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Fiddle, I'm so glad it wasn't worse for your boys! How frightening that must have been! I'm glad you got the reassurance you need, and that they seem to be bouncing back quickly. The sleeping isn't much better here, but we're coping. It's almost 9am and Katie's still asleep in my bed. She climbed in about 130 this morning. I got up at 730, showered, got Sarah dressed, fed, lunch packed, on the school bus, and she's STILL asleep, so I'm enjoying the quiet while it lasts!

Claudia, I can't believe Stefan is ONE! I remember when Katie turned one, it was so bittersweet, and I actually dreaded the day. I knew Katie would more than likely be our last baby, and I was reluctant to let that go. Happy Birthday to stefan, and Happy Birthing Day to you. So many memories flood those birthdays, don't they?

Sarah, glad you had a good time with SIL. How far away does she live?

Ducette, glad your hubby will be home soon! I'm sure it will be a happy reunion!

Juice, if Katie hits anymore (She's mostly grown out of her hitting, she hit for a long time) I give her a warning. And I ask her how she'd feel if her sister hit her, or if I hit her, and she usually responds that she wouldn't like it, and that usually will work. Mostly its her sister she hits, so I think I woudl be a lot more worried if it were other children she was hitting. But still, it isn't nice, and I try to handle it as best I can. Sometimes if it gets too bad (pretty rare) but I separate the girls and have them do their own thing for awhile. Hope this passes soon.

Any of you know a brand of clothing that is cut very slim? I'm trying desperately to find Sarah some knit yoga-type pants but nothing fits her. She's a very slim girl, and everything falls off her. I've found slim-sized jeans at several stores, but I'd like to find some nice knit pants for her to wear on her gym days at school, so she can be comfortable.

I had a great weekend. We went to Boston to see the Red Sox v. Yankees game on Saturday. It was a blast. Fenway Park is amazing, and the energy was intense! And we got a chance to look around Faneuil Hall for a bit, and the girls had a blast riding the T. We only spent one night, but I could have spent a week! Can't wait until we can go back, it was a nice getaway.

Alright, going to check on the still sleeping katie....
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Wow, claudia, those pix are awesome! She really captured the fun-ness I think of when I think of you and your fam. And Marek looks alot like you, and I think Stefan resembles bill, but not too strongly. Those were fun and beautiful pictures!:
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Fiddle- So glad everyone is okay! How scary! Babes need to quit falling- that's all I've got to say!

Happy Birthday Stefan! One year old birthdays are always so hard for me... I know then that each year after that they are only becoming little kids and are no longer babies. : But it is beautiful watching them grow!
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yep - beautiful pictures claudia!

i'm drinking a teeny tiny stumptown coffee and it really feels like fall this morning. we went to a party at hogan's hideout yesterday (in the rain). we'd never been there before and it was beautiful. we waved at M and S's house as we drove by

biting. isaac is a biter. or maybe i can safely say 'was' a biter. or maybe not. he still tries to bite me when he gets mad but luckily hasn't bitten a kid in a long time. he went through a mega biting stage after he turned 1 and then went through another biting stage around 2 1/2. that time i knew he was big enough to understand that it was not ok and that he really was being malicious. that time i think his verbal skills had not caught up with the sophstication of his thoughts with regard to playing with others so (again) it was a result of frustration when he couldn't express himself. i also suggest the stopping what you're doing and removing her. with isaac i also had to get down to his level and hold both hands to look him in the eye and speak very firmly. i think at school they were reading 'teeth are not for biting'. and i also told him that he would get no bedtime stories anyday i picked him up and he had bitten. i know the punishment/reward parenting isn't the most creative but i struggled to find something that signified how important it was that he not bite. i think that is the thing that finally worked because i think he only bit once or twice after that. as we would lie in bed we would rehearse things he could say to his friends like 'B, i would like a turn with that toy when you're done please'. or 'i'm not done yet but you can have a turn when i am'. she may be having frusration that ethan has the 'baby right' to take toys. and just angst with her older sis and sharing dynamics (?)

i talked to doug about the football thing. he said of course! 'you always encourage him to do whatever he wants, you can't tell him he can't do that'! which is true - i do want to encourage him to pursue his passions. i can just hope it isn't his passion so far he looooooves our wiffle ball and bat. this summer he has actually managed to learn to HIT the baseball. i'm impressed. he gets so excited when he makes contact! frisbee, not so good.

sherri - that must have been a fun trip to boston! doug was grumbling that they were showing the red sox game here instead of the dodgers.

enjoy your last week before school starts, sarah!

cool trip to nyc, renae and it must be a big relief that rowan isn't scared of the church child care anymore. go singin mama

we're gonna see fiddlefern and the boys today so i better clean up this mess! and update a doc for my client before the boys wake up. i was having dreams this morning that it was already tuesday and i was freaking because they are having an air inspection tuesday. argh.

doug just called to tell me the health insurance is being reinstated. phew.

alright i'm ready to tackle the week i suppose :
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Claudia, those photos are so wonderful! Isn't it amazing how a good photographer can capture those moments and make everyone look their best? We had some photos done last year, but all I have is a proof sheet. I need to get some prints ordered. Planning on doing a little collage thing for my parents for Christmas, so I better get going on that.

Mia is finally starting school today! The rest of the school started 2 weeks ago, but they are kindly and generously making some accommodations for our family, and it took us a couple of weeks to iron out the details. She is so excited to go back. And she's THRILLED that she gets to take her lunch and eat it there. Last year she was in the morning program and I think she siad 2-3 time a week, "I can't wait until I can bring a lunch like the elementary kids."

Speaking of, I have a million things to do and should not be posting. Hopefully Jett will nap while Mia is in school and I can come back later.
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TC, I am really struck by how much S looks like M when he was that age (I see it when he smiles). So cute.

(Jacquie, did I ever comment about Annie? Are you thinking she's going to have your curly hair? She is *so* adorable. Your kids and the luscious lips... )

Ferny, the beach sounded great. I think the beach is just one big sandbox... Sorry about the falls... they always make mamas worry, and they're darn near impossible to avoid.

My UU thing... dunno if I've mentioned that I'm going to be a facilitator for a small group focused on parenting topics. I'm half excited/half nervous. It looks like it will be an interesting group of people (amazingly, half men), and I think it will be interesting to look at some deep topics related to parenting... got trained this weekend, starts next month.

Juice, so sorry about the biting. I half expect L to get there someday (soon?) because of her lack of speech/frustration. (So I'm taking notes.)

(I'll admit that a teeny tiny part of me that was happy about having a girl was the part that was interested in the HA clothes...

I'm leaving people out, but I gotta run.....
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KK---is that a ready-made UU curriculum kinda thing for the group?? Maybe I should go ahead and ask about it---even if it means I get tapped to do some work!

Claudia--breathtaking! Her work is awesome, but made easier by having such cutie patooties to work with!

Meg--yay for school! C gets to start the lunch thang in November and *I* am looking forward to it! :

Sherri---Osh Kosh stuff always seems to run small to me. I got C quite a few pairs of cotton/yoga pants at Old Navy last year on clearance that have a nice thick elastic waist that could be folded over maybe? Way Way Way jealous of the Sox game!! I love Boston! So glad you all had a great time!

ferny--yay for an awesome camping trip! glad the boys are okay!

jess---hope you all had fun playing!

C had her first PT at school today and she was *awesome*!! She really knows her stuff and C had fun with her.

I don't know how I'm going to make it another 4-6 weeks until this babe arrives with all the stupid a** comments people want to make about how "large" I am already. : : : : I think I'm done being polite.
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You could always shock them. Like, "Yeah.. we were due in May... but nothing yet..."

or I once heard someone say

"Oh yeah.. we went into labor last month, but told the doc to put it back."

I sooo feel you. I hate people's comments. I saw a shirt somewhere that was totally cute. It was for moms and it had a pregnant stick lady on it. The shirt read, "It's 10 months! Do the math!"
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Quick post, but I had to ask Claudia - is it bad form for me to say that your husband ahs the most amazing eyes?
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Quick post, but I had to ask Claudia - is it bad form for me to say that your husband ahs the most amazing eyes?

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no, not bad form. marek got the same eyes, it seems, too. and stefan's appear to be staying blue, which makes me happy. one boy to match dad, one boy to match me.
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We visited with Jstar today and if her house was messy before I came, her standards of messy are different than mine because there's no way I could get mine as clean as hers in the amount of time she had. A good time was had by all. Jess is a birth goddess, because that 3.5 mo of hers is much bigger than my 7 mo, and I cant imagine having had to push that babe out . Ebin is a sweety, and he even took a nap in the midst of preschooler chaos. I got to hold him for a bit . I didn't want to give him back. Isaac is talking up a storm these days! He was a great host.

Sarahbee - I totally want to hang out with you but don't want to fill up your last week of freedom. I'll pm ya to find out when the best time to meet up is.

Sherri- sorry that sleep is still : for Katie. Hope the phase passes soon. It's so sweet how much she's attached to her big sis, and it sounds like they are still very close even with big sis venturing out into the big world more.

OK, I was going to bed early, so how did it get to be 10:45???
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are meg and I the morning goddesses? :
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This would be my first time ever! Might start happening more frequently on the days Dom is going to preschool. We have to get up extra specially early to be ready on time. My boys don't like to be rushed and they take a while to adjust to the morning. Mostly, it takes time to get them to want to eat.

So cute that Jstar's new babe is growing so quick! How do they grow up so fast?!
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Claudia, those pics are great. What's the deal with the photog? I know who it is just from the PDX thread. Does she give MDC mamas a discount? I've never met her IRL, although she seems very cool from her posts.

And Jacqueline, too, the new YG pics are so cute. I agree about the lips! What great hair, too.

I'm in trouble if it's bad form to tell someone their significant other is nice looking. I've done it on more than one occasion.

Fiddle, I PM'ed you.

I can't imagine getting Lily up early for school. I have no idea what she would do. I could count on one hand the number of times we've woken her up on purpose - for early flights, etc. I guess that's one good thing about homeschooling (jk).

Speaking of, we're looking at a local freeschool for the future, in case Lily's interested. It starts at age 5. Looks pretty cool. Anyone know anything about freeschools?

OK, must work today. MUST. WORK.

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Sarah--- not sure what a freeschool is, but there is a place in our area that is a "school" of sorts that offers enrichment classes and other programs for hs'ers and unschoolers. I looked into it when I was considering hs'ing, but it was $$$$$ and a bit of a drive. I get so excited for you guys when you talk about your plans (or lack of! ) for Lily---she is just going to thrive in the years ahead!

Happy birthday to me! I declare myself the mmf! goddess for the day! I also declared myself the birthday queen in our house and the queen has decreed that there be no whining, pouting or general grumpiness today. C thought that was funny.

danile---C doesn't do well with rushing either. She actually does better if I leave her be until 8ish and start the getting dressed, hair, shoes routine and we can usually make it out the door at 825 so I can be near the front of the drop-off line.
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birthday wishes to Heather!!!

: : :

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Happy Birthday Heather! May your birthday queen decrees be heeded!

TC those pics were awesome. Your family is beautiful.

Thanks for all the thoughts re: biting. It's been a better couple of days. One of the things that's hard about it is that it always happens at a busy/chaotic time... there's usually some reason I couldn't get her brother out of there before she got that frustrated. And then I have to work really hard not to lose it myself. We definitely remove her from the room (or at least the situation) and we talk about other things she could do instead of biting. I hope it passes really really quickly.
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