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We're already chatting more than in August - it must be the cooler temps!

Ds had a horrible night Tuesday, up 1.5 hrs with teething. This used to be the norm for him, but I'm soooo much more used to sleeping now, that night really did me in. Yesterday I kinda overdid it too, so I was resting on the couch by 5:30 while dh finished dinner prep. Feeling better today - ds was up once last night but dh let me sleep through it - but I'm not looking forward to the weeks/months until ds finishes this teething business...only 4 molars to go!

#3 has been kicking up a storm lately, my belly feels like there's a tornado in there. Dh has been able to feel the kicks outside, which is a thrill - it makes this pregnancy so much more real. I haven't even started looking for baby things yet...partly because I don't know the sex. I'll have to go with neutral colours until baby makes an appearance. I'm thinking girl this time, but I keep second guessing myself...
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Happy september, everyone.

I just stuffed myself on a pepperoni roll for lunch. I'm going to regret that in another hour or so DH is in St. Louis at a training course till tomorrow night, so DD and I are alternately driving each other bonkers and enjoying our girlie time. Last night when I got home, I was really tired, so I know that I put her to bed too early, which is why she was restless most of the night. But, man, sometimes this mama's gotta sleep!

Sunday is our wedding anniversary, and DH and I are going to go somewhere just overnight. My inlaws are going to watch our daughter, I think. It'll likely be a couple years or more before we're able to to do it again, so we're planning on really having a good relaxing time and taking advantage of the adult time alone.

I'm starting to feel movement much more regularly. I was starting to get nervous, but it's proving unfounded. I'm feeling most of my movement down low and most of the kicks are aimed directly at my cervix. I think this kid wants OUT

I'm feeling boy vibes, still. My SIL also thinks it's a boy. This is a problem; we have no boy names that we both like. We keep going back and forth and getting irritated at each other

Hey do any of you girls happen to know if hair dye is okay while you're pregnant? I think that it's okay after the first trimester, but just want to double check. It's the only mainstream beauty thing I still do. I just can't let my hair go It's getting wicked, looking in the mirror these days
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I had an appt with one of my midwives today which went really well. She did some of my mom's prenatal care with her last two back in the late 70's and early 80's. I liked her a lot. I've gained 2lbs finally after losing 6lbs then not gaining any for a couple of months. My blood pressure even checked out fine. Woot.

No more acid reflux since I've stopped eating like a loony on a fast food binge.

We stopped off at a mall on the way back to check out the new Lush store (I'm a bath bomb addict) and wandered into the Gymboree shop. My DH fell in love with the clothes with foxes on them and they were on sale so we bought out first boy outfit ever. They're adorable. I'm a little worried about adjusting to boy clothes since buying baby girl things was so much fun with my first two.
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Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
Happy september, everyone.

Hey do any of you girls happen to know if hair dye is okay while you're pregnant? I think that it's okay after the first trimester, but just want to double check. It's the only mainstream beauty thing I still do. I just can't let my hair go It's getting wicked, looking in the mirror these days
I would think it should be fine but I'm no expert. My dh made an obnoxious comment about all of my grey so I might be pulling out my henna soon.
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Free Thinker- sucks to hear about how you overdid it carrying your two year old. ds has started insisting that i carry his 31 lb self around everywhere now. if i don't he screams. it is really irritating and i feel like it puts a lot of strain on my body. it makes me sort of hurt like in the area of my kidneys. i'm hoping his need to be carried stops soon.

my kidlets and me- i also can't seem to buy anything because we don't know the gender.

sharonanne- congratulations on the aniversary.
i'm not sure about hair dye, i know what you mean about wanting to dye your hair though. i feel so unlike myself when i am not able to dye my hair. i have read that differnt types of dyes are different than others, but that you should dye your hair at a salon rather than at home. this may have to do with fumes and inclosed spaces or something.

Chavaleh- buying boy clothes is not near as fun as buying girl clothes...they do make some really cute stuff, just not as much, and it gets harder to find cute stuff when they get older. i'm really really really hoping that this baby is a girl because i've done the boy shopping and want to cross over to buying cute clothes and accesories.
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I went ahead and bought baby's first clothes today - 2 very neutral, yellow with ducks sleepers that will be nice and warm (fleece). Here's hoping I don't have a monster baby, so they fit!
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Yesterday I went to the firehall to pick up Dh's check and his co-worker asked if I was carrying twins I do look MUCH bigger then 5 months!! So I just laughed and said no.

It is so true about the boy clothes. It is so hard to find cute boy clothes, and the ones that are cute are usually really expensive
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the baby clothes thing is so funny after #1. with dd i had boxes and boxes of clothes from grandmas, relatives, friends, etc at this point in my pregnancy. in fact, i was overwhelmed with the numbers. with this baby i have one outfit- given to us by mil this summer - and a tie-dyed baby tee from the thrift store. i'm having a challenge with wanting to buy anything cuz if it's a girl i won't need anything, but if it's a boy i'll need quite a bit...dh and i did buy our first little gift for the baby at sierra trading post the other day - a really soft pair of acorn booties for the winter. sooo soft and cute!

i had food poisoning yesterday night and morning and i'll tell you what, being pregnant with food poisoning sucks. thankfully i'm feeling better today. especially since we picked up our new double chariot yesterday and all i want to do is go pull dd around the neighborhood in her new ride! fil and mil helped us get it as the new baby's gift. i mentioned that i wanted it early as my exercise now is truly part of the gift. i'm just hoping that my belly isn't too in the way! dd calls it her car and thinks it's the coolest thing ever (so do i). dh pulled her all over the driveway last night when her put it together and she really digs it. i hope she likes getting towed all over town, too! and we got the cross-country ski package, so i'll be doublin' it up over the snow this winter! can you tell i'm excited!

well, she is off watching dora since i just had a phone app't with a student.. and i'm squeezing in some mdc time...so i really should go turn off the boob tube and get outside~!
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riverundine-that is exactly how i am with buying stuff this time. if it is a boy there is no need to buy clothes and if it is a girl i will need a lot...so i just haven't bought anything. it is killing me actually because i want to be buying stuff...i don't want to waste money on buying gender nuetral clothing if i'm going to have a boy.

i have been feeling so much better so i have picked up an exercise rutine again. i used to walk a lot three to four miles a day...but i found a cheap prenatal pilates video and thought i would try it. i have never done pilates before but i think i like the video. it is divided into five sections of 10 minutes, so i can just do ten minutes is dh is in a bad mood and wont let me get away...or i can do more if i have time. we haven't been walking as much because it is almost 100 degrees here duing the day and there is so much going on in the evening that we never get around to it. (even in the evening it is 90). so having indoor excercise is super great. i would like to find some more videos i can mix it up with. although in my new video there is a core pilates exercise segment...i thought you weren't supposed to exercise your abdomen or whatever during pregnancy...but it is a pregnancy pilates video so i don't know...maybe it is just certain types of abdomenal exercises...i want to look into this.

i have recently felt the need to stay busy all day....i have started making little girls dresses to sell at a small community festival that is coming up. just creating something makes me feel great...i feel like i'm not spending that much time with ds now though because i'm trying to do stuff all day long. i need to find a happy medium.
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got bloodwork done and my wbc count is high. has anyone had this happen? any thoughts? i'm not too worried but would appreciate input...
now i need another u/s (we were not going to get another) because obgyn thinks it might be due to degeneration of the fibroid.
this is why i wanted to stay away from western meds...the fear factor. blech.
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Try not to worry. I know, easier said than done, but in most cases the things they are looking for are not there, they are just "checking" and while I am glad they find the things that could go wrong, I hate the worry it causes those that don't have said condition, KWIM?

I ordered some Maternity yoga pants from old navy last night b/c I am down to just a few bottoms that even fit me (currently wearing pajama bottoms!). I have a handful of LS shirts but I don't know if any of them are going to fit right b/c my belly is getting so big! Yesterday I did my errands and had a lady ask me "How much longer" when I told her I wasn't due til January you should have scene her face! I paused a moment then added that it was twins, she wished me luck I think I am *finally* starting to kind of comprehend the idea of twins. That may sound strange to some of you but it's been a really odd concept to kind of get into my head. I can remember my other births and early days, but I just cannot comprehend having two at one time. I keep going over the whole L&D scenario. WIll I just pop one out, have to taken to the warmer and start on number 2? Or will I be caught up in seeing my first baby that I forget there is a second one coming? WIll I even get a few minutes to process everything or will it be "OKay, one down, one to go!" The whole idea is just crazy to me! ANd how do you decide which one gets which name (when we finally decide to pick names!)? I will say that getting that load of outfits from the lady who had twins has greatly helped me! I have gone thru them a couple of times, had family members stop by and go thru them in wonder! I ended up w/ 27 outfit sets that match (54 outfits total) for $130 (plus I got other stuff like socks, a couple blankets, those carseat head support thingsy, ect.). I got lots of sizes, including several things for next summer, and seeing 2 of everything is just kinda neat!

I think I am doing pretty good, I am getting rid of a bunch of hte girls stuff that doesn't fit, and when I sell it on the TP I am using that money to fund more diaper purchases Now that I know it's boys I feel better getting rid of hte girls stuff. We are also trying to keep working on our house plans for next spring. We are supposed to start the house in February if all goes right, and we are trying to get at much as we can picked out now, or at least decide where and what we are getting. DH has done lots of dozer work at the site and today the well drillers are here to start drilling the well!! I cannot believe it! We need the well drilled so we can get the electric put in next month, so all will be ready to go as soon as the builders are ready! It's exciting seeing it all come together and knowing it's only a matter of months before we can get started! So far I have my cabinets picked out and cabinet maker lined up, I have chosen bathroom fixtures and faucets and got prices so I can decide where to order them from, I know most of the paint colors, I know what types of flooring go where (but I am waiting on actually picking a specific color), we have the windows picked out and priced, interior doors picked out and priced, brick picked (this one was HARD!) and bricker lined up. We figure the more planning we do NOW, the less we will have to drag 4 kids around to pick out! I cannot imagine doing it all with 4 kids in tow!

Today's weather is beautiful! Warm but with a nice breeze, perfect fall weather!
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Ok can morning sickness come BACK? I'm only kind of serious. I've been nauseated a bit the last couple days and I think it's just a bug or something. I even threw up last night, and I never threw up in the first trimester I feel better today so we'll see how it goes. And I see my MW too, so we'll see what she says.
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We had a gorgeous day here in Dallas yesterday. It was breezy and sunny and cool, in the low 70s (downright fall-like for Texas!). It was nice enough to be able to take my son to the park after I picked him up from daycare (for the past few months, it's just been too bloomin' hot for much playing outside, especially at that time of day). We had a blast.

I must say, though, I'm really starting to feel big and pregnant now. I think the waddle has started to set in, and sometimes I can't see my feet. I shudder to think how big I will be during the holidays and the weeks afterward. When I was pregnant with my son, I just didn't "do" the holidays. But now we have to, since we have him...and it's a busy holiday season in our neck of the woods: Thanksgiving, my best friend's oldest girl's birthday (Dec 13th), Christmas, my nephew's birthday (Dec 27th), and my son's birthday on New Year's Eve. I don't know how I will make it through!
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The end of august and the begining of sept have been great for us!! I got my middle son into an autism program at school and he seems to really be doing great except for the stomach bug hes already caught but thats school for ya!

My oldest son and I are enrolled in a home assistance program for homeschoolers through the public school system. He gets to go to all kinds of cool activities and goes to class for a couple of hours on wednessdays. We also have a visiting teacher that comes to our house every other week to help out and trouble shoot.

We went to an API meeting (attatchment parenting International) last night and met several moms who homeschool through the same program as us and some of them also have children getting the special needs services offered here and they offered to help me navigate the system! I am so glad I didnt blow off that meeting! It was so nice to chat with like minded people!

I finally look pregnant! Baby moves all the time and I think my placenta is high and posterior since I can feel babe in the front which is good since I do have a scar. I guess thats all so far we have done alot of other cool things the last couple of weeks but it would take up way too much room here!!!
Happy Fall!!
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I am big and preg here too I am not really looking forward to the holidays this year, we have several birthdays and it is always crazy busy and add hugely preg to that and I just want to skip the whole thing.

We are cutting hay again, which means my allergies are back for a couple of weeks,a dn I am SO tired of being stuffed up. My stomach is very upset in the AM when all that is in it is all the snot I swallowed all night - yuck

My middle dd started prechool this week, and I really need to get some stuff done around here. I have no energy for cleaning my house and it is starting to show.

My SIL and I started walking again every morning this week. We were walking early in the summer, but then she had a baby and it got hot, but it is cooler now and with my older kids in school it is easier to go for a walk after the bus comes.
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Hugs to those of you who have to buy clothes for TWO babies! I thought I'd go crazy shopping after we found out it's a girl . . . but I haven't even gone to a store. I guess it doesn't feel real. BUT I know we have the really important things- bed for baby, multiple slings, stroller and all my cloth diapers! I know I'll get to shopping eventually! Anyway! Good luck with all that clothes buying!
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IS anyone else starting to think of Christmas presents yet? I have kinda started a list, but I Hope to be completely done w/ mine by the beg. of NOvember b/c according to my Dr. I will feel full-term by that time, but I"ll still have quite a while left, and won't feel like doing anything. I'm not making any Christmas plans either b/c there is a very good chance these babies will be born right around Christmas. Twins usually come between weeks 35-37 which is the two weeks around Christmas!
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i am really going to scale down on christmas this year. last year ds only got hand me down gifts for the most part, but he didn't know the difference. this year i'm thinking the same thing, but even less. i think everyone else is getting a calendar with pictures of ds and the rest of the family, and then maybe i will do some donations in people's honor to hefer international or alternative gifts international or something. we celebrate christmas morning at my mother's house with my parents, my sister, and her son. she goes all out on her son. he gets a christmas at his dad's house, a christmas at his house, a christmas at my mom's and then presents from my grandparents and aunts and uncles. he is so spoiled. i want to emphasize to her that i am not ever going to buy ds that much stuff. she pressured me into buying stuff last year that wasn't a hand me down toy for ds because she said i needed something for him from santa that her son didn't know used to belong to him. i'm just not into christmas being about materialism and her kid is always thinking about what he is going to get. going from one toy to the next and tossing it aside. well i guess that was a long enough rant about that...sorry.
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nephew's birthday party was today. i made him a transformer cake. he seemed to really like it...i ask him what the best part of the day was and he said "presents" ofcourse.

i have picked up exercising again, but didn't get to today and i'm feeling fat not pregnant because i ate chocolate cake all weekend. (oh yeah and homemade icecream) my mother has also been feeding me ice cream every night. midwife told me i probably wasn't eating enough calories, but told me if i was going to increase them, not to increase them with fats....ooops. i had stayed away from sweets but all of a sudden i really want them. on a side note i had a male friend of mine say he had thought about making a move on me (ofcourse he wouldn't have). but that made me feel good. i also had a man honk the horn at me when i was walking for exercise...so apparently i'm still hot, i'm just suddenly not feeling like it. and my aunt who didn't know i'm pregnant asked me if i was today...i said yes...she said, "good because i thought you were getting kind of fat." so i have those moments when i'm like, yeah i'm a hot pregnant chick and then someone comes along and calls me fat....hahah...

i'm really jealous that everyone is starting to find out the sex of their babies. it is really killing me to know. i still have 6-10 weeks until we might find out at our ultrasound. i've convinced myself it is a girl and the longer time goes on i feel the more disappointed i will be if it is not. ds will also be even more confused because we keep calling it his baby sister.
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we're getting an u/s tomorrow to find out if degeneration of my fibroid is the cause of my high wbc count. it is going to be very hard to not find out what the sex of the baby is...but i'm pretty set on having a surprise. dh is really pushing to find out, though.
please cross your fingers or light a candle that the fibroid is small and out of the way, as it needs to be for the homebirth i envision.
my midwife mentioned that squalamine is a natural supplement that can shrink a fibroid and is safe when pregnant. anyone know anything about this?
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