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Oh Geo, that SUCKS, mama. no other advice for you....maybe they can recover some of it? that's a lot for someone to try to unload. either way I'm sorry! hope you get a run in to burn off some stress.

it is actually not scorching here so I may try to get out for my 2 miles this afternoon. consignment sale hell is DONE! I keep repeating that it's only a week, but it's quite a week. take care mamas.
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I have not been keeping up with my dingos. My life is so busy right now! It just seems like every waking moment is spent attending to children of all shapes and sizes!:

Anyway, I did manage to get some decent mileage in this weekend! Finally! I had Friday off of my babysitting job, and my mom here, so I took advantage of that, and got in 3.25 miles with Emily in the stroller for the first mile and a quarter (I ran her to preschool). Then, Saturday, I got in 5 miles with Abby in the jog stroller. And today, I had a long run of 10 miles!!! It was a PR for distance. The longest I've gotten in before that has been 9 miles. I did it with an average pace of 12:00/mile. I thought that was pretty good, considering that I have done next to nothing for the last month!

My plan for the future is to keep doing some big mileage for the weekends and just tough it out until my babysitting job ends in a month or two. Then, I will have loads of time to run! I'll have 3 days a week that Emily is in preschool with Abby in the stroller, plus the weekend. Half marathon training, here I come!
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geo~oh mama, that stinks. so sorry!

RR: ran 12 this am, kept telling myself to slow down. Taper is a wonderful thing! Looking forward to seeing Balancin1, ND and Mr. ND, and DrJen in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh, Geo! I just read about your breakin. How scary! Have you filed a police report yet? If not, do so. Also, tomorrow, call your bank and notify them. If you had ANY credit card information (like if you ordered online, did online banking, automatic payments, etc.), call your credit card companies and ask them to change your account number and send you new cards. You might ask them and your bank if they have any suggestions on how to minimize identity theft. Call your homeowner's insurance, as well, and notify them. That's all I can think about right now. I'm so sorry.
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Oh no, Geo! How awful. Have you called the police yet? My apartment was broken into many years ago and I remember feeling very violated.

I just got back from 7 hot, slow miles. I've got a horrible sinus cold, and no voice, but went out and did it anyway.

Bec, great PR for distance! WTG and best of luck with your half-marathon training .
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Wow! Is everyone okay? 17 hours without a post? I'm amazed, and a little worried!

I read, but didn't post around 230 this morning. :
No running, no nothing to post. Knitting report: crown is done. I have pics, I just need to get them posted.

Geo: that freaking sucks about your computers. I hope it all goes ok.

Ok back to dissertating.
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Thanks folks. You need not be concerned about calling the police. I came downstairs this morning, found everything gone, put water on for coffee, called the cops, and then yelled upstairs to tell DH to put some pants on 'cuz the police would be here in a few minutes.

The guy was not all that helpful, though. After he left, I realized he had failed to give us a report number, his card, or any other contact info. We can get the report tomorrow when "the ladies" type it up.

Phil keeps coming up with other stuff that's missing (mostly in his brief case).

The computers: mine was the newest one. It barely works, and I was planning on replacing it (university funds) this week. It has a bad power supply, bad battery, and the memory is finicky. DH's was 6 years old, only in slightly better shape, and the kid's laptop was from my FIL. It was a vintage laptop able to view only some of the internet with its elderly OS.

Seriously, DH's ipod nano had the highest resale value there. The missing $150 engineering book is second.

Still, we're peeved. We need to figure out how to put a credit watch on ourselves, and DH can't get into any of our bank accounts, because they all require passwords and a cookie for that computer (and IP address -- so those are secure).

On another note, DD had her first gymnastics lesson today. She it.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
The guy was not all that helpful, though. After he left, I realized he had failed to give us a report number, his card, or any other contact info. We can get the report tomorrow when "the ladies" type it up.
Get this, and keep it. We had our checkbook stolen (it was in our diaper bag in the car, WAYYYYY back in 2003). Credit agencies are STILL trying to collect on checks that people wrote (which we had stopped). Erik swears at them, using mostly a 6 letter word that begins with an F, when they call. Coincidentally our case number with the dul. public safety is also 6 digits and begins with F.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
Erik swears at them, using mostly a 6 letter word that begins with an F, when they call. Coincidentally our case number with the dul. public safety is also 6 digits and begins with F.

Kerc can you PM me your address please? :
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Geo, man that blows. Glad all of you are ok.

A friend of mine just called me -- she is quite depressed and sounds more on the verge than I have heard her before. She and her DH and 2 kids moved to Austria this summer. She is Austrian, he is not, but hasn't lived there in like 12 years or so. Her DH travels a lot for work, leaving her to tend kids alone for 1-2 weeks at a time, every month. She most definitely is the primary one for her kids. I was thinking of sending her a care package of sorts and wondering what to send. Any of you have any ideas? I am trying to think of what might make me smile when depressed. You know, when you don't feel like doing anything? I thought of a book (not sure what?) (would the Eat, Pray, Love, or whatever it is called be appropriate?), maybe a journal, CD, etc. I feel so bad for her, as I think that she feels really alone and her DH is totally not helping with that, not just by being away. She has started seeing a therapist and will ask for meds tomorrow, as well as doing some exercise.

I have been reading along, just don't have much to contribute, since I, umm, haven't changed my ways, nor started running again. : Have managed some swimming and biking, which is enough to show me that running is really going to do me in. But I will, ladies, I really will. Hold me to it.

One note on leaving windows open at night. It actually makes me feel safer living in the city, as we have very impenetrable bars on all the windows and doors on our first two floors. We have actually gone out of town with our windows open. Something to consider if anyone needs to replace windows -- my parents (who don't live in the city) have the type of windows that open out on the bottom, but not the top. Seems to me that those might be more preventative in keeping people out? Course, there is always a security system.
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I'm beginning to find myself thinking about you ladies at the oddest times! Topics get stuck in my head without me realizing it, then BAM! I'm driving to the gym and thinking about what JayGee said about compulsive eating. (By the way, that BAM! is kind of Emeril-ish isn't it? I don't even really like the guy that much.)

So, JayGee--I have ups and downs with food. It took me to reach my 30's to finally realize I have no self-control with certain foods. Those foods become the gateway to nonstop eating. It can get me really depressed. My most effective tactic now is to keep all of my trigger foods out of the house. For me that means absolutely no chips, snack sticks, rice crackers, etc. I ate an entire box of Wheat Thins in one sitting when I was in high school. It still makes me feel sad.

Plady--A TM has been my sanity saver since I had my third dc. My kids are 4.5, 2.5 and 1.5 and I don't think I'd be able to exercise without my TM. The gym membership is great too but you probably will have to schedule in advance for chilcare with your babe. Not to mention the frequent feedings make it easier to run in your own home!!

Geo--That really sucks about the break-in. I'd be pretty pissed if it was something I'd already expressed concern about to my dh. Good luck with sorting everything out.

Kate~mom--Wow-you're an inspiration! Holey moley, I'm so jealous of your speed.

Our hot water heater went kaput on Friday night, flooding our basement in the process. The upside is I've had a good excuse to go to the gym yesterday and today because I could shower there. I did 35 min. on the bike yesterday. Ugh--I don't know what it is but I hate the bike. No offense to you riders out there. I did another round of speed intervals today, maxing out at 8 on the TM again. Hopefully I can get to 8.5 next time.
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Moonshine, my prescription for fending off depression is watching DVDs of "The Gilmore Girls." Seriously. I watched those back-to-back while nevie was a newborn and it would send the baby blues (borderling PPD) packing.

I am here. I should be studying, but I'm getting my little office corner of our house kinda situated. I didn't want to think about having our dining room table covered with books, notebooks and flashcards for the next two years, so I've rearranged the guest room and put our desk in here. Let's face it. Nevie will not be having this as her own room anytime soon! That was the plan for this room, but as we are still happy family bed-ing it, it's used much better as a guest room/office.

Did I report my 24-minute run on Friday? I hopped out onto the downtown segment of the Centennial Trail right after classes, then ate lunch, then realized I didn't have all my study materials, so I went home. Had a bath. Tried to study. Passed out on the couch. Picked up Nevie. Passed out again later that night. Horrible night w/ Nevie ensued. So... I will probably suck big dog on my Anatomy test tomorrow. But I won't be the only one.

I'm hoping to do that loop from campus 2 or 3 times per week. I am definitely just in maintenance/sanity mode right now. I'd like to find a running buddy in my class. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and it's finally cold enough that I think I need to start packing my secret sprinter-made headscarf for my runs! And glvoes! Yay!

CRAP! Just barely salvaged some Jello butterscotch pudding that I started on the stove and instantly forgot. heh heh heh... perhaps I should just stick to cold, book-like objects for the rest of the night...

Love you guys! Have great nights!

Personals: Geo, I'm so sorry. I relaly am. I'd be freaked out, angry and I would be not a nice person in your shoes. I hope there is some resolution soon.
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Ok ladies, I know we cross that TMI line here from time to time, but I'm about to do it big time. I need laundry help. My running clothes stink and I can't get them clean smelling. This is especially a problem from the *ahem* crotch sweat. : Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
Ok ladies, I know we cross that TMI line here from time to time, but I'm about to do it big time. I need laundry help. My running clothes stink and I can't get them clean smelling. This is especially a problem from the *ahem* crotch sweat. : Any suggestions?
LOL. I asked the same question last summer. The answer was to wash the running clothes with the diapers. It totally works! (I rinse and spin the dipes before adding clothes now...).

Lovely 3 mile walk with Janessa. She brought me chocolate. We expect her to be back to her non-banged up self for next week's run.
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Kate~mom- Love the DDDDC!

Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
I did it! I did the long run by myself. I just mapped it and it was 8.5 and I'n a little disappointed b/c I was hoping for 9+. Oh well, I'm certainly satisfied with what I did do.

ETA: Dang. I just took off my shoes and have bloody toes (one on each foot). That stinks, but in a weird way makes me really feel like a runner.
WTG on the run... yikes on the bloody toes! I have yet to experience anything like that.

Speaking of crazy running experiences... is it nuts that I at some point would want to work myself out so hard at a race that I just completely drop at the end of it? I'm thinking of the women at a recent Triathlon who just fell to the ground after crossing the finish line. One chic got totally messed up on her run, she was so close to finishing but then lost her running form and then started running into the walls of the chute. I just think it would be so freakin intense to have an experience like that.

Originally Posted by kate~mom View Post

had a 5K this morning. ran well, but because of all the other speedies showing up, actually finished worse than i have been! fastest 5K time of this summer (but not a PR) - 20:30, 5th woman overall, but only 40 seconds out of 1st, 1st in my age group - won a running store g.c. - that's always good.
WOW! Awesome time! I'm completely jealous right now!!! I did a 5K this weekend too, but my time was 24:39, which does happen to be a PR for me. No idea what my place is because the results arn't posted and they didn't do age group results. I know I wasn't in the top three females though! But I also know that there were not that many in front of me.

Geo. How horrible!!!

RR: I hurt myself during this 5K this weekend there is a muscle in my calf that is just tight and painful. I've iced it and massaged it... it seems to be letting up somewhat, but at times it brings tears to my eyes. Hopefully it eases up soon.

This week I run a 5 miler and a 7 miler. I have not ever run 7, so this is pretty exciting! I think that my GF is going to stay over the night before so that we can go run it together in the morning. I went shopping this weekend and got a pair of running gloves and a gator/head thing to keep my head and face warm in the winter. It is going to be cold really soon!
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HBM- I had some luck getting smell out with vineager in the rinse cycle. I think that running clothes are just doomed to smell after wearing them more than twice. But the vineager did help somewhat.
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please join me on the new thread for October

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