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Oh mamas... gueeesss whattt???!!!!:
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You're pregnant? (just kidding, of course you are)

You got the car?
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Renae, I LOVE it! It's so cute! very funny. Based on the real adventures of Julio?

Danile, there you go tantalizing us again, for a fun infusion of NRG into the thread. I bet you are a fun mama to have.

Last day in Mexico. I am totally recovering, yesterday was INSANE. Can I tell you about it? It was great, but wow.
8 am--wakeys, poopy diapers, play, listen to cri-cri, get children dressed and self.
9 am--off to Office Supply store for blank discs for peddling music at workshop later. Also, no food in house.
10 am--At the market at a food stand, with both girls, eating yummy Mexican food. Amazed at success without chaos.
11am--Back home, frenetically making discs and welcome binder for big house (Tierra Adentro). Amara starting to need nap so put her in the car for playtime (other people have playpens, I have a car). Got me a good half hour out of that.
12am--Drop off girls at babysitter (prepared their bag and my workshop and performance bags the previous night, after staying up finishing my new kickash belt, go me).
12.30--Show Tierra Adentro to very important event organizer I had been trying to get for months.
1.15pm--Late for takeoff to Queretaro for workshop. Flying in car.
~2 pm REALLY wishing someone else was driving so I could apply makeup and fancy hair doodads. Need to do this so that post-workshop I can fly back to San Miguel for show without having to get ready.
2.30pm--Feverish arrival with organizer, who decides to take me to the new Starbucks (a novelty) for a coffee pre-show. Novelty proves huge to Queretaro people and there is a line a million miles long, and now it's almost crunch-time. Amazingly, right in front of me in line is a girl who is taking my workshop and took it the last time too, so we recognized one another, and I ask her if she wouldn't mind bringing it to me. She does. Coffee is like, way too important to me. Scary.
3.45pm Lugging computer into workshop space to continue burning discs
4-7pm Fun, fun, successful, wonderful workshop spreadin' the Tribal Luuuurve.
7.05pm--Need to go. Now.
7.20pm--gah! Must go, people asking questions, organizer not organized to pay me.
7.45pm--Very late departure to San Miguel. Flying in car.
9pm--Arrival at fun party. No time to kiss cheeks, just dance, mutha. So I do. Have you seen "eat" in this lineup, since 10 am? No, you have not.
I have a blast because I've got my best attitude on about the whole thing. I mean, complain about a hectic lifestyle of dancing? Not me!
9.30pm--Eat. Aaaaaah. Amazing, excellent Middle Eastern fare that makes me salivate rethinking about it.
10pm--More dance.
10.30pm--More dance.
11pm--bit more dance.
12am--Time to go. But, must get portrait done because we invited a photog especially to this gig for professional photos. Feel strange about (enough makeup? ugh. Is my face strange? Is my belly bloated? the other girls are so thin and beautiful) modeling.
1 am--Pick up girls at wonderful wife's house. Transfer is only kind of difficult.
2 am--cannot sleep, on computer responding to rental inquiries. gah.
2.10 am--Take hot shower. Yaaaay. I was kind of sweaty nasty.
2.30 am--Join my cute chunkabundles in bed.

They slept in until 8.30 so that works for me. Now, pack pack pack, plan plan plan, and wish me luck on tomorrow morning's 5 am takeoff.
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Danile – The car? I love how you keep us guessing. Good luck and test taking vibes to your husband, by the way. I hope the very best possible thing happens and the trip is a success.

Renae – The comic is so cute. I admit that I thought of Julio as a particularly masculine cat (kind of a buff looking alley cat) so this whole beret/bandana thing has me totally taking his side. Bite ‘em, Julio if the beret is even remotely raspberry in color.

Hi, BFM. Welcome to our little corner of MDC. We are the most lovable of MDC people.

Heather – I canNOT believe that you are nearly a mom of three!!!

KK- I am so glad the OT laughed at the NP’s comment. I know we all thought she was cracked, but always nice to get feedback from a respectable professional.

Sherri – I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are doing. How amazing that you have a kindergartener! It makes me think about how much time we have spent together over the years. Oops, getting all MMF nostalgic. BTW, we have a porch at our new house to decorate and I wonder if you have tips? It was you with the decked deck, wasn’t it? I want the most harvesty house on the block. I am picturing homemade scarecrows on the porch swing, hay bales, leaf garlands, pumpkins galore, etc. Ideas, comments, BTDT??? I have a very limited budget and a very un-Autumn climate (i.e. I am considering asking my Vermont friends to send me a package of fall leaves because they don’t fall here so much as drop in a brown heap in December. My dad sent me leaves when I was in college after I told him I missed the leaves changing. Fall leaves are very important to me).

Elsanne – wow! What a day. As someone who has difficultly with transitions (of all kinds - from life phase to life phase, from day to day, place to place – I like change but find the in between stage painful), I can’t believe that you have the ability to wear that many different hats in a day so successfully and in such quick succession. How did the house tour for the event manager go? It is such a beautiful house that I can only imagine the possibilities for someone like that.

We have procured a lion costume for E for Halloween. She has been saying for MONTHS that she wants to be a lion. We had planned on making a costume for her but someone posted in our local used children’s items list that they had a 4T/5T lion suit for sale for $5. We picked it up last night and I have never, ever seen someone as over the moon and cute as can be as E in it. I will try to update YG pix, but I am notoriously bad at that. What will your children be this year? I think that Annie will be wearing E’s ladybug costume from her first Halloween.

Annie is very small. Like 7 months and less than 14 pounds or >5th percentile on the breastfed babies chart. Her curve is fairly consistent, although perhaps downward trending a bit. She loves eating solids, but Alison is having trouble with pumping. We are a little worried about her supply and quite frankly I think Alison has a low-level infection of sorts. It is so frustrating to feel like things are a little bit off, but not horribly so, thus there is nothing to “do”. I am waiting and watching anxiously hoping Annie gains weight and Alison’s supply boosts again soon.
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Elsanne. You are insane.

Lisa - I'm sorry to hear about your worries with A. It must be so hard to be in your position. I really hope things improve soon and your mind is put at ease.

Lily is going to be a lion for Halloween, too! She requested it especially. We found a cute little lion vest with hood+ears and tail attached at a yard sale for $1. Perfect! Now all I have to find is some brownish/yellowish tights or pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

Sherri - Wow, kindergarten! I'm so glad she likes it.

Renae - you and your DH are funneh.

So DH broke the water main last night when he was digging in the basement. Hello, plumbing bill. Not that bad, actually, but now we have a temporary line over the sidewalk into our house so have to get that redone soon - and that bill will be bigger. But the good news is that the digging for the basement is coming along nicely; DH is pouring footings today.

We bought a truck the other day - big ol' work truck, diesel (biodiesel!). We like it.

I need to go to the grocery store but Lily doesn't want to get dressed. I hate to push her on the weekends, when she is having such a good time. She has been playing by herself in the living room for like, oh, 2 hours. Hope I didn't just jinx it.

OK, iced coffee is calling my name.

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Els---holy cannoli what a day!! But there was a starbucks coffee in there at least! phew!! hope all goes well w/ the car and the drives and the girlies stateside!

danile---oooh...spill it!!

lisa--sorry for the worry/concern w/ the pumping, weight etc. could it be partly cycle related? when pumping for E there was really a 10-14 day period where supply was affected.

sarah---eek on the main!! I would love to borrow DH for some handy stuff....or ship mine out there to learn a thing or two! cool on the biodiesel truck!

renae---I giggled...I love cat humor!

okay....someone tell fall that it can arrive already. the cankles look is not so stylin' in flip flops in case your wondering!

lazy weekend continues...
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Danile, I am DYING!! Way to keep us on the edges of our seats!!
I am SO glad you all are at least slightly amused by our Monsieur! Lisa, how funny that you see Julio as being all buff...he is SUCH a pansy! I say it with SO MUCH LOVE, but man, my cat is a wussy wuss wuss!
He deserves a bandana, and a beret! Heeheehee. Seriously though, he does in fact have a pink rhinestone collar as well, when the bandana eventually gets lost and we don't take him to the groomer more often tha once every 3 or 4 months. : I know, I torture my cat.
But yes! His adventures will be (LOOSELY!) based on the real life of Julio!
We're having SO much fun with it, and we've got at least 100 different ideas for the strip! We're hoping to *maybe* someday even make a little $$ from it, with t-shirts or little books or what have you. But really, it's all about just having fun with it! And DH and I are working on it together, which is always great for us.

In other news, I rule, as there is a FRESH apple pie currently baking in my oven this afternoon! We went apple picking yesterday afternoon so I had 10 pounds of apples, and when I mentioned the POSSIBILITY of making a pie, Rowan was ALL OVER IT! He talked about it last night, then this morning at church, then finally he got to help me prepare the filling for the pie. Good times. When it's done I have to put it out to cool and then go out to the grocery store for vanilla ice cream (no vegan soy stuff this time; reason #3, after all, that Renae is not vegan? Sometimes, Ice Cream is NECESSARY. ) and I have to also run to the art store for a frame for the concert poster I got in NYC Friday.

Elsanne, I am sending you rockin' travel vibes! I know you rule in all ways though.

Well, I am going to go see if a clip I uploaded onto YouTube worked (a teeny bit of the show I recorded!)

Have a great rest of the weekend, mamas!
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Renae---I'll take my slice o' pie warm, with a nice non-vegan hunk o' cheddar cheese please!
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Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Annie is very small. Like 7 months and less than 14 pounds or >5th percentile on the breastfed babies chart. Her curve is fairly consistent, although perhaps downward trending a bit.
First, for my friends before I answer. Dominic was exclusively breastfed and he weighed 17 pounds at 1 year old. He was fourteen pounds for a couple of months. I wouldn't be so concerned about it if that's the percentiles she's generally stayed around since birth. I had ample supply of milk, some babies just don't chunk up like other babies. (Or in our case, like our second baby did. ) So I guess all I'm trying to say is don't get too hyped out about weight if she's wetting diapers and pooing and has lots of energy during her awake times. And *hugs* because as amazing as BF'ing is... it leaves much more room for us to worry about not just the quality/quantity of our parenting- but our milk and source of sustenance for our kids. You guys are doing good, I'm sure.

Els- Holy Moly! You and I could definitely hang together. My life is as crazy at moments, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's stuff that I'm passionate about and enjoy. And it sounds like you deserve your moment to revel in your superwoman-liness.

It's so cute about all the lions- Isaac was a lion all year last year during football season at our local High School. My brother plays Varsity there and I grew up here (lots of sports pride in this town) and the team is the "Lynden Lions". So he went as a happy/sometimes angry/sometimes unhappy lion to most of the games. It was very cute. Too bad it's too small for Halloween.

The Julio thing is cracking me up!

And yes.. sorry for the suspense but I was busy getting DH off to the airport to be gone for two weeks. : It was a whole fiasco in itself. The man drives me NUTS sometimes... but I'm REALLY REALLY going to miss him horribly. I don't think we've been apart this long in four years!

Oh.. and WE GOT A CAR! We couldn't get that one.. I'll update the whole story later. But long story short all the drama and one stop at a place in Everett took an hour to get us financed and off the lot. : We got a 2002 Ford Expedition. It's White and Eddie Bauer edition. I'm SO IN LOVE! Dominic fell in love to.. and you know what I like- HE CAN'T REACH TO KICK OUR SEATS! I'll update and maybe post pics later.

ANyhow... gonna go now.
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For some reason, I have been afraid that MCSB would have some kind of a plumbing catastrophe (perhaps because her house reminds me of our cute old house in Berkeley and similar disasters? : ). Ug, I feel for you, but glad the basement project is coming along.

When iced coffee calls you, does it use your full name? A title? A nickname?

Lisa, ug for Alison. Can she get some rest, rest, REST? Fenugreek has always been my supply friend (along with oatmeal, water, and REST).
When you say infection, you don't mean mastitis, do you? So sorry about the concerns (believe me, I understand a little too well). I cannot *believe* your Annie is 7 mos. old, though. :

Els, you really amaze me. Y'know, I think when you look *back* on all this, you will be amazed, too, at your amazingness. It's when you're in the process of doing it and it feels very seat of the pants that can be so unnerving. But really, you're AMAZING.

I am very amused by M. Chat/Julio. If I am allowed, I will forward the link to my BF, whose kitty must be a long lost twin of Julio.

I really should be doing something (laundry? scrubbing toilets?) but here I am...
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I have done both laundry and toilet scrubbing today. Also made a lovely dinner with fresh tomatoes from our garden and sweet italian chicken sausage. YUM! Almost vegan-nun-approved, eh??

Iced coffee calls me "Sugar," and employs a fetching, come-hither voice.

And the water main isn't really a catastrophe. We knew it would have to be redone soon anyway, and what's an extra $300 and a cool plastic hose across your front walk? : At least we were only without water for about 3 hours. : Lily even got her bath last night!

Danile- Yay for a vehicle! Sounds great.

Renae - I want a slice. ITA with the real moo-cow ice cream. Apple pie a la mode always reminds me of my dad, who is its biggest fan.

OK, must go find the DH before the dinner gets cold. Harrumph.
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sarah--dinner sounds yummy! I love chicken sausage w/ spinach, tomatoes, onions and loads of feta. The girls just like the feta!

danile---cool on the car!!!!

okay....need to stop procrastinating and get back to cleaning/sorting/decluttering!
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spooky.... as i'm sitting here reading about apple pie, mia is chanting "love the apple pie... love the apple pie...." and feeding jett imaginary apple pie from play kitchen dishes. serendipitous.

okay, now they are fighting. gotta go.
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too late... need to go to sleep, but grumpy at bill. really despise when he gets all reactionary/defensive whenever i ask him to do something around the house or point out something that he didn't complete or whatever. it's like, hmmm, you just asked me to help you out by doing that thing and for some reason, i don't like when you ask me to do something, nevermind that i would never notice and do it of my own accord under my own initiative, but you asked me, so now i will point out in a passive-aggressive way some other thing that i asked you to do that you didn't or maybe some annoying habit you have so then i will feel better but you will feel crappy, yes, that's what i'll do. grrrrr...

and i particularly hate when he does that after as lovely a day as we had at the beach. our friends from portland were out at the coast yesterday for a wedding and stopped by and spent the afternoon and dinner with us and it was just really nice.

until we got home.


i guess this the angry season of my partner relationship...

the lion season?

lots of easy traveling vibes for els and clan... i will ask my angel of my grandma who was the traveling queen to watch over you and get you through all airport things speedily and with all your luggage and carseats safely... more

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TC, , my DH suffers from that very affliction. Somehow he has it in his program that if I ask him to do something, I'm actually asking him why he didn't think of it himself and do it before now... the defensiveness is tough to deal with. I end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get him to think of it himself (because then he'll do it no problem) but it's enough to make a person : and I just don't like doing it - I'm a pretty straightforward communicator (I like to believe, anyway). You'd think after 14 years of saying, "No, honey, I really mean exactly what I said and not 23 other things you're reading into it" it would sink in, but apparently, not so much.

Apple pie - I was picking up the girls from preschool the other day, and as we were walking out, I asked Allison what she wanted to do when we got home. Without pause, she responded "Bake an apple pie!", like we do this every day Another mama with a three-ish year old was walking out at the same time, and looked at me bewildered-like and asked, "You can bake pie on a weeknight??" I said, "Actually, we've NEVER baked an apple pie at home, but she's got some good ideas."

Yay on the car, Danile!

Thinking sweet, easy travel thoughts for Elsanne.
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Juice---I had to LOL as I have to say the same exact thing ad nauseum about ---yes, I really did mean what I said---

*hugs* Claudia!

okay...off to get kiddo #1 from school!
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
: Welcome BFM! I am still nursing Sol despite my desires not to be, and I too have a 14 mo old! We only nurse in the morning upon wakeys and at night for sleepies. I cannot abide much more. My lil'est was born July 5, just a few days after your littlest.
Oh cool, another tandem mama IRL I feel like the only one - unless I'm at an LLL meeting or something, people look at me like I'm NUTS for nursing a 3 y.o. or worse, when I have a 3 y.o. on one side and a 14 m.o. on the other (I say - that's why God gave us two boobs! ) I have mixed feelings about it - usually I love nursing them both, but sometimes I think I'm ready for her to wean. I would also love to get pg again and I haven't gotten PPAF yet, so I wish she'd back off a bit. But we'll see what happens. She is just more of a "baby" personality I think, she isn't ready to potty train or wean or do a lot of the things my DD1 seemed ready for her age, she likes to cuddle more and isn't as independent yet so I try to respect that....

And wow, what a schedule you had there - and I thought I had busy days!

Originally Posted by Sarah'sMama View Post
Welcome to BFM!
Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post
And welcome, BundleFishMama!
Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Hi, BFM. Welcome to our little corner of MDC. We are the most lovable of MDC people.
Thanks for the welcome everyone!
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Lisa, my usual formula for decorating my porch consists of this: Corn stalks fastened to pillars on either side of the steps. A group of potted fall mums clustered on both sides of top step. Then I usually get six pumpkins, two small, two medium, and two large. On both sides of the steps I put three pumpkins, graduating in size as the steps get higher. Then I like to put a fall wreath or some sort of hanging on my door. That's about it. I've been following this recipe with much success per Elsanne for about three years now. I'm flattered you thought of me. : I am sorry you're in a worrisome place in regards to A's weight right now.

Katie starts preschool tomorrow. Well, it's a transition day. I go with her, and it lasts 1.5 hours as opposed to the usual 2.5. We;re together part of the time, then they try to transition the kids into the classrom with their teacher while parents go over paperwork stuff. Then Thursday is a normal day. I really love this preschool. It's not a co-op in the official sense, but there is a parent helper every day, who helps in the classroom and brings in a snack and drink. Katie's very excited, although I am not sure if she knows what to expect, y'know? But it's the same school Sarah went to last year, and she loved playing there and all, so it's reassuring that it is a very familiar environment. For some reason, I'm not all emotional (yet) about the impending preschool start.

Alright, best get moving, have a few errands to run today.

Safe travels today Els!
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els - you're i wild mama. the no food thing would have had me at the cranky biza' stage and happy trails to ya!

monsieur chat is cute

sherri - congrats on the kindergartner! and i hope K loves preschool tomorrow.

i don't think i've made an apple pie in yearZ. but i did make black bottom coconut bars yesterday. we are *insanely* broke right now. like 2 missed paychecks and i quit my job broke. so i am getting inventive with what ingredients i have on hand. we are also cleaning out our freezer which was luckily stocked to the gills. just about every meal also involves tomatoes because we have a ton and our neighbor gave me a LOAD yesterday. good juicy romas and tons of cherry tomatoes. i think i'll make some sauce. i'm just trying to get past the fact that he built his veggie bed out of pressure treated wood :Puke mmm arsenic sauce

my new house fever has mostly passed. so have my expectations for getting all our projects done before the rainy season i'm just lobbying for back stairs. the patio and pathways are probably going to wait until next spring. i'm going to do my bit to help by digging and relocating dirt this morning to fill in the trench around the house. and i better get out there before it hits 95 today. hot hot sweaty sweaty. i'm hoping ebin will take a little nappy poo.

more laundry and toilet scrubbing needs to happen here too. i started sewing myself an apron yesterday to help with my domesticity

the swing is not working..........
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Little ol' me as Morning Goddess?

Good morning everybuggy!
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