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how about a vegan bagel?
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I think I would prefer to be a vegan tart. :
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
I think I would prefer to be a vegan tart. :

Oh! *covers mouth open like an O*
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I think if I were vegan, I wouldn't have a muffin top.
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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
I think if I were vegan, I wouldn't have a muffin top.
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My contribution to this silliness is that one of my nicknames for Z right now is Muffin Muffin. : (Silly, I know, but I don't know if I've ever shared that my shorthand for "kid" in this house is "Otis"--as in, "What are you Otises doing?"--and being a muffin is probably better than being an Otis.)
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Ah, there's nothin like checkin in with my May Mamas to give me a smile as I head off to bed.

I am very impressed with your ability to get stuff done, Heather. I can barely swing grocery shopping once a week. I have never in my mama life gone to three grocery stores in one day. I've done two therapy appts in one day, but never on a day that I ALSO went to the grocery store. AND you're hugely preggers.

oooooooo TC- count me in for a PDX/MMF hang-out at the beach! Only not for a bit- we're heading off to the beach Friday for our big get-together with my friend from Cali. Must recover from that first. Your beach trips sounds like it was devine.

Renae- I'm right there with ya in the parenting of a drama-queen boy.

KK- that mama does seem pretty out of it. Is this her first kiddo in preschool? Hopefully she'll get the idea that she needs to pay attention, and will bloom into at least semi-with-it-ness.

Off to bedy-bye- tomorrow is L's first day of preschool w/ the new teacher in the new building (but a few of the same kids). :
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add me to the club of mama to drama queen boy. isaac always has been and continues to be difficult to parent. it seems to be sinking in more now that i am parenting a *very* different child. isaac is feisty and obstinate. i was warned that age 3 is very contrary and boy is that an understatement. he is also KILLING me with the 'mama mama mommy mommy mommy mommia mommia mommia' nonstop if i even attempt to talk to anyone else. there's some extra clinginess going on (i suppose the continued reaction to baby brother). i am trying to react with extra love and cuddles and a dose of patience but sometimes i feel : i want to clench my fists and scream SHUT UP if i hear mommy mommy mama one more time....but i don't

baby boy fell off the couch last night : no more couch time. he's 3 months old!!! wow. and probably 20 lbs. i moved him out of his bucket seat and into the roundabout yesterday. no more moving the sleeping babe into the house easily but i couldn't even move that thing easily with him in it anymore anyway. this was the 2nd night in a row of him sleeping from 9pm til 6:30am.

i am having fantasies about brand new tract houses. i think something has changed in my post-partum mind.....something that calls for brand spankin new and sooooooo many bathrooms and a closet i could do a cartwheel in. and a sewing room that isn't in an unheated basement with no plugs if you would have told me i'd be willing to leave hip portland and run to the burbs i'd say nevah! but something drastic has changed in my mind and we looked at model homes yesterday (of course doug is all over this plan). so now i have model home fever. i'm sure the finances don't quite pencil out but there's a subdivision ON the clackamas river i dig (hiking trails and fishing!). talk about great white flight. but doesn't happy valley sound....happy? i just don't know if i can get past the small yards and the homogeneous house thing. *le sigh* but they kind of got me with the travertine tile thing : doug is also on a giant campaign to get a boat.

cleaning the house is on my list of goals for today. well at least laundry and dishes. our cabin weekend was great, except for the ride home. it was relaxing and enjoyable but i would NOT recommend labor day weekend at that cabin. our trip in october was much nicer because the campground was closed and it was nice and quiet. there were boatloads of people up in that thar woods for the long weekend. we ate well and roasted lots of marshmallows

claudia - i'd love to visit the beach house too! your weekend sounded great i'd get the internets too.

there is lots of 'first day of school' talk on the news and it makes me realize just how soon we will be dealing with that. i know we are not going to homeschool so we will have to figure out what we are going to do. waldorf school? military school? public school? catholic school? yipes.

i got up early this morning to have some "me" time with my cup o coffee. it feels good
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You guys all rule the roost, I swear.
I am having the funkiest of funks today, so I will just stop there. I need to get my priorities together. My shiznit, if you will.
Reading everyone's posts this morning totally helped though.
Hope you all are having a good day! I am watching my friend's DS along with Rowan, have been since 7:30 this morning. Which means, I had to get us out the door at a time when I am normally sitting at my own computer in my jammies, sipping coffee and wondering when Rowan will be waking up!

Long day indeed.

But the kiddos need lunch now so I gotta go. Good luck to all the preschooling mamas! And the mamas with tons of stuff to do...wait, that's ALL of us!
So anyway, have a wonderful day.

I agree, btw! I wanna be a vegan tart too! :

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Re drama-queenness: Z is not really that type (more the "deliberately manipulative cuteness" type, if you know what I mean ), but I figure that The Powers That Be thought I needed a break after T. (I'll keep saying it: T was a handful at the 2-3 age, and he's generally pretty darned sweet and loveable now, so there's hope!) I actually think of 3 yr olds more as cavemen/cavewomen, though.

My friend's memorial is this afternoon. I am a semi-basket case. My mom is arriving soon to help with the kids. (She's been very supportive... dh, not so much

Re that preschool mama: I dunno how she's going to help the kids with their art projects on her co-op days. She might chip a toenail or put a crease in her skirt or something. Maybe I'm just jealous that she's ever so much more "put together" than I will ever be. (But hey! I pay attention in meetings! That's gotta count for *something*.)
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kk: sending your friend's family and friends (and especially YOU!) lots of love and peace today...

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Am I the morning goddess?? If I am... : : :

Good Morning MMF!

I haven't really checked in for awhile. We've been so swamped and had some friends over from out of town. Still waiting on car news... the repo we had from 5 years ago (pre-parent/responsible days) is still really affecting things.

We took the kids to the beach this weekend and they had a blast. I was really grossed out by the parenting of whoever this poor kids parents were at the beach. He looked around Dom's age and he was left ALONE. After awhile he just whipped down his pants and peed. (which honestly, was not a biggie to me... ) but it was the next part that set me off. He picked up a bird feather and stuck it in his mouth and sucked on it and licked it. :Puke

We also took the kids and our friends to a corn maze with us. It was actually pretty fun. I've never done one before. Dominic really liked it.

I have a student scheduled for our next childbirth class series, finally! And when I ordered their books on Amazon I saved enough in prices that I was able to order an extra book for myself. "The Attachment Parenting Book" by Dr. Sears. I've been doing that as often as possible to build up my lending library. I've been picking books that don't LOOK too far one sided so that my students will be able to educate themselves without me pushing anything on them. My next goal is a bunch of books on circumcision (well.. no circ is probably more correctly put).

Loving you all- missing you all! Hope all is going well!
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Darn! Missed my morning goddessness!
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C's brief little preschool orientation thingy was this morning and she nearly cried because she didn't want to leave! I promised she could stay longer on Friday. KK--she'd have no use for that ease into coop-preschool routine!

Ragweed is kicking my butt err nose and there's so like NOTHING I can do about it. Yay.

KK---keeping L and her family/friends and you of course in my thoughts this afternoon!

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meg: just wondering today how you are doing... almost called you, but then both boys fell asleep in the car and i didn't want to risk waking them with my yammering on, but i wanted to, i really, really did.

hey, wasn't agrace supposed to have/have had her new babe by now? wondering how she's doing...

sorry about the ragweed issues, heath. blech.

can't believe my little babe is gonna be one in like, um, 11 days. sheesh.

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Thinking of you today, KK. s

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. All is well here, just hectic. Maybe more tomorrow.

I did want to share a little conversation Alison had with Eleanor earlier today:

Eleanor: I have a Mommy and a Mama, no, I have a Mommy and a Daddy.
Alison: I don't think so. Who is Daddy? Am I Daddy?
Eleanor: Yes.
Alison: No, I am actually a Mommy. See, I am nursing Annabel and daddies don't nurse.
Eleanor: Then Mama's a boy. Mama can be the daddy.
Alison: But she nursed you, she's a mama.
Eleanor: Then we should get rid of her and go get a daddy.
Me: What!#@?
Eleanor: Well, maybe we could have a Mommy, a Mama, and a Daddy?
Alison: Well, some families are like that but not our family.
Eleanor: Yeah, our family is weird.


Clearly we will be talking more about this, but for now it totally cracks me up!
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Lisa, "get rid of her" made me It's so funny how their minds work. We've had some really fun conversations with Allison lately as well.

Must go pack lunches and get the crew off to their respective destinations before work.
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Eleanor: Then we should get rid of her and go get a daddy.
Me: What!#@?
Eleanor: Well, maybe we could have a Mommy, a Mama, and a Daddy?
Alison: Well, some families are like that but not our family.
Eleanor: Yeah, our family is weird.
Okay, so that part of the conversation made me
Heehee! And actually, I KNOW a family who, once they have kids (if they do, I think my friend wants to someday--right now she's training to become a doula ), will be a Mama, Daddy, and another Mama. Possibly a few more mamas and daddies thrown into the mix for good measure as well!
And what's even crazier, is that I think they could totally pull it off! I can barely handle the ONE partner I got.
So anyway, yeah.

This week is hectic, but in a fun way as well as a stressful way. Last night I went into Boston to see The Dear and Departed (the only connection they have to AFI is that they're all friends! So I totally got inside information on my other favorite bands! ) and dude, I totally hung out with the band afterwards. Made me feel young again...and then I felt old when I found out the girl selling their t-shirts was *19*.
I went home soon after. Heh.

How funny that you talk about the whole "Mama mamamamamama mommymommy momma momma momma MAMA!!!!" phenomenon and hey, as soon as I sit down to type this, Rowan starts yelling from the other room!
To be fair, Sesame Street went all wonky (the hazards of using rabbit-ears for reception!) so I had to go fix it. But then I had to give hugs & kisses, and then he had to hang onto my arm for another 10 min....*sigh*
And of course, it escalates when, like you said, I even attempt to talk to anyone else, via phone or in person. *sigh*
And I don't even have the new baby reason! So WTF???
Hahaha. I know, he's 3 and basically a little beast. : : But DUDE.

Danile, we're ALL goddesses! My own Morning Goddess-hood slipped off a while ago, though.
KK, many s and much love. To all who need it in your neck of the woods.

Heather, my eyes are practically falling out of my head with the allergies. I *can* do something, I guess, but that something really doesn't work. : I feel ya, mama.

Alrighty, since this is pretty much the only morning I get this week where I have some "free time" at home, I ought to vaccuum and like, maybe clean the house a little bit. Julio is at the groomers, because he covered himself in poop yesterday--okay, it wasn't THAT bad but to me, the person who had to grab him and clean all the poop stuck to his bum and pretty mcuh give him a bath while trimming off all the matted hair on his a$$ that caused the mess, :Puke It was HORRIBLE. A friend mentioned that perhaps a poopy cat was better than a poopy kid, and I was like "HECK NO!!!" (but not so much with the "heck") I would rather deal with a year of poopy kid dipes than a day of a poopy cat. Ugh ugh ugh. I can barely think about it without wanting to retch. Horror. So the cat is getting his little butt shaved this morning. *sigh*

I have to find some time to get the car's oil changed this morning, pick up the cat later this afternoon, and then watch my friend's child tonight.
But tomorrow after DH comes home I drive into NYC to see Blaqk Audio and to see some old high school friends! That will be fun.
And I believe apple-picking with some friends and their kids is in our future this weekend. Yay!

Have a great day mamas. I am off to call DH to find out when I can pick up the cat.
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that's a cute convo lisa isaac has twins in his class with a mama and a mommy. and he keeps telling me their daddy died. that he was oooollllld. and i keep thinking 'hmm' how to respond? i tell him i don't think their daddy died because they have 2 mommies instead of a mommy and a daddy. then i ask if the kids told him their daddy died and he says yes. so i wonder what i should be telling him versus what they are telling him. (???) obviously i don't necessarily believe they are going around saying their daddy died. isaac also used to have triplets in his class with 2 moms but they are gone now. i kept trying to figure out how they could afford daycare for 3 kiddos plus their older brother. i mean they had to be spending 3 grand a month like what job would make that cost effective? (the things i concern myself with eh?) so i think daycare was a sanity break for them

another blissful night of ebin sleeping from 10 til 7. i'm just revelling in this because i feel it can't possibly last. isaac is back to not wanting to go to bed at night and staying up til 10:30 every night and sleeping in our bed. he luckily is not as squirmy as he used to be.

i have house lust for a new (old) house.mod love

out of our price range of course. doug found an awesome house in forest grove. we could be almost-neighbors with claudia!

renae - i'm glad you're getting to go to lots of shows to get you out of your post vacation slump. you had some serious fun this summer so the slump is totally par for the course i'm sure (it would be for me).

i need to do some work today (besides laundry). i'm finding the work from home thing is hard to concentrate!!! it's so easy to procrastinate and do other things (plus the interruption factor).
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