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i hear you on the clingyness and touched out feeling emily. isaac is more clingy now than he was right after the birth so maybe the lentil will get it out of his system early. (one can hope right). i was reaching the end of my capacity this weekend and moved from couch to chair to other couch and each time isaac followed 2 minutes later. "i want to sit on your lap" mind you the baby was already on my lap and i was really wishing the baby would take a nap right about then anyway. it was one of those times where you think 'i give and i give and i give' and you know you have to find it to give a little more

isaac also had a screaming fit this morning because i showered and got dressed before he woke up. so then he's bawling and screaming that he wants me to put my jammies back on and snuggle him. tomorrow i think i'll go ahead and wake him up before i shower geesh.
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Isn't it funny how particular they are about The Way Things Should Be Done Allison would totally tell me to go put my pajamas back on. We've had some meltdowns surrounding things like whether I was wearing my "work clothes" when I picked her up from school. She wanted me to go back home and change and come back for her. Riiiiight.
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Here... just swamped.
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today he bawled because i told him i needed to get in the shower. 'but i want you to watch the newwwwwwwwwws' wah wah. this was while i was snuggling him, in my jammies! geesh. i better hope he doesn't get particular about what clothes i'm wearing when i pick him up

i went to this 'femme fete' thing last night for women in business. it was pretty neat even though i felt very unswanky. they held it at twist on 23rd (a cool jewelry and weird object store. they have $65 plastic brightly colored toasters and the like). but i met some interesting women and got a goodie bag and drank champagne and had chocolate fondue (and white chocolate lavendar fondue..mmm). it was the first time i left doug with both boys and apparently ebin cried for an hour and 15 minutes after he had downed both bottles of breastmilk. all was well by the time i got home though he shoulda made a bottle of formula...i think he was just hungry still. (i was only gone for 3 hours). i told doug that he wasn't liking the formula though so that is probably why he didn't try it. and then our babysitter told me today that ebin drank a bottle of formula yesterday : so i guess if he's hungry he'll drink it. (last week she tried 1/2 formula 1/2 bm once and he wasn't going for it.) i'm taking the 'formula is 1st solid food' approach this time around because i'm only into the bare minimum of pumping (lazy lazy). i'm happy he seems to be doing well with the bottle though. mega relief. and he hasn't had any boob problems from it. yay. he definitely loves boobie.

i got a pamphlet yesterday for spanish classes at isaac's school. it is $100 for him to participate in the spanish class every wednesday until december. we are pretty strapped right now but i am really interested in having him do it so i'm going to see if i can squeeeeeze it into the budget.

i should go do some sewing while ebin takes his nappy nap. dishes would be far too loud
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Jess, the bottle drinking is very --good for you to get a break.
Z is very much a The Way Things Should Be child.

EL and Els: very much thinking of you. EL--sending big vibes. I wish there were more "resources" in your extended fam beyond just you! And Els, I want a full report.

My master gardener class is in full swing, and I have a *ton* of information to wade through. (MCSB and Danile: I bow down to you for being actual full-time students *and* mamas.)

The fence situation: received a letter from neighbor yesterday that I think is basically one step short of "hey, we're going to sue you if you don't take care of it." I freaked out all over dh (made it clear that since *he* created the situation, I want *him* to deal with it, especially since I want nothing to do with the neighbor since the fence hopping/house barging/yelling incident). Fortunately, their house is under contract, new owners in ~3 weeks. Cannot come too soon... Ug.
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House being under contract is way good news, KK!! And yay for the MG class!!!!

Am I mean that I often avoid making patterns with certain things, lest C lose her you know what that it's not the same? She's always, always been that way and I have to pick my battles with which routines can be routine and which can just not be. We recently just got over a huge amount of : over changes to the breakfast foods/routine.

MW appt today and not quite sure of bebe's position so quickie u/s on Monday : and possible version next Wednesday??? I'm pretty sure babe is mostly head down and I'm going to the chiro again tomorrow.

My brain is fluff....
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head down vibes to babe, heath...

still no laptop. don't think it's worth getting fixed, so office computer time it is. stefan loves marek's thomas musical phone/light up thing, so that is entertainment for him while i'm here. and marek is obsessed with tv now. must get him out of that habit.

both of our friend plans fell through this week and i'm so unmotivated to do stuff by myself with the two of these little ones. mostly marek, because if we go somewhere like the park, he wants me to do everything with him and i just can't climb up and crawl through the tube thing with stefan on my back and he's still too little and too much into eating everything that i don't feel comfortable putting him down at the park. the beach, yes, but the park not so much.

ok, really should shower and get my crap together. although we have no plans, so maybe whatever.

stefan needs a nap.

still can't believe my little guy is one... : think i should finally finish his birth story now? it's sitting here on my desktop files...

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i'm having an unmotivated day myself. i'm just tiptoeing around trying to be quiet because doug is sleeping upstairs. i made lamb chops last night and as i was reading stories my stomach was making some burbling noises. i haven't had any other repurcussions but doug was up all night with vomiting and the runs. poor guy although i think he has a fever and chills too so that sounds more like a stomach flu than food poisoning. in any case he said he's never eating lamb again :

i should shower and do some laundry or something.

we're having some really bad interactions around here lately. isaac cries about *everything* everything is a battle. he cries more than the baby. i even took him to the park yesterday and he had a meltdown. he has a screaming meltdown as soon as anything doesn't go his way (waking up, no candy for breakfast, no gum, bedtime, getting in the bath, getting out of the bath, getting dressed). he full on slapped me across the face after kicking me in the boob twice while i was trying to get him dressed this morning. and i really don't know what to DO with him : i feel like we can't get a grip on his behavior at all. it is such a drag....

they're talking about placenta eating on the news right now i think i might try and make it to the baby convention thingy this weekend at some point

hf - good baby head-down vibes to you

yes claudia - you should finish his birth story he'll love to read it later

babe stirs...
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Jstar- s. I don't think I posted about it (because I couldn't find time to post back then! ), but in the months after W was born, L had MAJOR clingy/whiney/crying stuff. AND, he hit the "scared of everything" developmentaly thing at the same (that most MMF kids went through at about 2.5). So it was impossible to go more than about a block without having to carry 2 children. L was crying all the time about everything. He stopped taking naps, yadda yadda yadda. It was he!!. I'm sorry that Isaac is also going through this. Feel free to give me a call if you ever think adding 2 more kids to the hurricane will somehow help you . I'm free pretty much every day in the early afternoon, except Wednesdays and weekends.

Claudia- I set down W on the concrete if it's just for a few minutes, cause I know what you mean about bark chips/ random trash and babes. Though I also agree with you that I simply can't play all over the play structure with L while simultaneously caring for W. I think that's WHY L wants me to play on the structure. He doesn't like it that I'm hanging out mostly w/ W (well, he's a baby and he's in a sling, sorry kiddo). I try to compromise and go down the slide with L a few times, or sometimes I'll help W climb up the structure and then we'll all slide down.

L has hit W a couple of times when W takes something L had recently been playing with. Sigh. This is the first time in his WHOLE LIFE that L's intentionally hit, so I suppose I should feel lucky. L is very frustrated by this little creature that suddenly has access to all the toys. I've thought about having L pick out a few things that are special to him, but I honestly don't think he's sophisticated enough to "get" that concept. Like, what's special to him is what he's playing with in that moment, and tomorrow he won't remember that it's especially "his." _ALL_ the toys were his before W was born, and the new things that have come that are especially W's are the things that L is most interested in playing with, and I'm not going to stop L from playing with them. I guess I should at least try the "pick out your special toys" thing with L. Maybe I'm not giving him enough credit.

What do all of you do about this?
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FF---C lost it for real when E started crawling and getting into her toys. I did allow her some special toys and intervened on her behalf (not like E understood!) to keep E out of her stuff when she was building blocks or something so maybe it felt a bit more equal to C? I still have to referee now and again, but C is getting better at advocating for herself and telling E to buzz off (nicely!)

Why am I still awake!?
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i tell marek that if he's not playing with something, then stefan may want to play with it. and if marek wants something that stefan has, he needs to trade with him for another toy. stefan is a bit older than W and will mostly go along with whatever toy he has been given, at least for a few minutes, but not always nowadays. sometimes he just really wants that thomas phone.

and marek does NOT like stefan playing with his trains, so we reserve that for when friends are here or when stefan is napping and we usually do it in the living room on the floor or sometimes on the lego table. stefan is into E-VAH-REE-THING right now, and also on the verge of just walking somewhere all of a sudden. still loves power cords, cables, long cable-y type things, as well as the cat water bowl, the cabinet doors, the toilet, the toilet paper, the stepstool, the chairs, the screen door, the sliding door, the window in our front door, etc. ay yi yi... i hope the walking distracts him from all the interesting drawers and cabinet doors that we didn't have to child proof with marek and then we don't have child proof them at all.

g-talking with my old friend from australia... so fun to connect with him again! he's a daddy now, too.

night-night, mamas!

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ugh yesterday just went from bad to worse so i am glad it is a new day fresh start!

i'm also glad to hear the crying-about-everything phase is not unique to isaac. because it is a little : and hopefully it will pass. SOOOOOON

he's been wanting to sleep in our bed all the time and while i have been trying to be consistent with the message that he needs to sleep in his bed, i also just sometimes give up because well...it isn't worth the screaming. so i know i am sending an inconsistent message to him (but trying to be somewhat gentle and understand this neediness). but anyway last night he slept in his room (yay!) and i told him he could come in and snuggle in the morning (he did). but it was funny because this morning we told him doug was going to be leaving for 4 days next week. and isaac's face lights up and he says 'I can sleep in daddy's spot!!!!' i guess so

i was going to try to go to an mdc coffee thing this morning but doug is off and recuperating and wants to go shopping for some clothes for his trip. he visibly lost weight from being so sick.

i don't know what we will do about sharing toys around here. i'm more worried about the small things that will be choking hazards. so i think we'll keep the playmobil up as isaac's toys and make take a 'too young' approach to some toys and treat everything else as shared. we'll figure that out when we get there

KK - why do they even care about the fence if they're moving????? i hope your dh fixes it.

i've finally talked doug into hiring someone to work on our house and yard because it is not going to happen. he will still hurk up a hairball when we get bids or whatever. (and getting a fence is part of what i'm going to get a bid on)

we are watching the king and i and isaac wants to know 'why does the king have so many kids for?' cute.
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Today was C's first day at the lunch club at school and she got off to a great start by "stealing" the sandwich of the little girl next to her. Of course I didn't find out until she got home and the other half of the sandwich was in her lunchbox. I think we'll have to have another talk next friday that lunch bunch isn't a buffet!

okay...time to wake the girlies so we can get to the PO and the chiro and the grocery store for dinner stuff...

Have a great weekend!!
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Be optimistic--maybe they traded!

Want to reply more (esp. re the sibling stuff), but I'm super busy here... : just sitting down to nak for a second before picking T up from school.

Mwah mwah.
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Hello lovelies-

Sitting here in class learning about Adult Learning Styles and how to be a preceptor. Le sigh. So not applicable right now. But somewhat interesting for the future.

Just wanted you all to know I am thinking about you and reading...not enough time for anything else right now.

Love love!

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oh my gods, I'm back! I'm back! I have felt so out of the loop, so loopy, so utterly enlooped. And it is my sanity saving fun thing to come here and tryyyyyy to catch up.

Sherri--incredibly yummy coffee you sent! mmmmmm! I made a big pot right away and lemme tell ya, with vanilla milk mmmmmmm
RIGHT ON for the piano lessons! How very cool! Watching mom learn something new is so inspirational on so many levels.

So, the new car just rawwwwwks. It is absolutely, unequivocally perfect for San Miguel and I just bump along them cobblestones like nobody's business. We also have mega amounts of speed bumps, really the only way to control people's speed, and I used to bottom out in the camry. The camry is also so smooth, such a boatlike ride that it was torturous for me and it to ramble 'round these streets.

The ride home was 3 days, from Albuquerque and we did it like this (me and my dad):
8-12 am play, bath, play, walk, whatever.
12-3 drive during Amara's nap (which varied in length) and Sol played with stuff, read books
3-5.30 stop somewhere and play like in mcdonald's playplace
6-?? Drive

I survived the phx-abq leg by myself pretty darn well, thanks to Lisa. She had the ingenious idea of sending a box of different wrapped prezzies, each one to be opened as tempers became short or whatever--and they had things like a pkg of pipe cleaners, window paints, paper/scissors, molding clay, snacks, etc...she truly alleviated this little family's tedium on many occasions.

The whole thing of being in other people's houses, with a 3 and a 1 y.o., especially the 1 y.o., was really stressy although I have great friends. Still. One is not in one's space, no one sleeps as well as they should, and there is NO respite for mama, not one minute on top of a generally high level of stress all around. After I got to abq though that all changed, family was there to help out and BABYSIT. *phew*

Sol, too, has been completely unused to a car seat and really fought against the new rule. That was hard. Both girls were not used to a vehicular lifestyle such as one lives in large urban centers, and balked greatly. One time (actually, many many times) I sang to Amara to calm her, and Sol the next time in the car heard Amara crying and started singing to her, making up a song about how we all hate seatbelts, no one likes their seatbelt, la la la laaaa...I was crackin' up at that one...when Amara surrendered to the strange lullaby sol turned to me and said, "mama! I sang Amara to sleep!" and I just about melted of sweetness.

Much moola was spent at IKEA, my first time there. I had the meatballs based on, I think, renae's suggestion. MMMmmmm! Fun fun place for the kids.

The first night of the drive home we were somewhere around Carlsbad and it was midnight and we took a wrong turn, not noticing until waaaaay later (and seeing the signs to El Paso). WHOOPS. It was 1 am and we were way far away from our destination and on the wrong route. We started to turn around when we looked at the map and realized it'd actually be shorter to continue the way we were going to an interstate and then take it to the town we wanted to reach that night. This highway, it is not travelled. I mean that: we saw NO other cars, ever, and if you look at a map it's between nowhere and nowhere, with no population anywhere along it. There really is almost no reason for that road to exist (54, between Van Horn and the Guadalupe Mtns Natl Park). Looking at the gas gauge, we had 1/8 of a tank left, and 57 miles to Van Horn. We were hopeful, then fearful, then sweatin' it as the needle plummeted FAR below "E" and I saw a light about 5 miles off in the distance, and just kept thanking god for every single yard the car kept going, that we would not have to walk, to get some gas. I began to wonder how we could sleep in the car, thankful we had plenty of food and water, but realizing that it was unlikely that anyone would be by in the morning.
We made it to Van Horn. 'Nuff said. Then, Interstate to Fort Stockton, resisting the urge to fill up the tank at every single opportunity. Yay! Fort Stockton! We stop at the large-chain-hotel-whose-name-I-can't-remember, and it's full. Hm. So is the other one, and the other one, and it's 3 am. I start to quietly panic. I am NOT sleeping in this car after such a hairy night. Why the hell would Fort Stockton be so full? Simply, it's location, on an Interstate with NOTHING for miles in any direction. A great travel stop, just like for us. We finally got the LAST room at this seedy motel, their "Honeymoon Suite", a king bed with red sheets. Niiiice. The girls and I snuggle up and I am so grateful to have a bed.

The second night was the polar opposite: we arrived at 1.30 am, to a fantastic hotel in Saltillo (in Mexico) after a worrisome border crossing that actually went smooth as buttah. I was nervous because I basically am smuggling this car into Mexico, or rather, one is only allowed one car and I was trying to dupe them into not realizing I already have one down here by getting a new passport, and it worked like a charm. The hotel had a pool which was fun the next day and a fabulous breakfast buffet, and two beds, and all that for less expensive that Seedy Honeymoon Suite.

Arriving home, Viet has been like a man reborn, he had the house all cleaned and food cooked, balloons everywhere and roses for me. Might be par for the course for your partners, ladies, but it ain't for this boy. So like, wow. And he's been super lovey and supportive, so it's fun to be on this upswing of our little relationship cycle.

I have the bellydance festival coming up and I've been working my arse off for it, crazy crazy busy but excited. So time online is precious.

And I am so happy to be back with my maymamas!
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i got that pit of the stomach 'going to run out of gas' feeling just reading that. and then the sweet relief that you made it. oh mah gawd!! what an insane journey! we were lost one time on forest roads out in the middle of b.f.e. outside medford somewhere with an eighth of a tank. no one would have happened by until the helicopters came i swear

i'm glad you got the car though it'll be nice.
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i feel like i've been MIA here but maybe not... hmmm... maybe just not feeling like posting much, i guess...

glad that you are back safely in san miguel land, els. and maybe with a "nicer" sort of viet for at least a little bit is nice. i got the almost out of gas feeling in the pit of my stomach, too, while reading the story. yipes!

busy weekend coming. birthday party for just turned three year old two days ago tomorrow afternoon, then a mother blessing for a good friend of mine that moved an hour south last fall after stefan was born and is having her second sometime soon. a little girl this time. planning a birth center vbac after a homebirth attempt gone too long. very hopeful for her... and also worried... and hopeful... but she is sooooooo excited about the mother blessing and i am too. she needs to be surrounded by some love and encouragement right now.

everyone except me got to fall asleep on the couch earlier tonight. little one while nursing, bigger one just collapsed in daddy's arms after a long, long day. and of course the biggest one starts snoring as soon as he gets horizontal. : wish i could do that... grrrr...

need chocolate...

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Oh, it's good to be back and be a no-panties poster. I am still in jammies, sittin on my ball at the computer.
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elsanne, so glad you're back. And so so so glad you made it with what sounds like more than a little grace. I was on the edge of my seat with the low gas story - those desert highways are so freakin' deserted... So glad you made it and so glad you found your way! That could have sucked so very much. I'm glad your dad was with you. And glad to hear Viet has stepped it up a bit

I'm quite the domestic goddess today. Playroom is almost clean (you'd have to have seen it to know what an amazingly huge undertaking that was), several loads of laundry have been washed and dried, many things have been sorted for next weekend's yard sale. Huge pot of beef stock simmering gently on the stove. Sent DH and Caitlyn to the store to decide on and purchase dinner. I told everyone that if we worked together to get some stuff done today, tomorrow could be all about family fun. Perhaps a trip to the zoo? Who knows.
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