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I'm no smilemomma, but I can't believe nursing would make it worse. If it did, so would her tongue pushing against that tooth when she talks or even when at rest. If anything, it feels like the suction would be good for reattaching the gum to the tooth (I just practiced "nursing" on a sportsbottle to check how it touches the tooth, LOL )

Let us know how this story ends!
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"I'm no SmileMomma" ! :roflmao . You crack me up, simonee. You are a very valuable part of this board, a momma who's been there. I can give the science, but only you all know the real experience, so I say I'm no simonee!
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Thanks so much for replying Smilemomma! I think the tooth is tightening up already, though I'm afraid to push on it much. It does appear to be just a hair farther back than before. It's hard to tell, as that tooth has been disked, and is already a different shape than the other one. Will that affect whether or not the adult tooth comes in straight?

She has quite a purple, bruised lip though, with teeth marks in it. It has bled quite a bit under the skin. I started giving her Arnica right away. Thanks for suggesting it, it confirmed what I did. She seems only to have had pain right after the injury, and I think the bloody lip really scared her. She had a night terror yesterday for the first time in 9 months. I thought we were over those.

We don't vaccinate, so I wonder if the teeth marks in her lip (now look white, surrounded by purple bruise) are a problem. I know the cuts are wet, since she's licking them, so I assume that is what the white is from. The swelling is going down. Does this sound like a tetanus risk? I disinfected with calendula and hypericum solution about an hour after the incident. Maybe I should start her on Ledum Pal? Maybe this is the wrong board for this question.

I loved your breastmilk ice pop idea. She would LOVE that, if only I could pump enough milk to make one. Even in the early days, my breasts were only receptive to a baby. I rented a great pump, but could only get a couple ounces total every few hours (probably because she nursed so often). I found out in December that I have autoimmune thyroid disease. Now I know why I didn't have that much milk to start off with.

Well, thanks again for your info and comfort. I'm so glad you're here to help.

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Calcium and Chipping

Hi all-

So, ds#2, 16 mos., looks like he's got yet another chipped tooth. He nicked the corner of one of his incisors in the bathtub a month or so ago, and I had it ground, mainly because it was hurting so terribly when we nursed. Now I notice a little nick on the edge of another tooth, and I don't feel it as much (though he did manage to rotate himself in a way that I felt it quite well, thank you).

I haven't decided whether to grind this one, especially since I think it will be much more noticable, but my question is this: Is his predisposition for chipping teeth related to my possibly depleted calcium levels? I'm approaching 40 (two weeks), this is my third kidlet, and my mother suffers from osteoporosis.

He is an active little boy (he's sporting a black eye this week), but I'm really wondering if I should have been popping calcium tablets while I was pregnant--and whether I should be now (is he still forming permanent teeth, or is that all done?).

Is this just 'normal' Mommy guilt or should I be concerned?
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knocked back tooth, 3 1/2 yr old


MY DS fell against a coffee table and knocked one of his teeth back (this is the dentist's wording)

this was a week ago and he seems fine now. the tooth is not discoloring but kinda moving back where it should be.

My question is; DH wants me to make an appointment with a oralsurgeon to ask if there will be any permanent reprecussions.

I don't want to subject DS to any more examinations, should I? He acted like a little jewel child in the examination but I'm afraid that a surgeon will want to cut, because that is my experience with them.
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I don't think I'd go. If he seems fine, and his dentist says he's fine, I also wouldn't try to get an oral surgeon to cut.

I mean that, but I'm afraid it's not much. The real reason why I'm responding is that I see you're in the Netherlands. Whereabouts? I'm Dutch, living in the US, and would love to talk about good old NL. Will you PM me??

That said, depending on your insurance, the oral surgeon will probably avoid cutting esp if you're in the "ziekenfonds"
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My daughter had the same exact thing happen. She actually knocked it loose as well, and eventually it tightened up and down almost to where it had been. I asked the dentist about repurcussions with permanent teeth, and he said that occasionally it will hit the permanent tooth underneath, but because she is so young he didn't think it was an issue. I wouldn't bother with an oral surgeon.
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Thanks! I am always heartened to hear that this has happened to someone else.

I felt like the worst Mommy in the world when this happened. It still puzzles me. DS is so sure footed. For him to fall is a rarity.
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Don't feel badly, sweetie! It all happens in the blink of an eye, there's nothing you could have done. It has happened to all of us, I am sure.

How is his tooth now?
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His tooth is actually moving back. It's been three weeks and he seems to be fine.
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we must be on line at the same time..

His dob is 29 May 99 so he's 3 and about 3 months.

It's just so hard for me. He chipped a front tooth at 13 months-the same tooth I knocked out when I was three. And now the tooth beside it is pointing back, some.

And now he can't take bottles. That was how I kept him hydrated. I've tried every kind of cup imaginable and he just doesn't drink! I am so worried about him becoming constipated. With potty training that would be a disaster!
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Yes, we must be! And duh on the age thing, it's right there in your title. I don't usually pay too much attention to titles, and it wasn't in your post ... duh, duh, duh. It's nearly 3 am, after all!

Don't beat yourself up, Lorene. Children lead with their teeth, it happens all the time, believe me. I fell down a flight of stairs once *while my mother was holding my hand!* It's just over in a flash. My own dd has chipped her teeth so many times I've lost count. I just smooth 'em up, and on she goes.

As for the hydration, have you tried a squirt bottle? My guys love the pop-up sports bottle tops, and also really love to use a spray bottle to squirt water in their mouths. They'll get a lot that way!

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I was just logging on to ask the same question...

My 23 mo knocked out one tooth and her front tooth is loose. The pediatric dentist wants to remove the tooth and create a prostetic so that her speech will develop normally and the space will be "saved."

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Problems with front teeth

Ds has something odd happening with his four top front teeth. They appear to be losing enamel (they look off color in places) and one of the very front teeth seems to be graying from the inside. He has hit them a number of times, so I'm thinking perhaps the graying is from internal bleeding? We took him to a dentist who pressed around in there and said that they appear to be very solid still and were nothing to worry about so long as we continued to take care of them. They are not causing him any pain, fortunately. Still, it seems strange to me that this would be happening at all. Does anyone know why it would happen? Neither dh nor I have ever had any dental problems, so this is very new territory for us.


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Thanks so much for your response!

Out of curiosity, what can be done about the color? He's only two, so I'm not so concerned now (though I hate to see a grey tooth in that *beautiful* smile), but I'm thinking that when he's a little older, it would really stink for him to be the kid with the funky teeth....

Thanks again!
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Dragonfly, of course I know how you feel about that pearly smile!

Since these are his baby teeth, they'll be gone in 4 years or so anyway. But in the meantime, the dentist can put a bonded covering over the fronts to lighten them up some, if he'll sit for it

You are so, so welcome!

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New here and a question about chipped teeth

I'm Meagan, mama to Sophie Elise (12/17/01) and loving soulmate to Jimmy. We're an AP family (bf, co-sleep, cloth diapering, etc).

I have concerns about my dd's teeth (she now has 8!). I once noticed a small, what appeared to be a chip on one of her lower, middle teeth. Then again, a chip on one of her top middle teeth. They don't seem to cause her pain and I never know when they happen (ie it isn't a HUGE deal). I'm concerned about this. At first, the top one was sharp, but it's no anymore. Do we have a serious problem?

Please advise (smilemama?)
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Most likely, they chipped when she fell. She doesn't even have to fall very hard for that, because they likely chip because they hit against the tooth on the other side.

Small chips are not a problem, I think, because they affect only the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel). And the chips get smooth from "daily wear," so that's also a normal process.

As far as I know, fluoride is a very good strengthener for teeth, and smilemomma always recommends brushing the teeth with a good fluoride toothpaste such as Tom's of Maine.

Oh, another thing: do you remember how friggin sharp those first teeth were? The edge is very thin (that's why I called my dd Ms. Razormouth for a while ), and it also wears with time. Are the chips just in those edges? That wouldn't even indicate a fall, they would just be wearing smooth. In that case the chips would be teeny tiny.

But either way, as long as they only happen at the edges, I don't think you have to worry too much. Keep checking the edge though, so you will see the discoloration that would go with decay if that happens.
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Yay simonee! You rock!

She said it all, MeaganM!

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Smilemomma, help asap please!!

Tonight my friend's 5 yo daughter, Hannah, who has autism, was chewing on a washcloth & got a string from it caught around her 2 middle bottom teeth. She pulled on it to get it loose & literally yanked the teeth out by the roots.

Could you tell me what her best course of action would be? If Hannah has dental work done she absolutely would have to be sedated. Is it true that if a baby tooth comes out with the root attached, the permanent tooth will not grow in properly, or at all??

Thank you so much for any advice; I always like to read your gentle approach to children. You are an asset to the board!

Love, Jenny
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