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Fluffy Mail...July 17~

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What did everyone get today?

I got:

7 SOS organic

1 SOS hemp

1 Honeyboy

GREAT fluffy day for me!
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Holy Baloney

How did you get at that SOS?

I got tons last night from my postal guy. Two Cuddlebun WIO's with minibuns, 4 Cuddlebuns. Bunch of Tye Dyed Lukes Drawers and 4 terry cuddlebuns from Rainbow Stitches.

Just wanted to add what I got today, two more Kindhearted woman diapers and three wool covers from 7th Heaven. These are beautiful, I have a wolf on gold, a peacock on purple and a peacock on teal. They are all so beautiful and we shall wear them with pride.
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Good fluffy mail day to you!!!!!!!!

i received in the last few days....

my first ever fuz diaper garden blue skies wool cover

my pailpal diaper pail disks, boy do they smell good!!!

my cloth shopping cart cover ( even though Ella is still to small to sit in a shopping cart :LOL)

coming to me soon...

a firefly large rasberry fitted diaper ( from ebay, from a mama here if i remember)

a plum wool cover from patchwork pixies, can't wait to get it

a large snapdragon fitted i traded someone with on the TP

not so fluffy: some school uniform stuff from Land's End for Emma ( my soon to be kindergartener she's getting so big)
( wish i could have spent that money on wool covers)

a pair of uniform shorts from the TP, i traded a dipe for them

i think that's it
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Hey thanks for making a specific thread. I may be merging daily fluffy mail threads in the future, but this is GREAT.

I took my own advice and am expecting a Toadies Diaper with a white background/crocodile print. Very Excited!

I also just got a sage HH - - - >> that color really is nice and not too 'hospital wall' green, IYKWIM.
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I'm still waiting on:

10 cpfs from naturalbabies.com

3 snappis from the TP

Playsilks from the TP

Phunkymama cover

Sadly - we have TWO wool covers right now that fit and work for us

I need some more!!!
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Today (the 17th) My FMBG AIO Arrived!!!!! Its beeeeuuuuutifullllll!! It was my first custom order AIO and I was a lil nervous but there was nothing to be nervous about at all. We did measurements and one row of snaps as a result. I can't wait till Daddy gets him back home so I can try it on. Its got a sparkely Harry Potter fabric on the outside Donovan is going to have a new favorite dipe I'm sure!

ANyone else love petting brand new MM fleece?

And if this dipe works incredibly well (which I"m sure it will) I'm going to be a FMBG hyena!!
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This and next week should be wonderful. I'm awaiting:


1 periwinkle fuz

1 marigold wio fuz set w/2 contours and 2 doublers

1 fuz strawberry w/one firefly

2 bummis aplix covers

....all from buys/trades off the TP! WOO HOO!!!!

(see why I NEED to leave that TP alone now???)

JesseMomme: if you see this, where did you and Terri find the HP print? Ian (and mama, haha) would LOVE one of those.
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Two BizzyB wool covers, red and navy.

They're gorgeous! I'm so very impressed!
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I got my fluffy mail today!!!!

I got a pink kitties Cuddlebuns and a yellow PUL with butterflies Cuddle Wrap from Stork Crossing (LOVE her work!!!).

AND, I got my FMBG AIO that I bought off ebay!

I'm still waiting on my lounging lizzards dipes and blankets, and on two motherease AIO's, and a hemp SOS (gotta get off ebay NOW!! )

Okay, I got some work to do now! ash (love those emoticons! )

*hmmmm....emoticons seem to be having some technical difficulties.
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My Freshies are finally here! Woo hoo! I've been waiting on these a long time.

And a LC hemp from the TP, which I'm psyched to try - I only have LC organic cotton (which I like) and everyone says the hemp is great.
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Today I got:

4 Hemp SOS with matching fleece topped doublers
Kangaroo Korner adjustable cotton pouch

Still waiting on:

2 Hemp 7th generation fitteds
1 Elbee Fly Me to the Moon and 1 Give it a Whirl set- Been Shipped
Tuesday Bear tulip cover from last week
LTK soaker
Wooly Wonder soaker
Kool Sheep soaker

And, I am DONE. DD is almost potty trained.

BUT.......that's okay, because I am
Time to buy newborn dipes, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jmunch- CONGRATS! I missed the announcement.
I ordered the LTK pattern and signed up for a knitting lesson.
I got 9 SMJAE fleece topped hemp doublers and a fairy wipe..So I promptly turn around and order a half dozen more fairy wipes: So thats my 3rd SMJAE order this week.
I also got a bar of handmade lavender soap..yummy
I got tons of stuff on Monday..
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Originally posted by jmunch
BUT.......that's okay, because I am
Time to buy newborn dipes, woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations!!! What a way to sneak in an announcement.

I got my second order from Sugarbums today 1 organic sherpa dipe, 1 hemp fleece dipe, and 1 pull-on wool jersey cover. Can't wait to try them all!
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Congrats! Diapering a newborn is so fun!

As far as fluff, I got none today. But I did get 6 soft landings fitteds on Monday and a hemp Lucy's Hope Chest fitted.

Yesterday I got a Snapdragon fitted in the cutest retro print.

Meagan has shipped my organic sherpa fitteds from Patchwork Pixie, so I should be getting those in the next few days. And I am also expecting 2 hemp fitteds from Kindhearted Women.
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Today I got an LTK soaker in a trade (THANK YOU, JODI!). It's gorgeous and fits very well!

Yesterday, I got a soaker that I'm a tester for. Soooooo beautiful! My mom wants one for a friend's son who isn't even CD'ed. I'll post pics once I find out if I can "let the cat (or sheep/wool, in this case) out of the bag," so to speak.

I'm waiting for hemp prefolds from LLL and Wild n' Wooly Goods. Should be this week!
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I got

3 HH pocket trainers
2 sets of Di-D klips
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