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"Lower Income Moms" September 2007 Support

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I am starting a new "Poor Moms" thread with a more "positive" title in hopes more moms will join in!

Last months "Poor Families" thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=723076

{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} To you all!
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SUPPORT ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No DEBATE!!!!!

And as a twist why don't we post one positive thing you are grateful for to start off the month?

I am grateful I have a roof overhead, my kids are fed, and that life is not always dark and gloomy.

I hope to accomplish more decluttering this month and more pantry stocking.

My hubby is making alot more money now (technicaly I guess I dont belong here anymore), but he may do another round of school or studying which will temp. put us back in the "low income" area for awhile again... but it will help in the long run.

So I am sticking around... even if I mostly lurk!
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We definetely fit here now...not that we were ever rolling in it, but things have certainly gotten much tighter in the last few months. But we are getting by (barely) and the kiddos are healthy so I'm very thankful for that.

This month, I'm hopeful/grateful for and trying to stay positive about two interviews that DP has scheduled in the next two weeks. Is there a crossing fingers icon here? lol I'll def check back with an update on that front.
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Hey, I'm here.

Currently we owe 3 months rent. Plus late fees. To the tune of about $3000.00 which we dont have.

On the bright side, our landlord came over last night and said he would waive the two months of late fees AND lower our rent by 75.00 per month.
Wow, who has a landlord who does that?

So, that was a real blessing. We are waiting on a commission check from dh's boss to pay off the landlord, but he's running out of patience and his wife is a mean, mean lady who I dont want to have to deal with!

I'm in my last semester of nursing school and we are just really, really struggling. When you live paycheck to paycheck, it doesnt take much to cause a real crisis.
I argue with myself everyday about just quitting school and just going and getting a fulltime job immediately to end this misery.

We have taken in dh's 17yo disabled stepson which really put us under. His meds alone are 300.00 month cash and monthly supplies he needs are a little over 300.00 month. His bio mother removed him from her insurance policy when she decided she didnt want to take care of him anymore and he had to come live with us. Try and get a disabled person onto an insurance policy! Grrr.......
Plus she's still receiving c. support for him that she wont give back. It's a mess and we are stuck in the hard spot once again cleaning up after her mess. She is the sorriest excuse for a mother I've ever heard of. But its a catch 22.....we need to go to court over this with her yet we cant afford a lawyer. We make about 200.00/month too much for food stamps or medicaid.

Its really hard for me to get a job with nursing school. Especially this last semester. With classes and clincals at the hospital all at different hours, mornings, afternoons and evenings, my availability is very little.
Dh is very frustrated though and basically said he is going to leave if I dont find a job quickly. He cant do it own his own anymore. Which I totally get, BUT with my schooling and the needs of all the kids and he working crazy schedules and lots of unpredictable overttime, its not easy at all to find a p/t job.

So, I dont know whats going to happen. Dh's boss keeps stringing him along with the commission check (this has become a pattern) and dh totally sucks at confrontation of any sort. Bss keeps saying, "Ill get it to you Friday" and its not there.

So, yeah, life stinks. If we can just make it til spring, hopefully our income will double once I find a nursing job. It'll feel like we are rich!!!
At least feeding the kids everyday wont be such a huge struggle.

Just have to find a way to hang in there until then.......but it seems like each month get worse and worse.

I hope this month brings good, unexpected things for us all!
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I am grateful for that Amazon gc I got! It's so nice to wait for something to come in the mail, and I got a baking book and can't wait to try some yummy bread recipes!

I am also grateful that our cc limit went up awhile back so it hasn't been maxed quite yet. But it will soon! I just spent $23 at the grocery store when we only had $13 until the 15th.

Here's to hoping the holidays delay when the bills come/are due!

KDM- I'm sorry about your dh's boss. I know working when going to nursing school is near impossible, but have you looked into tutoring other students during down time or working a couple of hours a week at a hospital you do clinicals at? Many give good bonuses to new nurses, so having you already there would be a great way to get your foot in the door. I worked with one nurse who spoke Spanish (her parents were from Mexico) and she got a $25k sign on bonus to move to Texas to work! They even found her housing and helped arrange services for her disabled dd. I am sending you lots of good nursing job vibes!
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I'm grateful for the bus pass I got from the CalWORKS program...
I'm grateful for my air conditioning, and the home we have...
I'm grateful for my friends, family, and Social Support Network....
And I am seriously grateful for the internet.

- Basic intro for those who don't know me: I'm a young single, solo mother to 2 beautiful little ones... and I'm currently going to school and working full time.
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I'm grateful DS is sleeping which means I can't be too loud about how pissed I really am. And that's the truth!
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I am grateful for the new title of the thread.

I am also grateful to get spend time alone with only two kids, Maggie and Liam.
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Hello! I'm new to this board and definitely excited to find a place where I don't feel like a loser because I'm not makin' it. I am married and have a beautiful 6 mo ds. We are both trying to better our situations, (I'm upgrading, he's working and planning on school in Jan) We live in a city that exploded last year and rent tripled for most, and the housing market inflated to the point that houses that were worth $120 000.00 are now selling for $450 000.00. So we are stuck in an apartment that we pay way too much for and no other options other than moving across the country. This is the plan. Move from Alberta Canada to PEI Canada. I'm scared and nervous and trying not to think about the move as it is happening next fall.

In the interem, we have to survive in this crazy economy, and I feel like we're drowning. The amount of working homeless in our city is gastly, and we are one step away from being a statistic.

Ok, I'm done freaking out! I can't wait to glean tips on how to make our life better!

My goals for this month:

Work hard at my online upgrading
Be a smarter shopper and cook wholesome economical meals
Make my house feel like a home
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Kentuckydoulamam, if he is disabled, I bet he can get social security. That would help.
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Originally Posted by mrskennedy View Post
I'm grateful DS is sleeping which means I can't be too loud about how pissed I really am. And that's the truth!
WHy's that?
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I am grateful for health - mine and dd's.
I am grateful for food stamps.
I am grateful that I am half-way through school.
I am grateful for my current situation because it is forcing me to grow as a person.

In the month of September I will:
- focus and do great in school
- continue to try to keep stressful things (family tensions, lack of child support) seperate from dd
- get a part-time job
- work harder at meal planning (hopefully NOT running out of food stamps before the end of the month - again)

Welcome to the new people and the new title!
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hi, new here

I've been lurking, but I thought I'd pop in and say "hi". A little background info, I'm a single mom of 4 kids ages 14 thru 3.5. I work full-time(and OT whenever it's available) so I'm thankful for that, also for food stamps. I'm thankful for the roof over my head, and that everyone is healthy.
Hopefully this month I will be able to start saving money this month, we'll see.
Bye for now.
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I'm grateful for the health of my two daughters.

I'm grateful for their love and affection each day.

I'm grateful I am a good cook and can make inexpensive, healthy meals from basic ingredients.

I'm grateful for the sun, the moon, the oceans/lakes/rivers, the forests and other natrual and best of all FREE pleasures in this world.

I'm grateful for the support and community of MDC.
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i'm thankful that...i figured out that being WITH my children is more important than all the money in the world...so what if we're poor?

i'm thankful for medicaid, as my two youngest rack up thousands per month in medical bills.

i'm thankful to be single.
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I am thankful that my aunt was able to loan us 2500.00 to tide us over until my job starts

I am thankful for student loan deferments

I am thankful that this period of unemployment has let me be a SAHM for the time being.
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Great new thread!! Thanks Thystle

HOw awesome to see all the "faces" here.
Little intro:
I'm chandi, SAHM to 4 girls ranging in age from 9.5-13 months. My DH recently lost his full time computer contract (Jan) and he has been working on starting his own business for about 5 years now. He really did all he coule with it with out devoting 100% of his time too it. He took this opportunity to try and make it work. So, its tight. TIghter than its ever been and I don't like it LOL. Love having him home, hate being financially where we are. I"ll be lucky to be able to get my kids shoes for school.

I'm thankful for:
*Being able to BE with my kids everyday
*A husband who loves us

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I'm thankful that we have a roof over our heads & air conditioning (it was 105 today!).
For my beautiful son
For my supportive DH
For student loan deferments

We too just barely don't qualify for food stamps, etc. It's been a hard year with DS in the NICU & DH being out of work for 6 months.

My goals for this month are to be a more economical shopper & to try & save money so we can move to Mass
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Hey there! I am a 24yr old SAHM with a nearly 23mth old with Sensory intergration disorder. My husband currently works a night shift at the local casino, it doesnt pay bad, but it doesnt pay that great, and theres no overtime, we dont earn enough to be able to afford the health insurance, and hes exposed to smoke all night long. So he is currently looking for another job, even if it means we take a drop in pay again. Hopefully if he takes a drop in pay we will get our foodstamps back. Until then I am trying to save us money with coupons and following the sales closely. This month we will start being charged for our water, yet another bill to add to our list, and we have run out of forbearance months on dh's 1st school loan : Not to mention we need to scrape up enough money to get him a substitue teaching cert and look into getting him back into school for a teaching degree.

I am grateful for my ds, and that he is starting to eat applesauce with a spoon all by himself!
I am greatful for my wonderfully supportive parents who help us out of tight spots.
I am greatful that things arn't as bad this year as they were last year.
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Thanks for the new thread! :

I don't have time to write what I'm thankful for and make goals for the month (on my way to work right now), but I'll be back later.
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