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Originally posted by aolwife
I have talked with another person from the gym who said they are afraid of getting sued now!

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Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say do as much as you can about this issue, it would be so different if she would have come to you and appologized profusely, then gave you a drink of water and a nice 'please sit here on our comfy couch, you excellent mother' instead of writing that ILLEGAL letter!! Man I can't believe the nerve!

Can I post this info at Breastfeeding.com in case you do a sit-in and lots of other NY moms can make itA?? Breastfeeding.com is HUGE and I am sure LOTS of moms would be there to support you in a heart beat! I am way down here in SC so I can't make it, but boy if I could, I would!
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Of course! If it comes to a nurse-in I will pick a time a date for all of us to go. I should know by the end of this week. It is a Public restaurant so I can't imagine we wouldn't be allowed on the premise. Also it would be great publicity.
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Joy... If you actually might be building a lawsuit you need to be thinking of evidence. Write down and date exactly what happened at the first incident. Keep a copy of letters you sent and anything you recieve back. Grab a camera. A film camera, not digital. Take a photo of todays newspaper, so you can see the date and headline. Trot down to the club and take a picture of that sign. When you get the film developed tell them NOT TO CUT THE NEGATIVE. Keep a journal of anything that anyone who works there says to you regarding this.

Good luck. This stuff simply has to stop.
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That's some strange health department to endorse eating in a restroom. Some strange health club to endorse eating in a restroom.

And this twit expects you to have fed baby in a room that had been shut down for the day????

The pure hydrogen of this situation is mind-boggling.
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You should also ask for your money back from the membership. That is such bull crap!!
I am just waiting on edge for the day when some idiot says something nasty to me. I am lucky to get happy smiling people when they see me nurse. I don't understand how we are so discouraged from doing something that is so natural-oh, wait a minute, we are women...we should be seen and not heard..we are supposed to sit home and do nothing all day, unless otherwise directed to do so by a man: Sorry, annoyed at my fil.....uggh
Seriously, though. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Let them fry!!!
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Definitely take a picture of the sign!!!!!

This really burns my butt. I am seething. Idiots!
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Another idea!!!!!!

There is a New York State politician (congresswoman I think?) who has brought about the legislation protecting breastfeeding in that state. I think her name is Carolyn Mahoney or Maloney, not sure, I have seen her name in Mothering magazine.

You may want to contact her and see if she can help you with any info about NJ bf law. And you may want to contact your own congressional rep. Or contact whoever in NJ drafted THAT state's law.
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I posted over at breastfeeding.com to alert the other NY, NJ moms who might want to be a part of this and support you, I really think you have a very strong case to sue here, and should do it to make a BIG point of not harrassing other moms and babies!

If nothing else, you could sue to have a LC come in and teach EVERY employee of their club in lactation and how important it is to our babies, ourselves and our world.
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AOLMom: I am from bf.com (I'm gg over there). I live in NJ. PM me with info if you decide to have a nurse-in or if there's anything I can do. I WOH full-time but if I can help I will. This is totally ridiculous!
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I've been following this post since it was started. I usually just read things here, I've posted a handful of times. I actually am a regular at Breastfeeding.com. I'm sure you'd get a lot of support from the others over there. I think that you should post over there too!
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TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SIGN! It is definitely evidence.

The conclusion of this episode will prove to be quite sweet for BFing and quite sour for that health club. I hope you get on the news.

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Oh. My. Gosh.

I am so glad you are going to take action. Man, I wish I lived there so I could join you in a nurse-in or file your lawsuit for you! I hope LLL is able to put you in touch with a good lawyer.
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Wow, how'd this thread get past me?

aolwife say when for the nurse-in. As long as it's not on a Saturday ... count me in.

Man. Take pictures. And I second that about sit down right away and write out your most detailed recollection of the incident. Particularly the diaper-changing across the way that went unmentioned ... :

Where is Cliffside Park? Hmmm.

Has the local LLL been of any help?
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OMG! I was outraged to read of your first encounter only to come back and see that the health club has added insult to injury with that sign. Grrr.... I'm tempted to come from Minnesota to NJ to join you in a nurse in!

This kind of thing makes me so angry I can't even type!
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I am not too far Cliffside Park so let me know if you need me. I work part time but if it is a day I am off I will surely show up!!
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Am following this discussion with interest - question: where does one go to find text of laws pertaining to breastfeeding in your area? Am thinking it would be nice to have several copies tucked away in my purse when the time comes just to whip out in lieu of a snappy reply to any comments or "suggestions."
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The LLL website has a listing of breastfeeding-related laws for each state.
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Gotta Love Fridays

So this morning I received a letter from the gym. It basically said "sorry if you feel we did something wrong but we are a private facility so we can do whatever we want" (not those words exactly, but darn close)


I sent a yet another letter (certified in the mail) with a copy of the law to the gym and also to the board of health. I also physically went to the board of health to speak with the health officer. She was informed by the gym : that I was complaining but they have a right to tell me where to breastfeed. I had a copy of the law and explained to the officer that she had been told a lie (nevermind that it should be her responsibility to know the law).

I then proceeded to educate her about the situation and in the end she was ver upset and told me she was going over immediately to have them take down the sign.

On top of that, I received an email from the county saying that they called the palisadium and ordered them to remove the sign or they would be sent a summons.

Now here is the great part:

In CA a woman is dealing with the exact same thing and she has decided to file a lawsuit. I emailed her and she forwarded the message to her lawyer. The lawyer contacted me today offering her help. :LOL

I just can't wait to go back to the gym. I'm going in tomorrow to make sure the signs are down. I want my freakin apology, I want them to educate their staff and I want my money back - $800. Although I'm keeping my membership - gotta stay around to keep them in line

Thank you all for your support in this. I'm not sure a nurse-in is needed but who knows? They could decide to ignore the Board of Health too
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Oh, wow, did they ever blow it with their "designated area" IIRC, the federal gov't, which allows bfip explicitly, anywhere a mom is allowed to be on federal property, tried this once. BFIP was at first okay anywhere, *unless* a designated area was provided. I'm sure the nice people who wrote that proposal were thinking of a comfy lounge with running water, overstuffed chairs, etc. But some senator's daughter pointed out to him that a place could designate the janitor's closet!

Unfortunately, here in MO, the statute states that a woman can bfip anywhere she has a right to otherwise be, as long as she is "as discreet as possible." Well, wth does that mean? Under a tent? Happily, I have never been hassled by anyone personally.
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