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Signing Out :(

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Ladies - I am sad to say that I will be leaving this DDC. I started spotting about a week ago and miscarried on Saturday night. We are currently on vacation : , so I will check in with my doctor when we get back this week. I was a little over 8 weeks.

You all are such a great group of ladies, and I will lurk here periodically. I hope my next DDC is as cool as you all are. Thank for all of the support thus far! I wish you all the best as your pregnancies progress.
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: I'm so sorry, mama.
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I'm so sorry.
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You know we're out here if you need us!

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I'm so very sorry.
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Ohh. I am so, so sorry :
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So sorry about your loss.
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: So sorry...
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Oh no! I'm so sorry! Wishing you all the best!
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I am so sorry, mama.
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Ugh, I'm so sorry. I miscarried at 8.5 weeks while on vacation, even back in March. Be good to yourself!
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*hugs* Mama..

PM me if you need to talk. I am going through the same thing.
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HUGs mama!
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peace to you
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Sorry Heather, I wish I could say something that could help.
The pregnancy and birth loss thread is a great place to go for support.
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