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So here's a laugh for all of you....

I was pretty frusterated because my BIL did NOT take the garbage out like I asked (nicely even!) five times before they left. Knowing that TJ is gone for two weeks they left 6 months pregnant me to do it. BLECH! :Puke is what I do if I have to take garbage out. *Shudder* Also, being totally weird about being in the house alone at night I shut and lock ALL windows and doors, including the inner door to the garage from our house.

This morning I proceed to get up, do dishes and finally take the garbage out. I opened the front window for some air previously before I started cleaning. I walk out the inner garage door, pop the garage and then take the first two bags of trash out. I go to come back in and.... *LOCKED!* THen I realize every window and door but the one big window I opened was locked. THe screen would NOT come off at all. So I broke the screen because I heard Isaac waking up in his room. TJ is gonna be so happy to see that. I had to laugh at myself for doing something so ridiculous though... *sigh* Does anyone know how much screens typically run?
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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
Yessity yes yes, yes!!.
and :

Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
(When I study Spanish, my ASL comes out of the recesses of my brain and takes over).
For me it's Shona. I took two semesters of Spanish, then studied abroad in Zimbabwe and learned Shona, then returned for another semester of Spanish. During the verbal portions of exams that final semester I would OFTEN respond in Shona and my poor prof would look at me like I was nuts. It's terrible and to this day I mix the two. I am convinced that there is a distinct foreign language portion of the brain (and mine is unnaturally small, confused, and difficult to access).

Danile - It is only a matter of time before I lock myself out of the house since it's been years. Sorry about the screen but imagine if that one window wasn't open!!! Whatever screens cost can't compare to being locked out of the house with kids inside! I am glad you are okay and can laugh about it a bit.
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we have the monsters in the room problem a lot. and have had the wanting to sleep in our bed a lot problem since ebin arrived. i'm just up front and say monsters are just pretend and no monsters are going to come. he also has a nightlight and i will leave the hall light on. i *DO* remember being scared of monsters when i was a kid so i am not totally unsympathetic. my bed (which isaac sleeps in now) is really high off the ground and i remember thinking really big monsters could fit under it

anyhoot. a lot of times lately i don't feel like doing the battle to get him in his bed if he is obviously going to freak about it. i will let isaac fall asleep in our bed (we aren't in it yet at his bedtime). and then move him when we go to bed into his bed. he doesn't usually wake so it is fine for the rest of the night.

if i were you and wanted katie to stay in her bed i think i would go lay in her bed with her for a while if she tries to come into your bed in the middle of the night. sometimes i do that if isaac wakes and calls for me. he has a full so i can fit pretty comfortably. i usually doze and then go back to my bed when i wake again. i also think at bedtime you could lay with her for ~15 mins and then leave. i usually talk to isaac about what is going to happen the next day or what his sweet dreams will be about (upbeat topics) so his mind is not on 'monsters.' and then i tell him i have to go do xyz downstairs

bedtimes are so hit or miss around here. sometimes easy and sometimes the pull your hair out kind :

all this talk about coffee is giving me a craving!!!
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Ah, it's been so long! Morning goddess in effect!
Not much goig on today, we'remeeting some friends at the zoo later this morning, even though we're pretty much BROKE. : But I really need something to do today and Rowan won't let it go, now that I've mentioned the z-o-o.

The weather the past couple of days, after the huge rain we had Tuesday, has been fantastically *autumn*, which makes me so happy. Finally, I can wear makeup again! Finally, we can wear sweaters or even something other than sleeveless stuff!

But I don't have much else to say right now, because Rowan, for some reason, is refusing to play on his own today. Doesn't he know that Mama NEEDS this all-too-brief morning respite? Ah well, maybe tomorrow morning I'll just have to wake up earlier to have it. *sigh*
At least I got a cup of coffee in me.

Have a great day, everymama.
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I loves me some purple in the morning!! Have a blast at the zoo! This fall weather is fantastic, isn't it?

Must shower then off to PT for C then to Baja Fresh for lunch w/ girlies then to the MW! Think I need to make another chiro appt for tomorrow as the hip is killing and the babe can't get settled.

*yawn* quit all this coffee talk! Both of my girls have been way sensitive to caffeine so I got rid of my coffee maker altogether. Perhaps this one will be different?
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Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post
When iced coffee calls me, it calls me its b*tch! Yup!
: : you funneh!

Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
I started Spanish lessons last week and am trying to practice, but I just haven't found much time. Must do that today if I can. I feel like I'll never get over this barrier. I've been wanting to gain skill in Spanish for oh, like, 10 years. :

UM, heLLOOOO??? Lisa and Sarah, both of you KNOW that in San Miguel there is Mexico's only school of midwifery, um hello is all I have to say. They do not speak English much at that school. Mega opportunity. Our girls can play together while you volunteer there and take espanol classes. Hello?

And Lisa, you rock! I have had to tell Sol that those prezzies are for her grandpa to keep her lil mitts off of them, but two were forfeit. Shouldn't have opened until we got on the road! What fun, what love and sweetness you packed in that box. I just thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am hanging in there...it's een rough mothering 24 hrs a day in other territories. Amara is making me nuts. Yesterday was over 2 hrs to get to bed after a longass day in the heat and constant needs of two small children this age.

But, we went to the railroad park, the zoo, trader joe's (yay!), etc...and my new car rocks! So happy with it.
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Hi friends! It's been so long since I've posted anything...I hope you haven't forgotten about us...sometimes I have time to post but then I realize there are also dirty diapers, or dishes or a crying baby all the sudden. You know how it goes.

But, I do read about my May mamas each day and think of you often, really! In fact, I woke up this morning kinda missing y'all and wishing we could have a reunion at some point. Maybe after Heather has her baby....will we all be done reproducing? I know KK is a question mark, but it seemed like many of us are DONE. If so, maybe a get together could actually happen in the nearer future!

Elsanne-I hope your travels are going well. I'm glad your dad is with you.

Lisa-I second what others have said about your Annie's weight gain. I met some ladies at LLL this week who had similarly small babies, so that just might be her size. However, I can understand your feeling concern without being able to do anything about the feeding issue

Sarah-I meant to tell you a while ago that I'm so glad you're back. Missed getting your mw perspective at the end of my pg! I 've enjoyed reading about your remodeling travails and like reading about all the normal stuff you can do with Lily at this age! I sort of envy that as G was just getting to be that relatively-easy-to-manage age (despite the regular three-ness) and now we threw an infant into the mix! But, I read your posts (and Renae's and the others with slightly older seconds and thirds) and feel some hope!

Sherri-I have no great ideas for your sleeping sitch, but I hear you and know you'll come up with a good idea. I also enjoyed your porch decorating ideas! I have a porch now, but it's currently filled with G's outdoor toys, so we must get a handle on organizing that before I can decorate! It's feeling more fall-ish here, however, so I'm in the mood for some corn stalks and acorns!

Danile-Sorry about getting locked out! That is one of my fears, by the way. Hope you're doing okay with dh gone; that's a long time! Congrats on the car, too!

Megan-been thinking of you, too.

Renae-hope you had fun at the zoo. I miss living close to one! I also hope you're resting up from your busy social calendar! I read all the stuff you've done lately, and it makes ME tired!

KK-Hi! That neighbor situation sounds crazy. I'm sure hoping we can see you soon...maybe at Thanksgiving?

Miss Juice, Claudia, Nugget, Emmalola, and Heather...thinking of you all too!

So, I sure hope I haven't left anyone totally out. I tried to be very comprehensive this morning!

We're doing quite well here. A is growing....she was 8 lb. 14 oz. at her one month checkup 2 weeks ago (she was 7lb. 2 oz. at birth) so I know she's well over 9 lbs. now. She's sleeping pretty well. We put her in a co-sleeper by our bed (we use it like a bassinet) around 9ish and she'll sleep until 12:30 or 1 a.m. Then I bring her into our bed and nurse her back to sleep which usually is pretty fast. This is what we did with G and it's how everyone slept best. However, A is a much noisier sleeper, so I'm thinking we might try putting her in her own bed in another room near ours in the next few weeks. Though, that means I 'll have to actually get up more....not really even sure how to make this transition since G was in our bed till 1 1/2. Part of me thinks she might get easier to sleep with as we all get used to each other, too, so I'm just not sure how to proceed. Anyone have ideas who's had experience with two different kinds of sleepers? I get the feeling she might sleep longer in her own space since she takes much longer naps when I get up and leave her in our bed. She settles herself back to sleep in a way that G never did.

G's doing well. Today is a big day...he's going to the Lunch Bunch for 1-6 year olds at the community center from 12-2 p.m.This is an activity where I drop him off and LEAVE for two hours and they have a themed activity (this time it's rocks and minerals) and take a sack lunch. He asked to do this, so I hope it goes okay. I don't know what I'm going to do with Annie for this time period...it's far enough away that we won't have time to go home...she'll probably sleep! Wow, the luxury of one kid! If G likes this time, Lunch Bunch meets every other week, so we'll see.

G's stuttering has increased a bit, though. As has his night wetting! He's in a diaper (well it was a pull-up, but he peed right through those) and wakes up totally wet! He's in underwear all day, though we mostly remind him to pee. I've thought about getting him to cut back on fluids after 5 p.m. but that seems mean. Maybe this is like the last draw before all the pl-ing clicks. I can only hope. We're thinking of asking around at the local schools re: a speech pathologist. We really don't think this is an actual speech problem, it seems so mental cause it's not all the time. But, we could use some helpful tips to deal with it.

Okay, I must shower cause A will probably wake up soon.

Whew! That was long...thanks for making your way through it all.
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Wow, Jacqueline, mega-poster award goes to you! And FTR, my dad is not with me until I get to Albuquerque. 7 hrs from here, PHoenix.
Sorry to hear about the regression and it's realllllly normal for a kid with new sib! Hope within a few months it's all a non-issue, but I know it's consternating now!
Glad to hear A is growing and happy!
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thanks for updates, els & jacquie!

eating breakfast here.

still can't believe our little stefan is going to be one in a few days (sunday... : )... we swear he's talking. last night, bill said to him, "hi monkey!" and we swore he said "monkey!" right back! crazeeeeeeeeeee! he regularly says the syllables of "all done" and "hi dad" and "more", as well as somewhat decipherable signs for all done and more, too. and he's gained like a pound in the past month from all the food he loves to eat.

my parents fly in late tonight for the birthday weekend, so i'm not sure how much i'll get to read/post in the next few days, but i'll be thinking of y'all.

as sarah-bee would say, *smoochie-boochies*

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Dudes... the washing machine prob was a chunk of a costume jewelry necklace T left in his pocket (which dh didn't check when he was trying to be "helpful" in running a load of laundry : )... the necklace broke in the washer, and a piece got stuck in the pump. $75 later, everything's as good as new.

No word from the psycho neighbor, and I'm afraid to go in the yard.

More later... have to go get T.

Smoochies indeed.
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i have two very different sleepers.

sleeper#1: isaac. we had a crib in our bedroom and starting pretty early on i would try to make sure he slept in it fairly often (at least for naps and going down for bedtime). this always involved rocking rocking rocking and ever so gently laying him down. repeat x3. eventually around 2am i'd give up and just bring him in bed. he was in our bed until 15 months or so when i got a little more on the program of really wanting him out of our bed. i don't love feeling crowded in bed. he always nursed at least 5 times a night (if not more). sometimes it seemed like every 20 minutes.

sleeper#2: ebin. he's a grunter. i slept with him the first few weeks and he grunted away many times a night when he actually wouldn't wake up to feed. but *I* woke up everytime he twitched or grunted. after my MIL left i put him in his crib to go to sleep, eyes open. he layed there and then closed his eyes. this seemed miraculous--a self-soothing baby!!!! he doesn't even cry. he sleeps in his crib, in his room every night. i don't wake with his grunting but i wake when he cries if he gets hungry. the *most* he ever wakes is once per night and often (like last night) he sleeps from 9ish to 7ish.

they're just really different sleepers. if annie is a grunter and you think she'd be happy in a bed on her own i say try it. she'll let you know if she needs you i really haven't done anything different with my 2. i have been a little less likely to nurse ebin all the way to sleep before i lay him down because i do want him to know he can just loll off to sleep in his crib. but if he wasn't prone to doing it on his own i'm sure i'd nurse him down to deep slumber like i had to do with isaac.

i guess $75 for washer repair is not toooo terribly awful. i usually think it is $200 for them to even walk in the door

little S is almost one! wooooot. have fun with your parents

i'm at doug's office waiting for a lady to call me back so i can beg for our health insurance to be reinstated. i havent even talked to doug's partner about it because i am so : sometimes i want to strangle him for the bills he chooses to pay and not pay : : :

i need to skeedoodle though so i can pick isaac up and go buy a birthday present. isaac has been *obsessed* with getting some binoculars so i guess i'll take him to the toy store. does anyone else have a hard time deciding whether to spoil your child or not? on the one hand i think i am just teaching him that if he asks for something 9273489375 times that eventually he will get it. on the other hand i think no harm and it is kind of cute that he wants something so badly. (obviously i am scared i am creating a monster here. a spoiled monster.) but then do i purposefully not buy him the 'noculars because he did ask so much? i told him he needed to wait until dad got paid. and dad did get paid. and isaac has been waiting (and continuing to ask). so i guess we'll see if they have 'noculars.

OH and guess what? i went to the gym today for the first time since like....december! wow. go me. i did a half hour aerobics class and 20 mins of kickboxing class and couldn't tell if i was going to pass out or throw up
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
ihis seemed miraculous--a self-soothing baby!!!!

i guess $75 for washer repair is not toooo terribly awful. i usually think it is $200 for them to even walk in the door
I didn't believe self-soothing babies existed. Then I had L. [No suggestions, Jacquie. I have had to figger each kid out as I go (not necessarily very "smartly" or quickly, either ). Yeah, prolly TGiving.]

Re the washer--I know it was cheap to fix (whew!). One of my mom friends raved about this place, and I think I'm going to go post a review on my local parenting listserve extolling their virtues.

Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
I am hanging in there...it's een rough mothering 24 hrs a day in other territories. Amara is making me nuts. Yesterday was over 2 hrs to get to bed after a longass day in the heat and constant needs of two small children this age.

But, we went to the railroad park, the zoo, trader joe's (yay!), etc...and my new car rocks! So happy with it.
I've been thinking of you, hoping it hasn't been too nutty. That last couple of sentences makes it all worthwhile, no? So glad the car is great.

Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
THe screen would NOT come off at all. So I broke the screen because I heard Isaac waking up in his room. TJ is gonna be so happy to see that. I had to laugh at myself for doing something so ridiculous though... *sigh* Does anyone know how much screens typically run?
I'm sorry... Once, I had to break into my house in a similar way (and I was pg with Z at the time! Thankfully not *too* pg, or I wouldn't have fit through the window).
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Dom's orientation for school is tomorrow. *sniff sniff* I just can't believe preschool is here ALREADY! : I keep looking at him sadly nostalgic while he's sleeping in our bed. He still just seems like my BABY. He still seems so tiny and unprepared for the world- but he's been begging and he's been so excited, I really don't want to deny him this opportunity. Am I weird for struggling with this? He officially starts next Tuesday. TJ's horribly upset he's going to miss it and wants me to take pictures.

Sleeping baby's and mommy space... I TOTALLY understand the need to have a little space now and then. I also know that I CONSTANTLY wake up to any little move, bump, grunt, snort or similar baby cuteness. And while it's all very adorable, a mama does need some shut eye. I've been horrible with both boys in having them sleep in a bouncy seat (clipped in!) while swaddled during the night next to our bed. Dom has NEVER successfully slept outside of our bed. But he's another story- he's had night terrors since about a year and half old. Isaac we decided to try out the nurse to sleep/groggy and then place in crib during the day. It worked pretty well to our amazement! (Dom would scream such blood curdling screams if we came within a foot of a crib. Literally from day two!) So night just ended up happening that way too... but it wasn't until about 5/6 months old. I don't think I've been of any help... just a shoulder to lean on. *Hugs* and I hope it resolves itself soon.
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Jstar! I left out Jstar in my mega response yesterday morn. I was mulling over the sleeping options you wrote about at 4 this morning and then I realized that I'd forgotten to address you when I was trying to be all inclusive. Anyway, thanks! It sounds like Ebin and Annie are quite similar, actually. Though, I've never put her down in her bed not quite asleep. I've put her down asleep, she'll wake up but will sometimes get herself back to sleep during the daytime. This hasn't really worked that way at night. Oh well, at least we've got options. And, last night she wasn't nearly as noisy and we slept pretty well.

Okay, gotta run. She woke up earlier today so I must hurry to get myself taken care of before dh goes to work.
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i thought i should clarify - ebin wasn't sleeping through the night when i first put him in the crib (~ a few weeks old). he'd wake 2 or 3 times at that point but had already gotten on a 'night' schedule so it was easy for me to get up and go in, feed in the rocking chair and then just lay him back down. and he would snuffle and grunt and then go back to sleep the majority of the time. so it wasn't a struggle and i was out of bed usually only 10 mins. it wasn't too difficult to handle. and then i think him being in there alone without anyone else waking *him* up has led to him sleeping longer and longer stretches.

and i should also clarify he does cry if he's not ready for bed (of course he cries...he's a baby!). like sometimes i'll want him to go down for the night but depending on how much he's napped i'll put him in bed and go in isaac's room and hear a 'hey wait a minute i'm not ready to sleep' cry. then i go get him and try again later. if he is ready for bed he'll shake his head back and forth. isaac did that too cracks me up.

i've also been swaddling ebin and that really helps him go to sleep. but he's getting almost too big to swaddle now. he can kick out of all the blankets.

speaking of which my mom just sent me a few outfits for him. before she mailed them i asked what size she bought and told her over the phone that he's already wearing the next size. so she said 'i'll send them anyway'. so i get them and now i am debating...spend the $ to send them back because i KNEW they would be too small. or just go ahead and wash them and have him wear them for about a week. i'm kinda : because she could have just taken them back and gotten ones that would fit for sure. i should have insisted. i actually tried but she insisted they were 'generous'. well ebin's problem is that he is SO tall that it doesn't matter how wide an outfit is, they are almost always impossible to button in the crotch. especially with a cloth diaper on. yesterday he was wearing a 12mo outfit that i couldn't button in the crotch. the ones she mailed were 9mo. he's taller than isaac was and is starting to get 'out of season' on the clothes. like some of the clothes isaac wore the summer he was 1 would fit ebin right now.

ebin is fitting into my all time favorite baby outfit EVAR though a green fleece longsleeve/pant all in one with a hedgehog on the front. i love it. sooo sweeeeeet

isaac had his first ever leak in bed last night! somehow he just managed to leak enough to wet his jammies but not the bed. which was lucky because he layed down on the floor crying that he wanted me to sleep in his bed for a while.

my goal for the day is putting laundry away. and making spaghetti sauce with all the tomatoes

ducette - i think it must be totally normal to struggle with sending your wee one off to preschool! that is great he's so excited about it - a good sign he's ready i don't have this struggle because isaac's preschool is his daycare he's been at since he was 12 weeks. but i think if i had taken him out of there and started a different preschool i'd probably be apprehensive about whether he'd be 'ok'.

i should send some work emails before the kidlets wake.

does anyone else have a fear their sons are going to play football? i don't like football and this paralyzed football player is really getting to me. i know it is premature to worry about whether these boys are going to want to play football and whether i would try to influence them not to. but i worry about it!
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Feeling a bit frazzled, but randomly....jess...I have already told DH that if we have a boy he is *not* playing football. Too much risk for injury at growth plates and worse. Of course he would love to have a hockey player in the family so we'll see how that pans out!

Girls are hopefully napping after our post-preschool picnic at the park and playing for well over an hour. C neeeeds to nap. Where are our May babes and naps these days? I think she might be ready for an every other day nap kind of thing and 'quiet time' on the off days, but several days in a row w/o and it's seriously : .

C has never been a good sleeper, but E is a dream! DH and I are probably fretting more about the sleeper/non-sleeper thing rather than boy/girl.

Okay...off to get my lunch.....have a great weekend all!
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a fairy for our fiddlefern!

yeah i don't know how a 'you can't play' thing will go over here. i'd much prefer basketball, baseball or soccer for sure though. i'm all for organized sports (i played and it was a ton of fun). i just hate football!
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naps? for my may kiddo? : that's a good one, heather.
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
naps? for my may kiddo? : that's a good one, heather.
laughup :

Katie gave up the nap at about 2.5. Sarah hung on to hers until about 3.75, but then again, Sarah's been a dream sleeper from practically day one. It's Katie I've struggled with all along. I was at Heather's comment about debating sleeper vs. non slepeer was more discussed than boy v. girl.
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
naps? for my may kiddo? : that's a good one, heather.
Same here. Lily hasn't napped consistently for at least a year. She's probably had 5-10 naps in the past year.

I was on call Wednesday and was up the whole 24 hours. Caught one baby, and helped with 2 other labors. It was great! I am learning so much. SO MUCH to learn still, of course! This is complicated stuff.

I want to write more but cannot get away from excited 3-year-old. More later.

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