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DiDi clips?

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Is that what they are called? Anyone ever used those - reviews???? I was perusing the Archives (we're going to get those organized for your 'searching' needs) and noticed that we talk of pins and snappi fasteners, but haven't heard mention of these clips.

Are they awful?

No longer around? - - - >> anyone experienced them?
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I thought they were awful. They are metal, and go over the top of the prefold, so there's a big metal piece that's right up against baby's skin. they never stayed in palce and were a PITA to actually get open to put ot he diaper. Definitely stick with the snappi or pins, LOL!
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I remember seeing a picture of them . . . BTL, I think. I kept thinking that too - - - >> that would irritate the fire out of me, why would I do that to my baby. But then, I really was opposed to Snappi Fasteners just 6 months ago until I used them, got used to them, and convinced myself they weren't destroying my diapers with the grippers. So, I thought I'd 'open my mind.' (this guy looks like he is meditating to me . . . eyes rolled back . . . humming 'ohmmmmmmmm' - so read it that way)
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Tried them when I started out and thought I was prefold-adept, lol. I agree, they were awful. Snappi's are 1000 times better. I actually threw them away, and I throw *nothing* away
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Gee, Kayleezoo,

I wish you had sent them to me.

They are called Di-D klips, and I think they are great. I've not used them on prefolds, but they do help keep little Houdini in his fitteds:

They are hard to find, I think you can still get them at angelfluff (??), but I think they also sell stuff marketed for Sue and Alice I got mine off ebay
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I used Di-D clips waaaay back when cd'ing my dd, 16 years ago. they were soooo cool. I loved them!

I had 2 pairs that I used for about 10 or 12 years until I got my first snappi. I am not in a hurry to use them again, but I think I still have them somewhere around my house. They were a little difficult to get open, and one time I pinched my baby's side in it when I closed it. He had a pretty ugly owie from that.

Anyway, I woudl probably just use pins or a snappi on my cpfs now.
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I couldn't get the darned things to fold over my prefolds. I think they were meant for flats. They would work if they were bigger-- but then you can just use a large hair clippy barrette with the same effect.

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I LOOOVED Diaper Clips! After struggling with them for awhile, I found it was my folding technique, not the clips that were a problem. Used them for all 3 kids, and now I'm desperately looking for many pairs for my grandkids :) Anyone got some of those around they might want to sell? They were called Di-D Clips --OR-- "Baby King Diaper Clips" (found one package on eBay). I liked 'em b/c they could be easily cleaned, were safe, unobtrusive, and held beautifully. Yes, even with night-time double diapering.

Thanks to anyone who has some to pass on to me :)

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