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Hello everyone!!! So sorry that I have not been able to particpate in the thread this last week. I knew that it would be like this once school started. I will do my best to stay caught up, but I'm afraid the only time I will be able to stop in is on the weekends.

Plady: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. The name you chose is just beautiful!

So, yes, I did have my Duathlon yesterday... thanks for asking Megs It went AWESOME! I have the fever now and there is absolutely no stopping me for learning to swim so I can do Tris next year. Both my GF and I did this Duathlon and she finished just 9 seconds before me. I tried my hardest to catch her, but by the last 5K my legs just wouldn't go any faster.

Here are my splits:
First 5K- 25:13 8:07min/mile TI- 1:29 32K Bike- 1:10:21 15.9mph T2- 0:55 Second 5K- 26:47 8:37min/mile Total time- 2:04:43

I decided that I am really going to work on my biking a lot this next two weeks. I need to get my speed up for the next duathlon. Also, I'm going to try to get under 8:00min/mile for the next one. The next one is a 3-12-3, so much shorter on the bike. I think I can make those goals! I also need to think about the transitions more, I got a little lost in the first one and was one of the slowest people out of the transition area.

I have made my training plan for the next 3 weeks and there is a heck of a lot of speedwork and not so many long runs or rides. I know I can go the distance, I just need to speed it up.
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YAY Wemoon!!!!! Awesome Du!!!! I know you'll rock the tris next year when you are a swimmer too ! Great race!

Loftmama ~ Hmmmmm.... I think "running" all those beads to Plady definitely counts ! You must have been a dingo before I became one, but I'm glad to have you on the thread.

Our neighbor/babysitter from Illinois is visiting us for the weekend. My kids are in 7th heaven to have their "best friend" here. We really, really miss seeing her on a daily basis. I'm also thrilled to have here here ~ even though she's only 17, she's my friend too ! And she serves as a pertinent reminder of how happy I am to be done with that phase of life.
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way to go wemoon!

loftmama! thanks for the 'bead running' [jaygee is right. it counts!] and for anyone who wasn't around when lofty was a regular poster, she makes THE BEST SALSA

still missin' jooj and reb..busy busy ladies

just stoppin by to check out the new thread. happy holiday weekend everyone
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I totally blew off my 10 mile run yesterday because I was too tired.: But, I'm going to get it in, today. And, I think I'm going to add a mile or two to it as punishment for over indulging in wine last night.

I've got my brand new Ipod all set up, and even got a set of headphones that won't fall out as soon as my ears get sweaty!
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Just got back from a 6.5 mile run with two hill repeats at the end. And I just ordered some new shoes...my body feels all creaky after this run.
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Great race Wemoon!

Monikita, hope you're feeling better soon. Your tank went into the washer??? I can hardly wait to see it!

I have made great progress with my hip and can now hobble around the house pretty well. Last night I was even able to walk around the block. : I had to call in 2 days to work which is absolutely mortifying. I have another appointment with the chiro on Tuesday am, and she asked me not to run until then. As if I could. :

However, I'm getting much more knitting done, as well as spending far too much time on Ravelry. I was I could knit like Mrs. Weasley - bewitch my needles to continue on one project so that I could start another!

Enjoy your run with your new Ipod, bec!
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Way to go Wemoon!!! Awesome race results!
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great run wemoon!

rr- did 5 and about 1/2 last night - it was one of those runs when it started chilly, but the sun came out during the run so it was HOT. i ws unprepared and not hydrated enough. bummer. 10 today - probably around 6pm. i let dh have the early slot today for his ride.

kids are getting a picture taken this afternoon, and i still have no idea what they're going to wear. we go to this place: sadies. i highly recommend it if they're one near you.

knitting - finished the bottom half of the front of ds's vest. it's looking great. off to post the in progress pics on the blog.

doing some housecleaning - does anyone need boys 12-18 mo clothes or girls 4/5?
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WTG, Wemoon!!!

Toasmama, glad you are starting heal up. Wish it would happen faster!

We are moving sometime this week. Just started packing last night. I'm still in the midst of getting my classroom and curriculum ready, and we're still trying to hire someone at the school, so packing has been really low on my list. Hope to get a ton of it done today!
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Hello! I haven't been here in so long there's a notice at the top encouraging me to post

I have been so overwhelmed, so many different things going on and stress from so many places (the latest and greatest was my hard drive crashing mid-project at work ) but things are beginning to look up (and I've got a snazzy new hard drive!). So disappointed to have missed the plurk but so excited that Allison Grace is here!

I've not been running much at all, maybe once or twice since the heat episode. I did bike 12 miles a couple weekends ago (pulling the trailer) and got all crampy on the way home. The wind was on us hard, but the cramping was more like the heat episode than normal muscle fatigue. I've had this ongoing headache in the heat too. The headache could just be tension, it has been a really busy couple weeks at work + no preschool. If it doesn't improve in another week I'm off to check in with a doc.

Worse though is that I seem to be phobic of running... I think about running and feel sick. Isn't that crazy? Anybody else ever have that experience?

Enough about me! You'd think with all my experience I could catch back up with you all faster. Missed you all...
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Argh!!!! I'm so frustrated! I was totally set to go on my long run. Got out there, and a little over a mile in, there was horrible flooding and I had to turn around. Got back to the beginning (about 2.4 miles in), and I couldn't go any further that way because of more flooding. : I guess I could have run back and forth a bunch of times to get my mileage in, but it was all in the sun, and smelled like ass from, all the flooding. I need to find a new place to run. I'm going to try again tomorrow.
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Balancin - in my experience the only way to heal something feared is to face it head on. Maybe plan a very short run - like 10 minutes with walking breaks if needed. And know that you can turn around very quickly. Try that for a week and see how you feel.

Bec - you'll get out there soon

So I'm seriously thinking about trying to put something together about this amazing group of women. But, I can't really think of what. I can say so much about so many of us...but you know the whole sum of the parts is more than the parts....that's how I feel. If I describe all of us individually, the big picture is still missed. And then I wonder, why this group? I've been with lots of groups of women in different times...but never did a group gel and love like this one. Just look at how large we've become and yet we all still seem to know one another like we're the small group that began years ago. I genuinely feel blessed to have encountered this group of women. I really hope we can do an ohio camping trip next year so that I can meet everyone in person. I envy those that got to experience that. Okay I have no idea where that came from...just rambling and blup...out it plopped.
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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post
Worse though is that I seem to be phobic of running... I think about running and feel sick. Isn't that crazy? Anybody else ever have that experience?.
balancin1 - not sure if you were around the thread a couple of years ago when i landed in the hospital after having a brain bleed [so i found out] during my morning run. doc's orders were to not run for one month, so i walked instead. when it came time to pick the running back up, i was very reluctant. if there was even the slightest sense of a headache i just wouldn't do it, paralyzed from fear of the memory of that morning. anyway...slowly and steadily i got back my run mojo, but it took a few months. i'd say start slowly and do some intervals, see how you feel

bbm -
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hi y'all...

bbm, I keep thinking that I *have* met you, but I guess it's just in my imagination...or that amazing Dingo connection : I would be up for an Ohio meet, esp in the Columbus area. I have some friends still there at sem and it would be fun to visit all of our old favorite places (read: places to EAT).

loftmama, post anytime! I read somewhere that if you even think about running, your metabolic rate increases! you can count that, right?

wemoon, congrats!!! those are great times!!!

My big plans...making some salsa for HBM's house tomorrow and maybe some green chimichurri sauce for the veggies? yummy recipe in RW. I'm also on a quest to get some pretty girlie shoes before our cruise next week. um, if anybody could send some "no hurricane on top of Mexico" vibes that would be awesome. :

I preached at a church today where a lot of them had never heard a "lady pastor" they were very sweet though and were like, "oh, but you're good!" yep, cause I have to be.

take care mamas. easy fun run tomorrow morning!
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Chelsea - Hi, so good to "see" you!!! I have been wondering what was going on with you! about everything going on. I totally understand about the running reluctance, when I ran track in high school, I used to get like that every day before practice adn really bad before meets, but I think it was because I was running a distance that was not right for me (800 m, YUCK), once I started running the 1 or 2 mile instead, I enjoyed it so much more; so maybe it is your body urging you to try something new or different.

I also was going through this a couple weeks ago, but I was close to 300 miles, so I said, well let me get to 300, then I give myself permission to relax on running and take a break from it for a few weeks if needed; but then I ended up wanting to still run, just shorter runs though

I think as long as you're doing something that makes you happy and feel fit and healthy, then that is all that matters. My DH always says that it is normal to cycle in and out of different types of exercise as you go through life

anyways... that was long winded

BBM - I can't tell you how much we would enjoy an Ohio meetup next summer. We go up to Columbus every summer to see DHs parents!

MB - let me know how the RW chimichurri recipe comes out! I was thinking about doing that or the cinnamon chicken this week... I made the oatmeal blueberry pancakes this morning!!!

Can I also just admit here that I love Iron Chef
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wemoon, way to go!!! your times are wonderful!

poppywise, thanks for the compliment. salsa is my version of a salad these days.

you ladies are inspring me. that list at the beginning of the thread of all the upcoming races is really motivating. you've got me thinking. whirrrrrrr....
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post
you've got me thinking. whirrrrrrr....
(that's us chasing you into running again....)
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yeah buddy!! That's how it works!
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