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Ooh! So funny! I ordered Pushed last week and am awaiting it's arrival! I also ordered No Cry Sleep Solution, Born in the USA, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and a couple others I can't remember. The ones I like and feel are going to educate my students become a part of my "lending library" of my childbirth classes. I've conveniently added books about AP, Gentle Discipline, Vaccines and Intact Information... all mixed and dispersed throughout a mixture of birth and parenting books... that way they don't feel like I'm pushing them- but they get more educated on the NON mainstream views. And my book fetish is then tax- deductible. :

Loving you all- can't remember anything that's going on in the world... TJ gets back tomorrow and I can't wait!! : :
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How funny, I was just thinking of emmalola this morning, and was going to post a question asking of her whereabouts. Great minds think alike, eh?

Just trucking along here. I signed up for piano lessons for myself tonight. Lessons start in early October. I'm so excited. Playing piano has always been something I have wanted to learn how to do. Neighbors of ours a few years ago gave us their piano because they were moving and didn't want to take it with them. My secret hope is that my girls will become interested and want lessons, too. That was my original reason for accepting the piano. Sarah tells me she wants to play the violin. She's not interested in playing the piano. So I'm just taking the wait and see approach and hope she changes her mind. Katie too, but she's a little young yet for lessons. KK, did I read somewhere (your blog?) that T takes piano? When did you start him? Is it something he wanted to do and asked about?
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oooh- if Sarah takes violin and Katie piano, they can go on tour together doing violin Sonatas. Of course, if they both take violin, there's a ton of literature out there for two violins (the Bach double is a big fav). I'm not ready to think about formal lessons for L yet, but I'd better think about how to afford them when the time comes. I'm thinking grandparents.

Saw Sarah and her sidekick L yesterday (Yay!). We hear about the house nightmares but I'm here to say that the front yard landscaping is gor-geous. My L begged to go outside, so L took us to her neighborhood park, which was way cool. It was great to catch up with our resident midwife-in-training.

W is sleeping like crap these days. : Up every hour last night. I'm goin to bed now, so hopefully I'll get in enough sleep before I start the day tomorrow.
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Nothing says GOOD MORNING! like waking up to a puddle of pee on the bathroom floor. *That* makes me the morning goddess today. yuck.

Other than that, just school for C in the morning and E and I will run some baby errands for a few odds and ends. And then bring on the weekend!!! We're going to the zoo tomorrow and DH and I are going to a play on Sunday afternoon as a late bday present and then to dinner at a grown-up place that doesn't pass out crayons w/ the menus!!

Sherri---yay for lessons!! We are not a very musical family, but I know I'd love to take horse riding lessons some one of these days.

Danile--I have a copy of mccutcheon's bradley guide to childbirth if you want that for your library! lmk!

ff---yay for play!
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Just wanted to say good morning to my favorite May Mamas! You are indeed the morning goddess today, Heather! Ugh. Rowan is JUST finally (FINALLY!!) starting to ask to sit on the potty, so be prepared for our adventures with that! Yeah.

We have a packed weekend. I am going to a class about Mabon tonight at our local pagany shop--not too local to me, but not too bad, I mean, it's in Rhode Island which instantly means less than 45 min to get to! And then tomorrow we are going to King Richard's Faire with the IL's (a family tradition--it's a big old EXPENSIVE Renaissance Faire that I actually love--DH has been going since he was a kid, I announced my pregnancy there...it's got good memories!) I'm just a little paranoid that Rowan's going to be afraid of everything this year...but I have my sling so we're gonna DO this! and then Sunday I have choir practice and church (that I secretly don't really want to go to but oh well)

So I have to go get things ready to go to my friend's house this morning to watch her kid. But I just wanted to say hi.

Hope you all have a great day, and an awesome weekend!
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post

I worry about this stuff, too... T is my super big kid, and he reminds me (utterly and completely) of Ferdinand the bull. I guess more like Ebin...
cue more spooky music because i have never heard of ferdinand the bull until yesterday when isaac brought a copy of it home from his field trip to the library! wierd! (and a very cute story...awesome drawings).

i need some new reads (taking notes)

ebin woke up a lot last night. i think i jinxed myself by raving about how great he is at sleeping

i'm dying for a nice dinner out sans kiddos. we haven't done that since ebin was born. i signed doug and i up for two free dinner classes on small business development and the first one is next week. so we will be going out to dinner together....but uh, that's not quite what i'm envisioning.

i am sorry but 17 kids is just insane. and she wants more. (the duggars are on tv right now). : their kitchen looks like a cafeteria (it has one of those slide along tray things). 200 loads of laundry a month? kill me now. i bet she can birth a baby in 10 minutes flat and hardly notice.
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Must go find out about A, V, M....
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
Must go find out about A, V, M....
Huh??? I am way to out of it to even begin to understand this. It's not you, it's me....

I'm soooo dragging a$$ this morning. Went out last night with some friends for a couple of drinks. Got home at 11 but didn't go to bed until 12:45. : Kids were up at 6:30.

And John made a huge pot of gumbo to take into work today. Nice of him, but he made it late into the night last night, so guess who got to clean the whole friggin mess up this morning???? Grrrrrrrr..... Couple that with being tired and I am in a bit of a foul mood. And it was double irritating because he acted like, "you went out last night, why are you in such a bad mood?" Ummmm... because the kitchen is a disaster (altho, I admit, it could have been, and HAS BEEN worse after he cooks) and I had to unload the dishwasher and load it up with the dishes that were all in the sink before I could even MAKE coffee. Not that he was loafing around... he had to get ready for work and that entailed changing a flat tire on his car, but still. Maybe I would be less pissed off if I was actually going to EAT any of the gumbo he made, but I'm sure the pot will come back empty. Boo Hoo for me.

Okay, Jett is running around the house with peanut butter hands. Off to do damage control.
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Hey there! Happy Friday! DH has this Saturday off for the first time in a while, so I'm glad about that. Ministers never really good a two-day weekend anyway, so it's nice when he at least gets all day Saturday off!

Annie and I went to our mw's office for our 6 week follow up (actually 7). She weighs 10 lb. 6 oz. so she's growing great! I had my exam, complete with Pap, so that was fun. I didn't have my exam with G until he was 6 months old, so this exam was much more ouchy! Needless to say, dh and I haven't had our *private* time together postpartum yet, so I was rather sore after the exam. I waited a long time after G before we did anything again...I'm just so not in the mood.

We did discuss dh getting the big *V*. I don't know if our insurance covers it, but we have a high deductible anyway, so it might not matter. We're very sure we don't want another child and feel good about that decision. There's still a small, small part of me that says "well, what if there's supposed to be another?" I think this has more to do with the difficulty I'm having switching from someone who had trouble conceiving G and who didn't want to prevent any pregnancy for soooo long to someone who is DONE. Something about the female need to create life or something....yet I really don't want to go through pg and birth again. I know I could, but I don't really want to. And, that doesn't seem to be the best attitude to have, IMO. So, I guess dh needs to go talk to his doc....is that how one goes about it?

Whew, fun post from me today, huh? In other news, we did find a great Tortilleria right by our midwife's office that makes homemade tortillas (duh) and the best sloppy burritos. Been missing that since we lived in Austin...

Off to eat a snack...A is trying to stay asleep in her papasan and G is still napping.
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Danile--I have a copy of mccutcheon's bradley guide to childbirth if you want that for your library! lmk!
Thanks Heather, but I order them pretty cheap. Each of my students gets a brand new copies of that, Husband Coached Childbirth, and the Bradley Method Student Workbook to keep. It's included in their tuition cost. The lending library is separate and includes many more and a lot of variety. I love my MMF cuz you are all so caring like that though and we can all ask/do things like that for each other. SO nice.

Sorry for the sore exam Jstar, I totally understand. I wish they were completely unneccessary. Then i would just decline. I personally do not like them AT ALL. Glad to hear A is thriving though!

For the mama who had peanutbutter hands running around.. I sympathize.. peanut butter hands are NEVER good either. And very hard to get out of furniture. Hope you avoided mass destruction with that.

And I vote morning goddess automatically goes to anyone who has to clean up accidents in places they should not be. :
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Sherri- I totally skipped over the bit about YOU getting lessons, which, of course, TOTALLY ROCKS. Go you! Hooray for you going out there and dreaming your own dreams and following your bliss.

If I was to take a class just for me, it would be biochem, because I felt like my bio major wasn't really complete without it, and I wanted to see more of the big picture. The natural world is so cool. But I've forgotten everything before biochem, and it's not really necessary to my life right now, so it will probably never happen. Either biochem or another dance class. Dance rocks too.

Megan- blech! What a way to start the day, a dirty kitchen that you didn't dirty from food you don't get to eat! I am sending you , not for anything in particular, but just because you deserve more magic and joy in your life right now.

Jacq- thanks for the A update. I know you and Emily are still coming out of baby moon, but I need my fix of MMF newborn news!
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meg, "A, V, M" refers to the book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and may I just say I Barbara Kingsolver. And your description of your kitchen yesterday is EXACTLY what I am greeted with this morning : right down to the coffeepot.

Jacqueline, yay for a day off! And the Annie update re: the V, even if insurance doesn't cover it it's not that $$. Our insurance did cover it - we had to pay a $15 copay and yeah, he'd talk to his doc who'd refer him to a urologist (I believe).

Your tortilleria and burrito description makes me miss the southwest SOOOOOoo bad. Sloppy burritos. I miss my NM green chiles.

Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
And I vote morning goddess automatically goes to anyone who has to clean up accidents in places they should not be. :
I get *some* kind of award for last night, then! Allison was so busy she had a poo accident in her underpants. She hasn't done that in probably a year!! Oh, the mess. Ew.

OK, I'm off to go find my coffeepot.
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Hi Juice! My nightly check-in.

Maaaaaaybe I'll go to bed soon.

I neglected to mention: we're transitioning W to be home part of my shift now. I dropped W off at noon, and when I came home at 7:15 pm, BOTH kids were asleep in their respective beds!!! Normally with 2 of us, they're asleep between 7:30 at 8 pm. AND the living room was cleaned. The kitchen is a disaster, but I gotta say... my dh ROCKS!
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fern! My morning check-in

We are getting ready for a big trip to the baseball game. We'll take the train downtown, and they're having a Kids' Appreciation Day with a bunch of extra fun stuff. We'll go early, and hang out before the game. It starts at 1:00, and we figure if we make it through the first inning, we've done great. If we make it longer than that, yahoo, but it's all about the kids having a good time. They are so excited, they want to leave right now (9am).
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morning checking, er check-in here too tee-hee have fun at the baseball game juice! i love that kind of thing and i'm not all that into watching the game. i just like the atmosphere.

all is quiet as everyone is asleep upstairs. i want to call my mom and chat without the 'momm mom momm mom mom' but i know the talking will roust the troops.

your dh does rock fiddle that is awesome. i had a night out on friday with a friend. i got ebin down before i left and all was well while i was gone. doug was left with the child who won't go to sleep. ever.

yesterday we drove around looking at more model homes : it is fun. we've realized the only ones we can afford are the really bottom of the line boxy, plain, no trim, no tile kind of places. so it isn't going to happen. we found one builder we loooooooove who doesn't do the whole upgrade thing. they just build all their houses with the nice trims and nice details and uhh...it is way out of our price range. but i want one of those! ha. must.play.lotto!

yesterday was the first time we took isaac and he had fun. especially because one of the houses had this GIANT playroom filled with toys. and the lady was like 'oh yeah, he can play with everything'. but when we got home i asked him if he liked those houses or our house and he said our house so that's good

then we went to a party last night and there were other kids there. so that was fun. this was my former coworker/friend who has gone through a divorce and has a new girlfriend. and he kept his house in the divorce and the new girlfriend (who i love) has recently moved in. so they had a party which seemed like the launching of their life and out with the bad ju-ju kind of thing. i'm really happy for them. his ex-wife was a little : lots of fun and really insane. they used to have a lot of parties but the party last night seemed so much more....mature!

isaac was so tired he actually slept in his room for the first time in a couple weeks. he wanted to sleep on the floor but at least he was in his room! i moved him up to his bed

i think we are going to a chili cookoff today. mmmmmm. 15 kinds of chili
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Also just checking in here. Babymoon has been fraught with extended family garbage, so I'm just trying to maintain sanity in the midst of utter chaos. My brother is quickly on his way to hitting bottom, and it's really painful to watch and guess on just how far down he'll go. It's been ugly.

But the good news is that we are hanging in there. Little peanut sleeps for three hour stretches at night, which is way beyond our expectations. We've also somehow managed to get him to only wake up twice a night instead of three times, which is another miracle of modern parenting. He's a good egg, I tell you. The lentil is amazingly, painfully clingy. I never had that "touched out" thing with just one child, but two children make me want to run for the hills sometimes.

I sound like I'm complaining, but in reality 90% of the babymoon has been so sweet. The baby is calm and easily soothed, our friends have been helpful in the worst of the chaos, and my marriage has lasted this long. I'm nothing but optimistic for the future.

I'm checking in here occasionally, but the computer time is so limited these days I can't comment on everyone else's stuff. But I think of you and your experiences with second and third babes often. good thoughts all around.
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So glad to hear you are doing well EL! I was wondering how you were.

I start fall quarter this morning. I have the world's worst cold ever. : : Wish me luck as I have to attend so I don't lose my place in these classes. ICK! And getting the kids up, ready and over to my mom's by 7 am is going to prove interesting at the very least. :

I'm wondering if I'm the morning goddess.. but can't remember if EL's post was earlier this AM. This reminds me of a movie I saw where the person was like, "Is this the moment?" And people were saying, "When it comes.. you'll know." So I guess I'll wait for when I KNOW it's my moment.

Thinking of you all today hoping I don't always sound so selfish and talkative about myself only. I lurk and read and laugh and give hugs all while doing so. Just by the time I find the energy to post I can't remember most of what anyone said.. : Bear with me mamas.. I know most of you have stuff going on.. and I really do care. Have a BEEYOUTIFUL day!
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no one posted today?
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MDC was down all yesterday I think....

Only story hour at the library for us today so a quiet day will be so nice after yesterday's :

Also need to make some banana choco chip muffins w/ the brown bananas!
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MMmmmm... send some of those MY way.

The library sounds fun. It's time to take the boys back and get some new books anyhow. There's only so many times I can handle reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

School went fairly well. I'm very nervous about how it's going to end up.. but we'll see. Wish me luck ladies!
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