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Are my toddler CPF's too SMALL?

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I bought a couple dozen CPF's in the toddler size for my son to use in covers. Well, since I've been having difficulty getting a large enough cover I've been pinning them on him so he can wear them w/out a cover.

Anyhow..I think the diapers are too small! I know they are the largest size CPF's but really..when I put the diaper on him the back side only barely goes in front of his hip bones. So.. in order to fasten the diaper (using pins right now) I have to pull the front over to the side as far as I can.

So..this makes it so that the pins are right at his sides not pinned in front. It's quite a stretch too!

What I'm doing is the newspaper fold with the rectangle of the diaper going long ways. Then I lay my son in it. I have to use the full length of the diaper to cover him. No folding in on the front or the back.

Is this making any sense?

It just seems weird to have to pin the thing at the side of his hips and it's not easy to do either!

I was thinking about ordering some side snap Pul covers but I have to snappi or pin the CPF in order to use them right?

Ugh..more problems w/cd'ing, lol!
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I don't get what you are saying, :

BTW: how big is your child????
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Hmmm...ok.. well.. I have the diaper lengthwise and fold it in thirds and then wing out the back. I put my son in it and then fold the top over him and then open up the wings and then pin. When I pin the diaper the pins are on his thigh bones.. Is this any clearer?

There is not enough diaper to fold over the back or the front but that's ok. However..the fit is tight around his belly!

I hope this is making sense, lol!

Oh, he's 22 mos and 41 lbs and has a 23" belly and 15.5" thighs.

I'm having a heck of a time diapering this kid.

I'm having nightmares, lol!
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that is one big kid!!!

ok, well now I understand what you are saying. I think you should try a snappi, it might make things just feel better for him. But, then again, I'm not sure how much those babies stretch.

hmmm... I know there are bigger prefold diapers out there for adult incontinence (also for fetish people) I can't remember where, but I saw a site that sold them awhile ago. It wasn't a fetish site either.

You might want to ask HeatherSanders (our mod) about larger diapers. If I remember right she had a lady inquire about getting larger diapers for her disabled child who was like 6? or 8? and needed something bigger than toddler prefolds.

other than that I have no idea
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Tracy, just want to add that tho I don't pin or snappi, I know what you mean. I use wraps with my prefolds and they barely touch around the side on my son. He is a big little guy, over 40 lbs. The diapers fit well inside the wraps and I am still able to fold them down in the front. We use Bummi wraps, fuz easy and an older style wool wrap with the toddler prefolds.
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That is one big boy Looks like bummis would be a better alternative to pinning or snappi'ing. Or you could just buy some trifold soakers and lay them in a bummis or even a side aplix fleece or wool cover. If you think the rise would be a problem, you could probably get a WAHM to make some a little longer for you. I have some Little Lounging Lizards soakers that that work great for my boys and Stacy is really, really sweet. She would probably custom make some for you.
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you say you're using the newspaper fold and wing out the back. Do you also wing out the front too? I find I need to do this with my 24m dd, at 31lbs. However, I'm still using the standard size CPF and wondering if hers are getting too small. I still have room to fold over in the front, though. Anyway, what I'm saying is this: try just the CPF lengthwise, folded in thirds, lay son on top, wing out the back and front for pinning. Does that help? Good luck on your ventures! I also do not pin as much as possible, and I use Bummis, and side snapping covers without problems.
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MY Dd was the same size as your son at his age!

Bailee was 40 pounds at 21 mos! She is still quite the big girl at 45 pounds 41 1/2 inches ( but potty trained and almost 3 now)
I had the same problem and what got us by until she learned the potty was XL Prowraps! THey are very roomy in the thigh area & say they fit up to 45 pounds, but she had plenty of room in them. I used them with Toddler CPF's and no pins or snapi's. ( I couldn'
t pin or snappi those on her without a fight so I know where you are coming from!!) I have heard Bummis makes a pretty big cover. You could try those too I never did because I am soo frugal and wanted the seconds from Proservice. I can give youthe number if you need it.
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Yep, I wing out the front..I have to or I'd never get it pinned, lol! The diaper only fits by my having the back totally opened up and the front totally opened up so basically I'm just pinning the prefold on him in it's orginial rectangular shape. Just imagine holding up the prefold lengthwise and folding it in half and pinning the corners together. That's what I'm basically doing.I can't fold over either the back or the front because if I do it isn't long enough in the rise.

The only reason I'm pinning it right now is because I didn't have any luck w/the wraps/covers that I bought. I bought the super large Bumpy's but the velcro on the wings tore up my son's thighs. The wool super large Bumpy didn't even fit. The XL prorap kind of fit but we had the same issue w/the velcro. I've got two of the largest Bummi covers on order as well as the largest Aristocrat.

Thereson from FB is making my son some super large FB so hopefully I will get the trial one today or tomorrow. (She made 3 but they were still a little too small, lol!)

I was hoping to be able to use the CPF's since they're brand new. I don't really like using them in the FB since they are so bulky.

I have found a wahm (Jasmine from Bunny Patch) who said she can make me some side snap PUL covers to fit but would I have to pin or snappi the cpf?

Boy.. sorry to say this but Huggies were easier..when they fit.

ack..don't throw tomatoes!! J/K!!
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My 26-pound ds is getting big for his premium and regular cpfs- and I do a bikini twist to get more diaper length around his waist.
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have you tried the bummis? XL fits 40+ pounds and they have a front snapping cover so you should be able to just trifold in that... then you wouldn't have to worry about the sides meeting at all also pinning on the sides should be fine as long as it's working and not uncomfortable....
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Pinning at the side is not a problem UNLESS there is not enough overlap to keep the actual 'pins' from pressing into his skin. I can see how it would be more difficult, but when we were moving to the later stages of Premiums on our Meredith we came up against the same problem.

We used pins because it was 'neater' for accidents. If he has somewhat 'control' regarding accidents, then tri-folding your cpfs into a wrap might be a better alternative for now - it would speed up the process for you for diaper changes and no more pins on the hip.

You could go up a size to an adult incontinent diaper, but that is going to be considerably more bulky.

Another thing to consider is pull-ons - at this point it would be a good investment simply b/c you are going to be getting closer to potty-awareness time with your Toddler and they are great for overnight as well.
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Well, there isn't any more width to get..I mean I'm using the entire width and length of the diaper, lol! It's pretty much corner to corner with my ds' booty in the middle. Kwim?

I hope the Bummi wraps work so that I can at least fold the cpf's in them and use them that way. Either that or I'll list the darned things on ebay and go all FB since MOE is making some huge FB for us anyway.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions
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WOW, Tracy!! Such troubles!
Hopefully those FB will work! I think the pull on training pants is a great idea. And you might want to approach a few WAHM's with a custom order for a couple fitteds, this would definitely get you a diaper to cover your ds!
Best wishes!
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Why didn't I think of this before?
Have you tried putting them on him widthwise?
I mean there is one side that is considered the 'length,' but fold that to use it as the 'width.'

You might not need as much length in the rise as you have and if you can put them on side to side, it would give you a considerable amount of 'wing-age.'

Does that make sense?
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I thought of that, lol! BUT his booty is huge and either the booty or the ..well..you get it.. he'd be a free bird, lol!

I'd post a picture of this kid if I knew how, lol!

email me if you want to see him, hehehe!

Thanks again everyone!
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I'll post it - send me the picture . . . we all want to see your BIG OL' BOY!

I'm cracking up - or rather, 'he' would be 'cracking' up if you tried to give up one side for the other! :LOL
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Okay, I'm posting a pic for Tracy of her

Belly Dancing Baby And here is a bit of the Plumber's Bum.

Don't chide for the sposie . . . she is trying hard to make the switch, but this is a bigg'in!
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Thanks Heather for posting those!

See what I mean? That sposie he has on is the largest made!!

I keep teasing that I'm going to have to pin bath towels on the boy, hehehehehe!
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oh Tracy, that plumber's bum shot is soooooooo funny! I feel for you and your dilemma, but that is so cute! What a strapping lad eh!
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