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What kind of freebies do you send with diapers? - Page 2

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Well, recently I can think of the following that I got:
sample of Eucalan, free washie or two, pail pals, um and thats all I can think of.

From trading post stuff, I've recently given out some diaper wash, wipe solution, eucalan samples, snappis, burts bees stuff oh, and a SMJAE stuffer.
I try to send things that I think the person might use, according to what they pm'ed me about, kwim???
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I love the recipe idea, I'm always looking for good recipes!!
I've gotten mini soap samples, washies, stickers for the boys (which they ADORE!!), and some burt's bees samples
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I have gotten free washies and that is my favorite. I once got a full size bar of soap from Sherry of Natural Simplicity and I liked that (made my package smell really good too!). I've gotten sample sizes of soaps and I like those. I once ordered from Snickerdoodles and she gave a recipe in there for snickerdoodles cookies and I thought that was neat. I also have gotten refrigerator magnet business cards and since I am a fridge magnet fiend, I really like those!

I recently sold a ton of our stash on eBay and I stuck a Blow-Pop in everyone's package. They all thanked me for it afterwards, so I'm assuming it was a hit and not as liable to melt or get smushed. I have never gotten a candy freebie but I would really like it.

If you send prefolds, I think a link to folding tips is really invaluable, as lots of mamas who haven't used them don't know the folds or maybe there is one a prefold user hasn't tried yet - I didn't know about the bikini twist until I'd been CDing a long time.
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From all the places I have ordered from

I have rec'd soaps, bath salts, baby bath, baby bum cream, baby shampoo, cloth wipes, pens, ribbons, hot/cold pack, doublers, covers<.............. yes a cover to match my diaper once! It was so special!! Still have it too. I have also received extra diapers too from a few different wahms. Sometime I get testers and I never even asked to test........LOL! I bet that is cause I have tried so many that they know I know my diapers.........LOL! Oh and I got free embroidery a few times and mamacloth too!! I feel so special. I am still waiting for the all free and paid vacation to Hawaii............LOL! :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL
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Re: I think that is cool!

Originally posted by mommytomy4kids
I am just not a HUGE candy eater and I had 1 pack of M&Ms given to me smash open and get all over the wool cover I had bought. Was not pretty at first but it did eventually come out. Also I would usually open Aarons dipe packages with him and I don't let him eat alot of candy (some I do) and if he saw it he would want it. Plus as much as I love the online community ya just don't know the person on the other side of that computer. More times then not I would throw the candy away. The gesture was appreciated though but I am just an oddball I guess. I think a recipe is a GREAT idea. Coupons are good, samples are always good, or little note pads.......

No, your not odd! It is normal practice to check candy before you eat it and if you child does not eat much candy like mine then you do not want them to even see it. I feel the same way about candy and to receive it from an online purchase puts the caution lights in my brain on too. I prefer to not receive food for the simple reason it is illegal to transport food across the border in the mail system. Only truck drivers and food brokers have a license to do that. IF food is found in an envelope with a diaper say the person who sent it could be fined! Seriously.
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The reason I'd like the candy is because *I* would eat it... my kids would never even know it came in the mail. Sheesh, like I want to share anything else with them :LOL

I didn't know that about shipping food to Canada, though, so that is good info
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I have received all the usual things that were mentioned. I think my favorites were the soap samples and the recipes. I don't like the candy either, it usually goes in the trash, unless I really know the person I am getting the items from.
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I got some great washclothes and inserts and these fleece things that keep the moisture away from Kaeleb's "tender areas". They were wonderful!!!!
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I've been sent all of the above things as well, but I have NOT seen any candy! But if I did happen to have some Godiva or Milka in my package....I wouldn't throw it away...or share!
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Love the recipe idea. You could create a nice little tag with the recipe on it with nice handmade papers and velum (sp?).

I tape my favorite recipes (albeit for soap or to eat) inside one of my kitchen cabinets. I would love a pretty little recipe tag to tape up there. : )

The only free thing I have received was a velour wipe and its beautiful. I was so excited - mostly considering I had spent WAY more somewhere else and didn't get a thing for free!
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I have gotten washies, doublers, soap, burts bees, sensi-clean, euclan, citrus circles, lip balm, candles...I think that's it. A free diaper would be cool, though!
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I like the more personal things- nice cards/letters, a recipe on a nicer card.....etc........... although anything FREE is nice!!!!!

I have gotten/given

soap, pins, snappis, free diapers/doublers, washies, samples (both burts bees and eucalan)

That is all I can think of for now!
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What kind of great freebies have you received?

I have received the greatest freebies with my diaper orders. I have received samples of all kinds of Burt's Bees products, extra wipes, packets of Sensi-Clean, a little bottle of natural baby shampoo, cloth panti liners, a tissue cozy in the sweetest fairy print with tissues in it, mini wipes, extra soakers, nursing pads, all kinds of wonderful soaps and herbal bath soaks.....I simply cannot wait to get my order from Toot Sweet, I just got an e-mail from Tabitha and she enclosed an extra diaper as a "little gift" .....<sigh!>.... I love buying from WAHMs!!!
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Originally posted by stafl
I hate to say it, but the only time I threw in something extra was when someone I was trading with had another post on TP saying that they had a friend in desperate need of premie baby girl clothes, so I put some of DD's premie clothes in there for her friend.
I was the recipient of this gift and passed it on to my friend in need, we are all very grateful. Thanks Stacy! Hope you start getting more freebies with your trades and purchases. I don't often put in extras either, but I did send a snappi nip to a friend here, just cause I didn't want it and she needed it. I do love to send things on to moms in need. If you read my other thread you will see I receive freebies with nearly every purchase!
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After posting above, I think my favorite all time goodie included in the package was simply a hand-written note on a pretty hand made card. It was the very first time anyone I'd traded with went to that trouble, and I was touched. I'd love to get a recipe!

edited because I totally missed page 2!
Glad those clothes were of use to your friend, Debbie!!
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Oh you guys! Now we're all in the giving spirit Man i want to sell somethin now just so i can send a cool recipe on a cute little card
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