like good advice to me. I figure I just have to stay as healthy and strong as possible, hope for the best and see what happens - it made me feel a lot better. I'm still getting a doula for the extra support.

Funny story: both DH & I were in the room and the doctor asked us what we did, when the DH said "student" she asked him what he was studying and once he said "physics" she gave the typical reaction: (this is why he hates telling people what he does) "Oh, I hated physics, I don't know why anyone would WANT to study it." And then she went into how she had to take it for pre-med" and DH said, "I know, I had to teach it to students like you" which made her laugh because she conceded that teaching pre-med students physics is probably worse than studying it.

Hmmm... maybe that was only funny to us. Moving on...

Emily: You sound very strong and I hope I am empowered enough to make the right decisions when the time comes.

Sarah: Congratulations on finding out it's a girl! There are so many boys in my family right now, I have five nephews and no nieces, DH is the 2nd of 3 boys and my Mum was the only girl out of six, that one of the reason we don't want to find out is in case the baby IS a girl - our Mothers will lose their minds so it's better if the little one stays secret until people actually need to know.
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Sarah! Congrats on your girl! : Very cool. Isn't it so cool to see the little one? I LOVE the picture of the foot. Hee hee hee...

Lane that was a beautiful summation to why you're doing a homebirth. I feel the same way. I'm not trying to be a frontier woman, I'm just trying to be in a safe emotional space, which for me as at home in the pool with my chosen birth team. Loved, loved, loved what you wrote. Oh yeah... don't be too jealous of our glider situation... we're now out $2K! And I'm sure I'll still have to fight DH for the one downstairs. I think he thinks it's his new recliner, not my nursing chair. We might have some glider issues...am I gonna have to pee on it to mark my territory?

Emily... my god woman I can't believe you lasted that long! I think you did the right thing (not that you're asking!)... so after the epi did you finally dilate the rest of the way? I'm glad it gave you some relief. Hadn't you been in labor for a few days by then? I can't wait to see pics of Benjamin, when you get time. Thanks for checking in!

Becky...could the crampies could be early labor? Good luck!
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Julia thanks for saying that you have moments of doubt and apprehension about birthing without drugs too. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my thoughts that I forget others feel the same way. You are strong and your waterbirth will be awesome. I read Hypnobabies and loved it - it seemed to powerful yet peaceful. Birthing from Within sort of scares me because it talks a lot about pain, which I don't want to think about! Glad your first day back at work went so well!

Lane thank you so much for explaining so well why you're doing homebirth. I believe that endorphins can lessen pain and the memory of pain, and I particularly like that approach b/c of my biochemistry background. I'm still definitely afraid of the intervention cascade. I read Easy Labor by Camaan, which did a pretty good job explaining pain management options from epidurals to hypnosis (no mention of bourbon though!) so at least I know a little about each option. I think my panic was precipitated by my doc telling me that I should start taking zoloft now to prevent PPD. I've been off anti-depressants since TTC and I'm proud of myself (well, my hormones) for doing so well without them. I'll do what's necessary to keep my baby and me healthy but I'm not ready to get back on meds yet. Somehow I equated a difficult birth with PPD so I started thinking about ways to have an easy birth. You and Julia (and CJ) talked me down, though, so I'm back where I started: going med-free but open to anything as the situation unfolds.
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Lane, you're ready hon! Curtains be damned! I can imagine you have a crazy mix of emotions as you get ready to welcome your LO but it sounds to me like you're ready.

Sarah congrats on your baby girl! : Yay! It's so nice to be able to say "she" (or "he" as the case may be) instead of "it." Sorry to hear your DH is in shock - he'll come around and be as excited as you are eventually.

Becky I can't believe your MW did a membrane sweep without telling you! TG you were going to ask for one anyway. Hopefully the crampies are the start of something good. Looks like the universe owes someone on this thread a short easy labor to compensate for what CJ, Pie and Emily went through. Easy labor vibes coming your way!

Emily wow is all I can say. I'm sorry labor turned out to be so long, painful and exhausting for you. You definitely proved to yourself and everyone else that you can handle the pain. It's great to hear that you don't regret getting the epi. It sounds like you've already processed quite a bit of the experience. How is BFing going? I would love to see pictures too, when you have time.

CJ it's good to know the hotsling isn't your favorite. I had a feeling it was going to be a dud, kind of a generic one-size-fit-none type of thing. Maybe I'll return both of mine and get two ring slings. Sorry the Ergo is not working for you yet. At least you have several other options! Oh and I love the mental image of you bending down to pick up dog poop while carefully balancing a baby.

Melanie glad your doc appointment went well & you like her. Sounds like she said all the right things!
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Dee... honey I feel for you. I can't remember if we've talked about this... perhaps... maybe I've forgotten, but I didn't realize you suffered from depression before. I went off my mood stabilizer when I got preggo (I was almost off of it anyhow) and I'd been working towards doing that anyhow for a couple years... but I know with a previous history of depression I may be at risk for PPD. But I figure, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I love being med-free. I'm not depressed NOW. I think a big component of PPD is whether or not a woman feels supported, or isolated. I plan to keep up with my therapy, get back to yoga as soon as I can, and make time for me so I don't get isolated. I know this will be tough in the first couple months but DH knows it's important... and he is able to take off a month of work to stay with me and help. I think that makes a big difference... from what I hear. That said, hormones are hormones and they can rule my world sometimes! So I may eat my words. But these are the things I think can help. Do you have help after baby comes? Can DH be home for a bit, do you have friends/family around to help, a support network, can you hire a post-partum doula or something? Etc. Of course, we'll have to start that "Chasing after #1 in our 30's" thread we've been talking about... right ladies?

OMG OMG this is totally off-topic but I can't believe Pavarotti died! He was a pompous a$$, but a legendary voice. Wow. I know, total non-sequitor. I'm just in shock.
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i was afraid of ppd but this is the happiest i have been in my entire life!
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Hi ladies. I've been a little busy this week... Isabella Lourdes Sofia was born on Labor Day!!! 5 weeks early! 5lb 13 oz, 18 1/2 inches and GORGEOUS!!!

I haven't had any chance to catch up, but wanted to tell you all.

She is absolutely beautiful! Short story is that my water broke on Sunday morning, so we went into the hosptial. My awesome OB was out of town, but the whole experience went as smoothly as it could have considering that she was early. Her actual birth was a bit scary since she didn't tolerate having her head compressed well, but we got her out!!!

She has a few health concerns from being early. She spent a few hours in the NICU getting her breathing straightened out, but after that was able to room in with me. Although, the NICU team prepared us for up to 2 weeks up there. She had to stay last night AFTER I was discharged because she developed pretty disturbing jaudice (she was VERY yellow). That cleared up and this morning we found out she has a "moderate" VSD (hole in her heart between the right and left chambers). She has her very own cardiologist.

I can't tell you all how emotional it's all been - everything has been so chaotic and up and down. First she's sick, then fine, then sick, then fine, then we hear about a "moderate heart murmur" that they have to investigate and that they're doing chest x-rays, echocardiogram, etc... I have cried so much that last night my right eye was actually swollen almost SHUT. Taking her home today was the best feeling ever, but then as soon as we're home the whole "triple feed" thing has me overwhelmed. I swear all I do is feed an pump. There is no time for sleep or eating or anything...

She is bar none the best thing that has ever happened to either of us and I can't wait for you all to experience this too. It's so much harder and so much better than you can possibly imagine!
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Elizabeth!!! Congratulations on Isabella!!
You snuck in there! Sorry it's been so stressful but I hope Isabella is doing well and that you adjust to the crazy feedings.

Wow it's baby bonanza around here! I love it!

Becky - I know you're next!!! Or maybe Laura?

About being ready - Lane - I haven't gotten through my to do list in fact it seems to keep growing as I roam my house and realize all the stuff I still need to clean or hoard. But emotionally I'm ready. I'm ready to meet my baby, to face labor - finally. So somehow you do feel ready though not prepared!

So I've been having 'contractions' for the last few days mostly at night which is crappy because I don't even sleep my 2 hours intervals anymore. My childbirth instructor said to not think of the contractions as painful - as a signal from your body that something is going wrong - but to think of them as unique sensations that are helping get the baby out. Don't know if it will help when the real ones come.

Pain relief is really an exception here so basically unless something goes wrong the norm is natural - so I don't get the fall back of getting an epidural even if I delivered in a hospital. I guess this could be good or really bad...

Julia - I also think sharing our glider is going to be an issue since my DH thinks it's his new chair... well it is very comfy!

Okay I gotta go... strange feelings in the gut.
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Elizabeth! Congratulations on Isabella! I was just wondering about you this morning... I realized we hadn't heard from you in a few days, but it didn't even occur to me you could've had your baby! Wow! I'm glad she's ok but I'm so sorry it's been so difficult. I hope she just continues to get stronger, I'm sure she will. and keep us informed... of course we're always happy for pics when you get a chance!

Natalia... ooh, honey good luck! Hang in there, I hope it goes quicker for you than it has been going... someone is definitely owed a quick labor around here, dangit!
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WOw baby bonanza is right!!! Congrats Elizabeth on your darling little Isabella!! It sounds like your moving in the right direction,everything will be going smoothly in no time! Welcome to the world little munchkin girl!!
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Congratulations Elizabeth and Welcome Isabella! :

I was born early, weighing 4lbs, very jaundiced, with a heart murmur, and I turned out fine. Now, I had to spend several weeks in an incubator, but this was 1975!
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Congrats Elizabeth and welcome Isabella!

I was wondering where you were too! I'm sorry all three of you (you, DH & baby) have had a rough start. The ups and downs sound emotionally draining. But how wonderful to have your beautiful daughter in your arms and in your home! Congratulations again - what a wonderful surprise!
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Welcome Isabella!

And Elizabeth, what an experience! I'm happy to hear that all three of you are home. I've known a couple people who had babies early and they have all turned out lovely. Congratulations to you and DH and what a beautiful name! It has always been one of my favourites (although not on my list because another couple I know named their baby that last year).
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Congrats Elizabeth!!! Welcome to the world Isabella
Rest and heal well momma. Do what you can and need to do to take care of yourself and your little girl - let everything else go.

I am sooooo stalking Becky right now!!!
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Oh Elizabeth! My goodness! Congratulations on baby Isabella (Lourdes Sofia -- love all her names!) and thank you for letting us know! I'm so glad to hear that her problems seem to be straightening out and that she's home... keep us posted and know that we are thinking of you. What an emotional roller coaster you are on. Many hugs and congratulations again.
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Originally Posted by PiePie View Post
i was afraid of ppd but this is the happiest i have been in my entire life!
This is so awesome.

Actually, I think a *bunch* of us have been on mood stabilizers in the past. The eating well, exercising, meditating and taking care of myself of pregnancy have actually made me feel so much more resilient than ever before. Hope it continues, for all of us. Thanks, everyone, for responding to my question and anxieties.

Hi, Emily! Nice to see you!

Becky and Natalia -- thinking about you guys!
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for those of you waiting for news on becky (beckyphry), maya rose was born this morning!!!

Maya Rose - 7lbs, 20z born via c-birth at 10:13 am!

i will let becky get you the rest of the details whenever she can but i thought you all might want to know.

welcome maya!
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Gah! Thank you for the update!

Congratulations Becky, and welcome Maya! Hope you are resting well and can't wait to hear more!
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