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RECYCLING: Anybody going to GenCon?

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Ever been to a big event where everyone's drinking from bottles and cans but there are no recycling bins? Yeah, me too. In particular, I go to game conventions w/friends who run a game company, and we all got pretty frustrated by collecting up little bags of recyclables in our hotel rooms only to have them thrown away by the cleaning staff. So, we started offering a recycling bin to the public in our booth, and two years ago I started running a convention-wide recycling program on a volunteer basis at the Origins convention. You can read all about it here!

It's been so popular that I've now been convinced, at the last minute, to do recycling for GenCon as well. It's in Indianapolis next weekend. I'm very enthusiastic--I love doing this--and excited about the new venue, but I'm also a bit overwhelmed: It's a HUGE convention, I won't have as much help as I did at Origins (because Looney Labs doesn't run a game room at GenCon, just a sales booth, they don't draw as many volunteers), and while I'm better organized than ever before I have a slight fear that I will just get way more bottles and cans than I can deal with!

So, my question is: Are any of you natural-living mamas or your relatives or friends planning to attend GenCon? If so, would you be interested in lending a hand to the recycling effort? Just an hour or so would be great. It's easy work and a lot of fun, if you don't mind getting a little sticky. Just stop by the Looney Labs booth #1508 to volunteer. The Earth and I will thank you!!
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My dh is going! And about half the people I work with! ACK! (I work at a comic/game store) I will ask them about if they want to help but they have had reservations for several months now and have filled up a lot of their time already by signing up for games.

I am not going this time around (which sucks I would have loved to have met you EnviroBecca!) I didn't really think there would be much for a 2 year old to do and I can chase her at home easier than I could at GenCon.

(yeah I know it is sad he is going without me, poor me) I am hoping eventually when dd is a little older I will be able to go..
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DH says maybe he can help on Sunday. But he can't promise at this moment as he will have other people with him. I can try bullying them but it doesn't work as well long distance...heh
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Thanks, Abimommy! Actually, Sunday esp. in the afternoon is the time when I anticipate needing the most help, because I'll be collecting from all the bins at once as the con winds down.

Even if your gang can't help process recyclables, just letting them know there will be recycling bins will up the odds that they look for and use them, so thank you!
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I will do some more arm pulling. If you see a bunch of goofy looking guys with goatees and moustaches looking lost by your booth on Sunday thats probably them...course thats probably everyone at the Con..heh

They said something about wanting to watch the L5R tournament but how long can you really watch people play carsds??
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Dh says he is sorry he couldn't help you. But all the guys are way impressed you know the loony labs people. The shop I work at carries some of their games. A lot of the guys really like Flux.
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