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I Love My Sling!!!

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DS is 4 weeks old and not until this week did we get the sling down. I was so heartbroken in the beginning . . . I bought a Rebozo knowing that it would take longer to get the hang of than the Slings w' Rings, but feeling like it was better for me anyway. I always needed dh's help and baby only liked it while sleeping, but would scream bloody murder the moment he woke up . . . Anyway, just this week I got used to adjusting it on my own and he got used to it now that I get it to fit better/put him in better positions. I just am so overwhelmed to finally be able to *get things done!!* and also to be able to not have to lay him down every time he's asleep (therefore waking him back up: )

And of course, it is so nice to get out of the house plus it's great to get all the from strangers when they see my peaceful happy boy in our beautiful sling.

I LOVE MY SLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I personally think that slings are the one item that every new mother should have. Doesn't matter what kind as long as mom and baby like it. Having use of two arms feels so good.
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My ds is just a few days old and I am borrowing my sil's sling. it is big and bulky and has two rings for adjusting. I haven't really figured it out yet (sil lives too far away to demonstrate). Are their more streamlined options? I think I am going to go to LaLeche and see if anyone there can show me how to nurse in this thing. I have heard so many people rave about them that I really want to make it work.
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