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Anyone else having issues with mdc today? For instance, I am unable to stay logged in if I close my browser window. Usually, I am logged in all the time, never have to log in, even if I shut down or restart my computer. Weird. A couple of other glitchy user cp things too. Is it just me?

Who needs bread or who kneads bread? Yuckity yuck yuck.
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It's just you, Meg. Sounds like spyware on your computer, or something.

"kneads" bread bwa ha ha ha.
tired tonight. Feeling, yet again, overwhelmed. So much that requires great amounts of energy.
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For that matter, who needs the peanut butter?? Just eat the chips straight from the bag!!
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I don't need anything but the chips, myself. mmm.

hi! joining in the game. and the lentil potty mastered at 2 and a few months because his montessori school really pushed it. He figured it out in about two weeks and has had only a small handful of accidents since. Nighttimes came about six month later, with great results.

sooo tired. brother on another bender, but this time the catch? he's been watching my dog since the birth so we could transition without a lot of barking. My brother barricaded himself in his house and when the police came the dog actually bit one of the cops. grrrreat! so now we're waiting to hear from the authorities about my dog biting one of their own. and my brother is still drunk. So frustrated with this whole situation! %)$@*%#(%@!!!!!!!!!
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Ooooh, emmalola, sounds complicated. Sorry.

Welcome, fleuretlumiere. No help here, sorry. My dd pretty much took matters into her own hands regarding the potty.

Meg, I'm having no probs with MDC.

Wheat bread. Although I don't need or knead no stinkin' bread. Although the peanut butter and the bread makes you think you're actually eating something substantial.

Dinner out tonight, then we stopped by a local park next to an old school that has a huge flock of birds nesting in the chimney. This time of year, every evening at dusk they turn into a huge whirlwind of birds and dive into the chimney. It was crazy.

Still feelin' my sangria from dinner. Le sigh. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

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fleuretlumiere- ds has only recently become interested in potty learning. I never put much effort into it- got him a little potty chair, and a potty insert for the toilet and some books and occassionally suggested he try using it (very casually). Always he was vehemently opposed, so I let it drop without a fuss each time. Earlier in the summer, I tried having him go "nakey-butt" for a while in the morning, but he happily piddled here and there all over our small carpeted apartment, so once again I backed off, figuring he wasn't ready. Recently, he got a diaper rash and I let him go diaperless again (with some snazzy leg warmers on cool mornings). This time, he didn't piddle everywhere, and he's been going in his potty during the times I let him go diaperless. So we're on the road. He goes to a preschool for kids with disabilities (ds has a mild social and language delay and a feeding tube) and they don't required potty learning, so I figure he can go at his own pace, no problem. I imagine that if you are needing your kiddo to go to a preschool where it's required, that puts you in a pinch, but otherwise my recent experience is helping me to trust that most kids will eventually do this in their own time. (though of course lots of people told me the same thing about ds's language and I had to ignore them and get help, so please ignore me if you need to. )

EL- with a new baby in the house, you did NOT need this. Argh.

Sarah- I totally want to go see the swallows do their thing some time. A big family drama ensued last year when I wouldn't let F.I.L. take L out to see them cause it was too late at night, and he was getting sick so easily. I told him L could go this year, so I'd better call him soon.
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Emmalola, I am so sorry to hear about your brother, and your dog biting a cop. Grrr! That sucks. One of my brothers is an alcoholic and now he's within control but there have been moments where he was not, and my mother and I anguished about him and his life so much. It's so hard to watch someone destroy themselves, and I send you some hugs. Also, it is entirely possible that me and my goils could come visit you and your boys sometime between the 17th-20th of this month! Would you liiiiiike? I thought the trip would be rush-rush, but it looks like it's not going to be so bad.

what I want to know, sarahbee, this morning, is are you STILL feeling the effects of leSangria? : "wheat bread". Could you get more specific? Like, vegan-nun approved, or Costco? Inquiring minds want to know.:
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I was actually thinking of the yummy sammich thing as I went to bed last night and decided lightly toasted homemade banana bread w/ pb and chips would be the ultimate!!

EL--sorry the saga continues. Addictions sucks.

C's been pottying for a year or so too and likewise kind of figured it out on her own. We're just now working on bathroom independence w/ wiping, handwashing and such. And as soon as that gets figured out, next comes E! : Though her personality is way different and I'm not sure she'll be as easy as C was.

Lots to do today...grocery shopping done, Costco run next, lunch, PT for C, trader joe's, music therapy ....dinner in there somewhere, but no time for naps so I'm sure that won't be so much fun...fingers crossed for cat naps in the car! I made C a little calendar w/ velcro activities because she's always asking what we're doing today, Thursday, this week, etc. I enjoy the busy, but at the same time it's : when I'm feeling physically uncomfortable. I think there are only two days in all of September that we don't have anything scheduled.
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Funny how that sandwich has also captivted my attention. Banana bread indeed! If it werent' still hot (though less so than this weekend) I would go bake some right now with the PB and chocolate chips right in it.

EL - you definately did not need this.

I simply must clean my house or I will lose my mind!
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i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! didya miss me?

our first weekend in our new beach house was glorious, but the first order for furniture is a dining table and chairs. toddler eating needs to be contained to a table instead of sitting on the floor, getting distracted by something so standing up and twirling around, taking a bite of food, wiping hands on carpet, etc. and crawling everywhere almost one year old needs containment device in a house with steps. and doors. and cabinets. must childproof.

but we had a ton of fun, nonetheless. i am torn about having the "internets" at the beach house. it was so nice to be without visual media, but with a cable modem or some such there, we might be able to stay there more days as bill would be able to do some work from "home." what to do, what to do... this is not the least of our worries. you know, that whole paying for the beach house thing kinda takes the cake on that one. but if even 20% of the weekends are like the one we just had, so totally worth it.

so every one is invited to come visit us. just not all at once. maybe one or two families at a time. or i might be able to accomodate the other three portland mmf. if we can ever coordinate our schedules again...

off to check in with our pdx west side crowd...

more later!

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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
so every one is invited to come visit us. just not all at once. ~claudia
I am so there! I love love love the OR beach. I want to go to Cannon beach every summer but my family (Adam) does not see this as the pefect vacation of choice.
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Z's first day of preschool. : He was a little clingy at the drop-off, but he apparently quickly rallied when he was shown the wooden train table. I love this sweet, charming child (disclaimer: I also love the introspective older brother and the whirling dervish younger sister).

Here's some mama snark... : they do a gradual start for the 1st two weeks, and it is explained in *great* detail in new parent orientation, the full school orientation, and the newsletter. (Half the kids from 9-10, the other half from 10:30-11:30, then they switch on Thurs, then all the kids next Tues from 9-10:30, then 9-11 on Thurs, then gradually increasing in time next week.) One of the moms at pick-up asked me why there were so few kids. "They're doing gradual start, remember?" She looks at me like she has no idea what I'm talking about and I'm crazy. Then I explain the whole thing to her, adding (in a friendly tone), "It's all in your newsletter. You should check it out when you go home." She still looks at me like she doesn't believe me. And then when we get our kids, she asks one of the teachers where the rest of the kids are (I guess I don't look/sound credible! ), so the teacher explains the whole thing to her again, adding, "Read your newsletter--it's in there." This mama realllllly doesn't fit the mold of what I think of as a co-op preschool type (um... she seems very, uh... high maintenance... and obviously a little flaky and not very friendly). We'll see. I love, love, love the teachers, but I'm a little wary about the other parents after my preschool experience with T.

TC, sounds like fun. I suppose net access is something you don't necessarily have to deal with *right* now? I guess if it were me, I'd hold off for as long as I could, then get it (and not feel guilty about it).

EL, sounds really : . Grr on your brother for both offenses. I so wish you didn't have to deal with any of this. I'm sure the dog thing was totally situational... (kind of like a kid... if things are weird/different/don't feel "safe", they act out..)

My house is a MESS. I should put the sleeping baby down and go clean or sumpin.
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Wow dude, it's only been a couple of days and there's TWO pages!
Hi, just subscribing. I am about to leave for a church meeting.

ETA, now that I have caught up (and haven't left for the meeting yet! , welcome and , fleuretlumiere, I really like your username, though I don't really speak/read French. I think I got what it meant, or at least the "lumiere" part of it! Pretty, in any case!
My son is NOT INTERESTED in the potty, not in any way, shape or form, and he is dry through the night (usually) and he often comes to me and tells me when he has peed or pooped. But when I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty, the answer is ALWAYS "No" or "No, when I'm bigger"
It's not an issue I feel that strongly about, because there are SO MANY bigger fish to fry with my kid most of the time. He's quite the drama-queen, my Rowan. So I have a lot of day-to-day dramas that I try not to blow into bigger proportions, but it's HARD, mamas.
That's why I haven't been online much. My clingy, whiny, screaming, tossing-himself-to-the-floor-while squawking loudly little Poopy McPooperton is running me into the ground. Oh yeah. *sigh*
I told DH the other day that I wish we could pack him off to Grammas every weekend. I know, not very MDC-Mama of me, but darn it, it's been rough, and I admit, a lot of it lately has been the changing of the seasons. I never deal with those well. When we got back from vacation I just slumped I am still clawing my way out of it.

But then there are other days when Rowan is totally rad. We have amazing conversations, he is usually pretty great at rolling with it when we have to be somewhere or do something...but if he gets tired or feels like my attention isn't on him 100% of the time (more like 110%), he gets poopy. I get it, but it's just hard to deal with on a day-to-day basis, you know?

There, y'all got a full-ish update on me! Yay! Now I really have to go. I need a coffee before the church meeting.
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And after my nice rant about forgetting to subscribe yesterday.... I forgot to subscribe!

I'm thinking banana bread with chocolate chips inside would be heavenly. MMmmmmmm. Might have to start baking again!

EL, that's awful about your bro and about your dog. I hope it resolves easily.

HF what a day! I went to Costco also, and that was about all I could handle.

More to say, kids conspiring against me, as usual. *pout*
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Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
More to say, kids conspiring against me, as usual. *pout*
Wha??? I daresay they outnumber you.
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Renae, what I wouldn't give for some chai and a good vegan muffin...

mmmm, chai.
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I am now testing to see if my FOURTH attempt at subbing to this thread has worked. :
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Somehow in my settings I have that if I reply to a thread, I'm subscribed automatically. So there.

I bet I'm the only one on all of mdc snacking on green prickly pear fruit at the moment. It is SO GOOD! I even harvested it off the bugaboo cactus myself. The vegan nuns smile and nod.
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
The vegan nuns smile and nod.
Holy moly, Els. I think you ARE a vegan nun at this point!
I was very UN-vegan and had cheese, crackers and raw veggies for dinner. Yum.
The quote is from my very own rock-star obsession, Davey Havok. I still love him. I am seeing Blaqk Audio both in NYC this Friday and in Boston on Monday. I got it bad, mamas. Rowan loves them too.
I need to figure out how to MAKE a good vegan muffin.
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I need to figure out how to BE a good vegan muffin.
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