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what is your delayed vaccination schedule?

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My ds just turned a year old and I'm really feeling in my mama intuition I shouldn't do the upcoming vaccines. Especially the mmr. I've started reading the research(which as I'm sure most of you know is overwhelming) He has been vaccinated up till now, didn't really realize I had an option He has his checkup tomorrow and I've decided I'm just going to decline them for now until I research them further and figure out a delayed schedule. Hopefully my ped won't go too crazy, I'm sure she will try to talk me into it although she is pretty cool about everything else(she even cloth diapered her sons). It'd really help if I could see what someone else's delayed schedule looks like, did you seperate the mmr and in what order,how far apart, at what ages etc... thanks so much.
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Hi Joy.
When I began research before my second child was born I thought we would delay and selectively vaccinate.
Now I don't plan to do any vaxes. There is a lot of info out there and it can be overwhelming. Do what you said, just tell the ped you plan to delay for now. (Besides, 12 months is too early for MMR.) Keep researching. The archives here have tons of really good info and links.
Good luck!
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sorry double post
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okay, when we first thought of delaying we were going to wait until 6 months, and then start DTaP. then we decided not to do that after all, because it felt wrong.
then after talking with someone from the CDC i thought we would start Hib at either one year or possibly 2, because if you start at 12 months, you only need 2 doses, and if you do it at 2, you only need one.
now i have postponed getting her any shots until she is school-aged, and may not do it then.
based on a family history of vax reactions, i knew she could not receive the IPV, MMR or varicella vaxes, and prevnar is just too new for me to trust it.
try looking for Dr. Cave's book at the library, as i believe she has an alternative schedule in there.
good luck with your searching, and try not to let the guilt eat at you.
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this might be helpful. go to this link, pull up the current volume, and at the end of the document you will find the current list of reportable diseases in the united states as of this week.

current status of measles is 21, mumps is 112 cases and rubella is 5 cases. The united states has 200 million people. Not much of stat in my opinion.

Once I started getting the actual stats on getting the diseases...well, it certainly helped me in what we decided to do with our son. He currently has had no vaxes. We are delaying until we see changes in stats.

also, this might be helpful as you research:

good luck
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So things went pretty well yesterday all things considered. The nurse didn't bat an eye when I told her I wanted to delay the vaccines and didn't ask why. So when my ped came in she assumed we were going out of town and didn't want to give them right before we left. I told her I didn't want him to have them so soon after finishing antibiotics( he just finished 5 days ago for tonsilitis). She seemed to accept that without a problem, and when did I want to reshedule them, I told her I was researching it and wasn't sure, that I might want a delayed schedule, maybe separate the mmr, that I just wasn't comfortable right now. She was nice about it but did tell me there's a case of chicken pox in town right now(city of about 60,000) I wasn't concerned : and that she thought the cases of these diseases would be on the rise because of more parents declining to vax. She said she'd give me till he's 15 months (perhaps she'd get tougher then? ) and asked me to reshedule in a month or so assuming I'd be done with my research then, and I agreed. My mil works at a very popular preschool here in town and when I mentioned yesterday that I had delayed ds's vaxs she said she had a number of students in the last few years exempt from vaxs, several of which were dr.s kids and all the chiropractors kids, I thought this was interesting. thanks for the responses.
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My dd is almost 3 and I am still delaying vaccines. But at this point, I have done a lot of research and I am off the fence. I will re-evaluate my decision as she grows.
Have you been to www.*********/vaccines/mendelsohn.html ?
Dr. Mendelsohn goes disease by disease explaining the disease itself, the treatment, and risk of the vaccine.
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I was reading Mendelsohn's description of pertussis and my 4 month old son's recent coughing illness was sounding remarkably similiar. These coughs were the worst at night, they were bouts, they frequently resulted in vomiting and they continued for at least 5 weeks! He was vaccinated with DaPT at two months. I checked the symptoms on some other websites and it still sounds like he may have had it. Does anyone know if this grants him immunity?
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immunity for pertussis

In a word-- YES, your child now has immunity-- lifelong-- to pertussis. This is the greatest problem with vaccine immunity-- it is far less effective than disease immunity. And while the powers that be would have us believe that vaccines are responsible for the reduced incidence and severity of childhood illness, sanitation and diet are the real reasons. I have seen a CDC graph that completely undermines the message they are trying to promote. It is of disease rates and it is a reverse geometric curve. 90+ percent of the reduction occurs before the 60's when vaccination was instituted nationwide.

Happy father of an 18 month old son who just accomplished his measles immunity!! (He got it from a very sick mother and child on a plane.)

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Does anyone know if this grants him immunity? [/B][/QUOTE] >>>>

From what I remember the immunity granted via the natural disease or the vaccine is limited.Anyone??? Seems that both bacterial and viral vaccines provide limited protection-far shorter with bacterial ones.The same seems to hold true when you have bacterial or viral illnesses.
Children who have had pertussis should not get the pertussis vaccine at any time thereafter,and they should be protected during the early years(as a result of the exposure) from future bouts.Later on it will just be a nagging cough as it is seen in teens and adults.

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Does anyone know if this grants him immunity?
Not lifetime. It is indeed possible to get it again.

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4 people is not a statistical sample....

...and the details of this study seem very suspect to me. The conclusion would lead towards a strategic use of the pertussis vaccine. How was the pertussis confirmed originally? Were these originally adult pertussis cases or childhood pertussis cases? This study is as sloppy as a recent study in CA that ran across the newswires that looked at 48 autistic children and noticed that their heads were smaller at birth at had a higher rate of growth than normal children. 48 children??

4 people, no details?

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What is sloppy...

...is saying that a sampling of 4 cases from your ORIGINAL post constitutes anything meaningfull medically.

I have texts that say that getting pertussis confers lifelong immunity.

But lets go to the Merck Manual and see what it says:

"A person may develop pertussis at any age, but half the cases occur in children under age 4. One attack of pertussis doesn't always give full immunity for life, but a second attack, if it occurs, is usually mild and not always recognized as pertussis." p.1261

Otbonmom described what she thought was pertussis in her 4 month old. It sounds like it was EVEN THOUGH the child was immunized. The implications of the question are at least two fold.

ONE-- does she have to further worry about the illness as it has presented itself? No she doesn't as even if lifelong immunity was not achieved a second infection would not be nearly as bad-- perhaps not even recognizable with regard to the first occurrance.

TWO--the implied question is should she continue the Dtap vacc.
My opinion is no. Diptheria doesn't exist in the western world, and Tetanus is the complication of a deep skin puncture wound-- certainly not a likely event for an infant.

Answers to questions have contexts and my original answer dealt with the specific question being asked in relation to the specific circumstances being related.

These are my specific and emphatic points.

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So does the possibility of another pertussis infection have anything to do with the fact that it is a bacterial disease as opposed to viral?
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mala, I'd take that question directly...

...to insider for an answer.

amnesiac, you have my heartfelt sympathy for what you experienced with the pertussis. My activism is fueled by the suffering that others have endured that resulted in my son not having to suffer.

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