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need good food ideas for 13 month old baby

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my son is 13 months old and very picky eater and iam running out of ideas

soo far this is what he will eat watermelon cut up very tiny grapes that have to be cut in 4s cherrys have to be cute in 4s bananas only if i give him the whole thing and i let him bite what he wants off of it and pita bread and crackers

sometimes we can get him to taste hummos or other arabic dips that we eat but very rare and well he just wont eat anything i give him if it is not those foods

when he was first started on solids he ate avocados but now wont touch them and i eat at least 1 a day and offer them to him all the time


any ideas of things i can try veggies r out those go stright to the floor which is sad cause me and hubby eat alot of them

he just started cows milk but it takes him alll day to drink 5ozes i mean all day cause he only takes maybe 3 sips at a time and leaves it for a few hrs than goes back to it and most the time by the time he goes to sleep their is still maybe 2ozes left

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Frankly, if he's nursing well, I wouldn't push solids on him. He'll start eating when he's ready.

Offer, sure, but don't make a big deal out of it. And if you're spoon feeding, try offering it to him to feed himself. Sometimes they prefer this.

I'd offer all fruits and vegetables, all meat that you eat, eggs if not allergic, but I'd stay away from allergens, especially the ones you have in the family.

My dd is almost a year and she barely eats solids, and she's doing well. She's interested in what I eat, and she puts it in her mouth and chews but rarely swallows.
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I agree with the previous poster. My daughter didn't eat much food at 13 months - she liked chicken on the bone, sweet potato "chips", soaked yoghurt porridge and prunes. And that's about it.

At 14 months she dropped a whole lot of breastfeeds and began eating other sorts of foods - normal potatos, eggs, cow's milk, rice, bananas, rye bread, asparagus, corn on the cob, peas, lamb chops etc, etc. But not all at once - she just gradually added foods to her "repertoire". Just keep offering. It literally took two years of putting broccoli on my DD's plate before she decided to take a bite one day. Haven't got there with carrots yet, but we had some success with red capsicum last week.

Offer, offer, offer but never force. They will eat what they are ready for at the right time. You job is just to make sure there are healthy choices available.
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Yea, I agree with all the good advice from PP. But when your son is ready to eat solids, I found lots of great ideas in a Feeding Kids pdf article.

Here's the link:

Good Luck !
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My son is 14 months old and here are a few non vegetable things that he likes:

Shredded cheese
Cottage cheese
Yogurt with Maple Syrup
Homemade waffles
Scrambled eggs
Apple pieces
Buffalo hot dogs
Homemade bread

Like your son, mine used to love avocado but now won't eat them at all. He loves bananas and grapes too. Also, my son only drinks a few ounces of raw milk a day. I usually just offer him a cup of milk or water throughout the day.
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Are you nursing? I wouldn't worry about cow's milk, it's not like a 13 month old needs it. They don't really need much at that age. If you are not nursing then keep him on an appropriate formula/milk if he is not eating at all.

If the baby is happy/growing, he's fine. If he's fussy/skinny maybe I'd worry. They jsut don't eat a lot at that age. Be prepared to keep cleaning up stuff off the floor for quite a while!
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quietserena he wont spoon fed never had he will acually cry and throw a fit if i try everyonce inwhile he will let me feed him yogurt and thats it

425lisamarie iam still nursing full time about 8 or more times a day plus middle of the night nursing but the reason why he gets the cows milk is cause he sees me drinking it and will throw a fit if he doesnt get any and at first i throught maybe he wanted my cup soo i would give him a cup and found out later noo he wanted the milk soo he gets one sippy a day of milk and like i said it takes him all day to drink it and most the time he never finishes it hahahah my baby is noo where near being skinny he weights i think 30lbs and is 38 inches long and has a size 6 foot hahahah he is huge looks like a 2yr old

but thank u all for the advice i am not into force feeding i know he will eat when ready but iam just worried he would get tired of the foods he eats now hahah but i guess i will just keep trying different foods until he is ready hahaha
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