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Hoo man, I have been nursing a hangover all day. We ended up going over to loud music neighbors and drinking their beer. It was fun, but I am still hurtin.

I am wondering if I need to do something like c25k to get back into the groove. It has been over a month since I ran. : Basically, I took the month of August off. And now it is September.
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You're right, BBM, but I'm not sure what to do?

Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
I would be up for an Ohio meet, esp in the Columbus area. I have some friends still there at sem and it would be fun to visit all of our old favorite places (read: places to EAT).!
What are those places?

The more you talk about your job as a pastor, the more it sounds like the gender stuff you deal with is similar to the gender stuff of being a woman in the sciences.

Chelsea, I don't blame you for being nervous. Can you go out sometime when it's cool, wear your running clothes and just promise yourself a walk? Jog if the desire strikes, but get out and walk to get moving.
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I think at some point when I have some free time I'm going to try and just write and essay. Maybe even write about some of us women and just see what evolves. Then maybe pass it around for people to add/edit... I hope that's what you were referring to?
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: Hi mamas! :

Thank you for all the well wishes! I'm sorry I haven't gotten in gear to write out the story yet. I think tomorrow when dd1 goes back to school it will be a bit easier (of course I can feel my milk coming in so I'm not sure that I'll be able to reach the keyboard!)
I realized when I saw dh's brief post that we had a serious problem! I never imagined spelling her name with two Ls! Happily I don't think dh is too committed to the spelling he chose and no paperwork has been filed so,
Alison Grace it will be! Am I insane for being so picky? No, we had this discussion right? "Anne with an E".
Alright, I can't linger but I just wanted you all to know how much knowing you were all lurking away helped in labor on Friday! And I promise I'll get the story of how we beat the clock out on my blog as soon I can!
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Plady - can't wait to read!! Too funny about Alison with one L - that is a beautiful name! thinking about your whole family!
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Hi, Penelope! Welcome home. And it's funny -- every time I typed "Allison" it felt wrong. Guess I was on your psychic wavelength. Anyway, I am really excited to read your blog post!

Mamabeth, Geo... and kinda like being a female Air Force officer :-) I specify "Air Force" and not just "military" in general, because I think that some of the branches are getting it right. Surprisingly, the Marines. The Air Force spoke a good equal opportunity talk, but the walk was more like "Suck it up, beyatches."

Or maybe I'm jsut projecting. I probably brought it all on myself, right? Blame the victim, what what? Anyway, MB, I really identified with one of your recent blog posts.

Geneva slept like CRAP last night. Up at 12:30 to kick, crawl, maim, etc, her way across the bed. Until 2:30, when Dan was like, "OK, you go sleep downstairs." So she went back to sleep from 3 - 5, when I went back upstairs and nursed her until we all got out of bed around 8am. She has been SO TIRED all day, but would NOT nap. The minute I'd try to lay her down after nursing down, it was all over. It's in Dan's hands now. Ugh. It's just sucked. Sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked. I hope it's better tonight. She got a dose of Vitamin I -- we think there are some molars wreaking havoc.
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Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
And it's funny -- every time I typed "Allison" it felt wrong. Guess I was on your psychic wavelength.
: I thought "No, that isn't right." when I typed it out, too!

And Megs, molars are h-e-double-toothpicks. The worst. The absolute worst. Each one of Livi's molars takes 1-2 months to come in. We be seriously slow teethers in this family. The last molar is half way through now. I feel your pain.

I'm still sick.. actually feeling worse... but we got a new vacuume (finally) today so I vacuumed the whole house, did two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and cleaned one toilet because it was too gross to wait another day. Then my head felt like it was going to explode, so I sat back down to knit some more.

KR: Wink tank is all finished and blocked! I'll get DH to take pictures tomorrow, if I actually have the stamina to shower. Yesterday morning I unraveled half a sock because it was too big. I then learned that the magic loop on the turbos is waaaaaaay faster than the double points. I'm already almost knit up to where I was when I unraveled it. How 'bout that? Booyaw!
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Hi Plady!!! Weird, but I thought the double ll's didn't feel right, either. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Thanks for the molar commisseration, Monica. Can't wait to see your new knits!

But hey, you know what makes the molar pain go away? For the parents? The most amazing Scotch Ale that my husband made. Ahhhh, I love this man! This is his best beer yet. Sooooo good.

OK, well, time to be productive. The baby is asleep (also why I love Dan), so I'm going to go work on our dining chairs. Why the eff I thought it would be quicker and more convenient to finish my OWN chairs instead of just be patient for some to arrive, I do not know. And in the long run we haven't saved money. Blork.
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Finally subbing on page 3.

I have had a he!!ish week. My busiest partner, who I cover for (the other two cover each other's days off) has been out of town since Wednesday. The first day I had 5 hospital admissions, and it has just gotten worse from there. I have been at the hospital way, way too much this week - didn't get to spend any time with ds who went back to college today, didn't run all week, barely spoke to my poor single parenting dh, had a rotten migraine (the first one I've ever had that came back within a few hours of taking my migraine meds) and overall just hated on my job all week. I still have 11 patients in the hospital, including 4 in the ICU who are really sick, and I spent 6 1/2 hours today trying to get them all tucked in at the hospital. One more day of this madness and then all my partners are back in town and I can dump their patients back in their laps.

On the plus side, when I got home this late afternoon, the family was all gone taking Chris back to school, so I didn't think, just changed into running clothes and hit the road. I was one tricked out runner today! I'm so used to running with the jog stroller, it's a trip to get all the gear I need on my person. I had my Garmin, my pager, my cell phone, my house key, some Clif shot blocks, my mps and a water bottle! I hadn't run all week since Mon, and I really had some aggravation to burn off, so I ran 8.07! I ran at a pretty good clip, too. Overall finished in 10:22 pace, but that includes a 1/4 mile walk to drink and eat, so without that walk I was right around 10 minute pace! The first 3 miles, when the aggravation was still going strong I couldn't slow down and ran the first mile in 9:20, then the next 2 in 9:44 and 9:45 - then my legs remembered how tired they were and I was able to slow down and still have the stamina to finish.

wemoon - Way to go on the duathalon! What absolutely great pace for your runs, especially the second after all that work! Racing is like a disease you know though, once you catch it, it's darn hard to back away!

Plady - so glad to see you back, and with your sweet babe in arms!! What does she look like? Oh, please nuzzle that soft baby tummy for me, and kiss her little cheeks. I miss that newborn softness. I love the correct spelling of her name! We almost gave Caroline the middle name Grace, but decided Rose fit her better in the end.

bbm - I think an essay sounds like a great idea! And you the perfect person to write it.

Balancin1 - I've had many dry spots in my running life. You have a lot on your plate. I've enjoyed this summer trying to make sure my running fit into my family life more, even if it meant a really loose schedule and less miles. Other times I've enjoyed training hard, it just goes in seasons. Sometimes letting go of goals for a while makes the process more enjoyable. I love the Runner's World columnist John Bingham's motto "The miracle is not in finishing, but in having the courage to start" So many folks never even start and you've done so much more than that!

Forgot what else I wanted to say, and am so tired now. Wish me better luck this week!
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had a rocking "short" long run today. ten miles on the nose, to the bike path, around a big loop, and back home, in 1 hour, 17 minutes - resulting in a 7:42 pace : without my ipod, no less.

then off to the photo place. despite our awesome usual photographer not being there, we got a FANTASTIC shot of the kids. it is UNCANNY how well it captures their personalities. ds was NOT interested in smiling for this poor girl- so he was fighting it hard - would start laughing and then pout or cover his face with his hands. lmk if you'd like to see it, and i'll pm you the directions how to access it online.

that said, dh gave me the go-ahead to buy a big, bad camera bc he hates going to these places and prefers what i take anyway. i just need something faster to keep up with ds - and something that i can blow up into 8x10s. woohooo!
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bbm - I have often thought about this group too and wondered about writing something. When I tell friends about it, they are all amazed that this kind of intimacy and community can be created on the internet. The way I look at it is that women have been creating community with each other forever, according to the reality of their time. In this day and age, this works for us! I am just so glad to have found each other. Some of the highlights for me have been all of the baby-lurking, hearing about the running while pregnant book getting passed aorund, secret sprinters, the run we all did for Griffin, sharing all of the ups and downs of pregnancies and raising little ones and finding our way with our partners - and for me there was always the night I got stranded in that horrible blizzard and thinking of each of you one by one kept me calm enough to get myself to safety even though the odds were not in my favour. It is the middle of the night so I am probably forgetting a ton!

I have really enjoyed having my sweeties home for the summer - I was dreading sending them back to school until a few days ago - and at this point, I'd say we are all ready for them to go dp is on holidays the last 3 weeks of September, so Tuesday through Friday I will have some actual time alone in the house to study and write and get my life back in gear.
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Welcome Alison!!!!

Katemom: girls size 4-5 what'cha got?

Big news here: Erin can ride her bike! We all went for a bike ride last night. Although dd2 was pissed because she couldn't ride her bike in the street.

I slept like a champ, when putting Erin down and slept in there all night. Hence: up at 530.

Monikita: hope you feel better soon (and that Livi is feeling better).

Knitting: I'm about 2/3 done with the LTK crown. It goes fast, exceptionally fast on turbo needles. Although I really hate the clicking that goes with a metal needle.

Sewing: I made myself a skirt like poppy's wrap skirt. It rocks! Thank you so much for it.

Brain totally dead. Spent the weekend doing crummy home imporvement projects. Off to make myself some coffee and enjoy the paper for 10 minutes until Leah wakes up wanting to "Nurt!".
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crap, I just wrote a huge post and it got eaten.

RR: I was able to run for 2 hours Sunday. I promised myself I would take it easy and not worry about pace or distance. I just ran for the amount of time that I had (before church). I'm not even sore like I have been after running outside, which is weird (in a good way).

NRR: Talked with my dad re: my physical, since he goes yearly for one and I've been talking about needing to start doing that for 4 years. As I was telling him of all the blood work that my doctor ordered (8 viles of blood!! cholesterol as my grandmother has high, anemia, insulin resistance, some checks for vegetarians like b6, etc) he said he needed to tell me something from his physical last October. He has been taking medicine for bone density for about 10 years now and been really healthy. He smokes, and also works out 6 days a week, both cardio and weights.

Well he is now diabetic, and has high cholesterol (on meds for both now), and has glaucoma. He said that he didnt' realize the ramifications of not telling me until now (my doctor was asking about family history for me). I my dad and am worried about him, as I suspect that's why he didn't want to tell me.

Plady, so good to hear from you and looking forward to hearing the birth story. I think that the spelling can be as meaningful as the name itself, so I totally understand.

RR: no running for me today, it's an off day. getting ready for some yoga and abs when my breakfast settles, then enjoy the holiday with family.
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plady - can't wait to hear your birth story but take your time and enjoy the babymoon!

rm - was thinking about you and wondering how things are going with dh sorry to hear about your dad's health issues

i have been thinking about aguacates this morning, does anyone know how she is doing? sending good thoughts into the universe for her and kiddos

shanti - thanks for the reminder....is everyone wanting to do the memorial griffin 5k on september 24th? i think it would be nice to post photos and i can always submit the griffin patrick artwork for printing and pinning on t-shirts. [it may still be on the yahoo site, not sure]

happy holiday everyone!
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oh, i'm sorry, RM. both for you and your dad. I know it's hard to hear there's stuff going on in your genes. Glad you got a nice run in though! those are my favorite, with no time or distance, just a nice long run.

drjen, did you at least have a hip pack for all that stuff?????

Geo--ohhh, let's see....the Grill n Skillet Diner in Bexley (Whitehall, really), Graeters, Schmidt's, Planck's Pizza and Easy Streets Diner (both german village), Ha-Ha pizza in Yellow Springs (just for sentimental value...we got engaged near there)...there used to be this amazing Chinese buffet called The Dragon but I think it went out of business. And yes, I weighed about 50 lbs more when I lived there.

And, gender stuff is gender stuff. I really did think I was "over" it, but so many people are not that it sort of forces the issue. talk about writing an essay....or a book, even.

must go make the salsa....

oh, I also LOVE Alison with one L! My boy is Jonathan with decidedly no "H" so I know what you mean. can't wait to see pictures of the sweet girl!
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
I think at some point when I have some free time I'm going to try and just write and essay. Maybe even write about some of us women and just see what evolves. Then maybe pass it around for people to add/edit... I hope that's what you were referring to?
Maybe a Dingo Wiki? Then someone can start, others can add?

Originally Posted by Plady View Post
: Hi mamas! :

I realized when I saw dh's brief post that we had a serious problem! I never imagined spelling her name with two Ls! Happily I don't think dh is too committed to the spelling he chose and no paperwork has been filed so,
Alison Grace it will be! Am I insane for being so picky? No, we had this discussion right? "Anne with an E".
Elliot has one 't', and I'll bite your head off and make you fix it if you get it wrong.
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At first I thought "wow, very little action here this weekend..." and then I saw the new thread

Congratulations, Plady!!!!! Welcome baby Alison!

(funny my SIL is A-L-L-ison and a coworker is A-L-ison -- I always have to think when I type the coworkers name cus I've know my SIL much longer)

eks - I had non-stop nausea with both kids and early on in each pregnancy I ate only potatoes for about two weeks (fries, mashed, chips, baked, tater tots - all I wanted was potatoes). I also ate toast with peanut butter almost every day for breakfast but neither kid is allergic to nuts - go figure.

wemoon - on your duatholon!

Ran 4.2 mi with the double jogger on Saturday morning then got up for a solo run on Sunday - 9 miles in 90 min - not too bad. For a while it felt really hard but I got a second wind around mile 8-9.

I was going to proudly post how my ds (29 months tomorrow) has turned the potty learning corner. He's been in toddler underwear and using the potty pretty consistently (with us taking him to the bathroom - he's definitely not at the point where he'll go in there himself) and then as I was typing this post, he came over by me and pooped in his underwear! Ack! It was ok but I had just had him on the toilet 5 minutes before. Oh well, at least now I can go to the grocery store this morning without a worry. One step forward, two steps back. I think maybe it's really potty learning for the parent.

We have beautiful weather here this weekend but we can't use the backyard because we now have mosquitos as big as your head thanks to the rain. I need to plant some perennials my neighbor gave me but I don't want to fight the bugs.

Happy September, dingos!
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Elliot has one 't', and I'll bite your head off and make you fix it if you get it wrong.
DD1 is Madeleine, French spelling, which we pronounce MadelAne. And yes, we are particular about that. When we were deciding on her name, and wondering if it was going to be too hard for people to get, I figured that my name is Christina, which people mostly get wrong as Christine, spelling or speaking it. : : : Drives me bonkers. In any case, I figured if people can't even get a simple name like mine right, I can name my kids anything I want.

Ok, off to labor on Labor day.
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I think I've burned out a little. I am so unmotivated to do this run. The only other path long enough to run is asphalt, across lots of roads, in full sun and generally in places I cannot use my Ipod (because DH worries too much), and the thought of doing 10 miles with no music is just too much to bear. I'll try to get it in when I'm in NYC next Friday. I think the labor day BBQs and eating has just weighed me down. :

Name spellings - We were very specific about Katie's middle name being an Anne. That 'e' was very important. I got into some big trouble with DH when I wrote out the paperwork for Emily's middle name and spelled Rachael with the 'ae'. He was pretty upset, because he had it in his mind that it would be spelled Rachel. At the time, it just hadn't occurred to me that it could be spelled that way (it was about 3 hours after the birth. Why I was filling out this paperwork is still beyond me! )! So, anyway, WELCOME ALISON!!!
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