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could dehydration cause spotting?

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my m/s has seriousl caused me to stop drinking any liquids the last couple of days i have very faint light brown spotting..could my dehydration cause that?

eta. im not too worried b/s i spoted A LOT while preggo with dd but i just don't rememebr it being this OFTEN.
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I don't KNOW the answer but it seems reasonable to conclude that. Is there ANYTHING you can drink? I know when I am feeling crappy I CAN'T drink water, my drink of choice. But I also believe things like soda make you MORE dehydrated so I dunno what the answer is.
If you don't want to DRINK how about eating lots of water rich fruits, like oranges? Good luck & hope you're feeling better soon!
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thanks. maybe oranges..i'll have to try that. i dont knowwhy i cant drink
i wish the military wasnt so backwards with halthcare and i could just get an u/s :
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If you can't get anything down I say go to the ER and have them hook ya up with an IV. I felt soooooo bad with ds I gave in and went to the er and they gave me an IV and after I felt much better ... at least for a little bit. They might also check things out with the baby. If you are the least bit worried just go. They can't turn you away. Dehydration does cause m/c So please please please take care of your self.
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thank you. im orcing water into me right now and my pee is clear again. im going tosee how i feel tomorrow and see if the spotting continues.
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*hugs*....I hope it is nothing Mama..

Get drinking and keep us updated
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When I was spotting, my midwife made a big deal about keeping fluids up. I hope you feel better soon.
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well, my nurse and doc said if i can't keep down water, do coke classic and try to sneak in bits of water here and there. the other day I managed to keep down some grapes, which have a high water content and if you end up having to taste them again, they're not acidic like oranges so they don't burn your throat. another thing you can try is gatorade, last time i used to water it down and that helped, but this time the thought of it is enough to make me sick. good luck. I'm still spotting because i have a subchorionic hematoma and when I asked my nurse about it , like how long can it go on, she says until your body flushes it all out. so the other nurse i talked to said that the stress of vomiting all the time or even pushing for a BM can cause spotting, ANY stress like that can cause it she said. So we'll see. good luck to you and try to keep down what you can. think about foods that have high water contents to them, fruit, lettuce, celery, etc.
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I have read gatorade is the best thing to prevent dehydration from being sick.
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yipee!! see my u/s thread!!
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