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In a way, this is such good news. In another way, it shouldn't even be an issue .

You sound like it is all under control and your going to get your way (make em eat their words ). But...if you ever need a nurse in, I could use the drive and I am always up for a little healthy rebellion.

Good for you!

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Congrats. I still think you should get on the news for this. What those people did is wrong and I hope the Health people follow through and summons them if necessary.

Why I left NJ in a nutshell. It's the only place I ever really felt weird BFing in public.

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I suspect their biggest mistake was misrepresenting the law while invoking the Health Department to support their lie. State departments of whatever don't take kindly to that kind of nonsense.

Somewhere along the line the concept that "ignorance of the law is no excuse" came into being. As management it is their job to know the laws and to follow them.
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i'm on the edge of my seat!

please keep us updated!

and can you pass along the info about the CA mom? i'm in CA and i'd love to help if i can. i have a HUGE community of bfing moms that i am a part of out here in the central valley, CA. we've recently gotten all up in arms over a recent john rosemund anti-cosleeping article in our local paper that we are working to get this ass out of our paper.

anyhoo...i want to know what happens!

mommy to maeven, 2.5yrs
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I just heard about this...

on the news here! I am so happy that mamas are not taking this lying down! These people just pi$$ me off! They are supposed to be a place that promote health and they are just idiots....
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that's near me!

i'm only a few hours from elkgrove...but i guess this happened in laguna...anyway, how do you get in touch with the woman or attorney? the article didn't even have a journalist contact. i'd like to lend my support.

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She belongs to babycenter and you can email her through there. Just clik on her name when it is underlined at the top. (I don't really feel all that comfy giving her email out right here)

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AOL, you really got me going...

This is because of you AOL thanks for your fight!!! Please, I'm not trying to take over your thread...this happened a long time ago to me but you make me wish I had followed through. Good luck to you and if you need any help (not that I can do much) please ask!

I sent this e-mail to Americawest because you have made me want to join you in ending this shi!t! (Can I say that?)

Dear Customer Relations Representative,

Back in 2002 I issued a complaint about being told that I could not breastfeed my daughter on an America West flight. I received and apology from one of your representatives and was sent a small gift, which was not completely satisfactory but, admittedly, it was better than nothing. What I actually wanted was to be told what you were doing within your company to be sure that this sort of thing didn’t happen again. I am still wondering this and would love to hear that you have changed you policy and that your employees have been instructed about laws protecting a and a woman’s right to breastfeed her child. I am still flying frequently in the US and always hesitate before buying and Americawest flight, even when your prices are the lowest. I would fly Americawest again if I knew you had taken this issue seriously and had actively changed your policy.
Anyway, I came across this article that I thought you would be interested in. I’m sure that you don’t have the worst record concerning breastfeeding law violations but I thought that this article would prompt you to take action incase you have not changed your policy.
If you can’t open the link, the article is about a woman in California who is bringing a lawsuit against a large corporation because she was told she could not breastfeed in their facilities.
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DH just came up with another aspect of this to consider.

Since they are attempting to designate a restroom as an eating area, has the restroom passed the inspections required in your state to qualify as a public eating facility????

I think the Department of Health would have jurisdiction, at least here in PA that's who inspects restaurants.

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good point meiri
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OOOOOOOooooooooo, Meiri, that's a great point.

So ANY time a bfing mom is asked to bf in the bathroom, you can say,

"Is your restroom inspected and certified by the Department of Health as an eating facility?"

and if they give you crap you can reply, "Oh, then I'll call the Heath Department inspector and ask that they do a full inspection of your bathrooms."

When i worked in a restaurant this was the LAST thing any manager wanted. It was such a headache and they ALWAYS find violations.
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AOL...I would IMMEDIATELY send a copy of the letter you gave to the manager to the owners of the gym. They are TOTALLY OUT OF LINE to post that notice. I would also let the manager know that if they DO NOT remove the notice, they are subject to a lawsuit.

Good luck! I'm gonna watch this thread for sure (even though I live in California). Breastfeeding in public is not illegal in any state as far as I know.

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I have great news!!!!!!

A couple weeks ago we had a mudslide on our street. I was silly enough to go out and videotape it while it was happening. Well, the media decided it was a good story so they came out and asked to use my tape. Now, even though I was dying from some hongkongfooey flu with a 104 temp, I still managed to think clear enough to get contact info for all the reporters.

A couple days later, I contacted one reporter via email with my bf'ing story. The station called back saying they wanted an "exclusive" interview! Immediately I got a lawyer (funny, it was impossible to get one before the media was interested ). Then I called the other reporters and all of them want the story. So many people are interested that my lawyer has decided to hold a press conference!

I'm so freakin excited!!!!!!!

So it looks like we are suing their ass and giving them plenty of neg attention. God I love revenge

BTW, they never apologized, even after 2 letters and local and county authorities telling them they were wrong. Also, they are trying to kick me out by creating a policy that anyone with more than one child can no longer use the nursery.
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Don't stop til you own the joint! They are BEGGING for it!
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Thats so great! I'm really excited, and will be watching for you in the news! Woo-hoo!

Originally posted by aolwife

Also, they are trying to kick me out by creating a policy that anyone with more than one child can no longer use the nursery.
OMG! This is crazy. WTF? This is NOT a child-friendly gym. How the hell could they do this?
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I almost forgot

I need help difusing any possible argument the press may have about my case.

Can you mommas think of some nasty attacks I might get and the perfect comebacks?

The woman in CA got some really mean emails about her case from the public and I would like to stay one step ahead this time.
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somehow do not let your e-mail addy get out, that would help a lot. But, if it does, just immed. delete the ones who get nasty, you do NOT need to read their stupid opinions!! You could probably tell from the first few words if they are nasty or not.

If you have to respond, respond with the 'kill 'em with kindness' mentality as your written words could always come back to haunt you and it won't make you feel better. Come across as the intelligent, good mother, not like the dumb idiot who wrote you!!

I am so proud to *know* you, I wish I could see all this on TV in my city!!!!
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Let us know how it turns out!!!
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WAY TO GO!!! I am so happy that this is getting media attention Your "health" club deserves to be exposed for the anti-breastfeeding place that it is. Keep up the good work!

I'm so proud of you
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