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if you're staying home and bfing you may not need a pump at all. i only used mine once i went back to work 2 days a week. the 2 bottles i'd pump each time were perfect for the next day of work. i used the medela double electric due to time constraints. i was pumping in the liquor room on a quick break from bartending. hehe, the liquor room floor has never seen so much breastmilk . it was fast and efficient, though. i tried a manual hand pump, also medela, at first and it only worked a few times, then pretty much broke. i love my electric double pumper. even though i now work from home, dh is opening a restaurant and i'm sure i'll be there to help. this time i want the bra that holds the pumps on the breast so that i can read a book while pumping. all the milk on the liquor room floor was pretty much due to me trying to hold both with one hand while reading the paper .
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I only needed a pump for my first because we had to finger feed for 3 weeks because he would not latch. I never used one at all with my second. If anything I would get an Avent Isis and not waste the money on an electric one. The Avent is really fantastic.
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Whoa...can you believe Sept. is almost over?

In a week and a half, we have Thanksgiving here. Oh boy, I am sooo looking forward to turkey, stuffing, potatoes...pumpkin pie And a day off of work Usually we have it at my MIL's, I'm hoping its the case this time too.
The library phoned to tell me I got my books in that I had ordered. So excited! I ordered "Birthin from Within" "The Bradley Method" and a bunch of others I got a little excited I feel like I'm finally getting into gear, kwim?

Hoping4sumbbdust: Hows the car issue coming along? Have you decided on a breast pump yet?

I found a couple of recipes that will be perfect for after the baby is born. I found one for Hot Creamy Tuna Burgers They make a batch of 18, which can be frozen and reheated in the oven. I'm tempted to make them very soon, but I think I'll wait until Dec.
Anyone having family come to help after the baby is born? My mother is coming up around that time to help. She is actually alot of help to me, because she actually takes care of the house! She leaves the baby work to me, and once Kiki gets used to her again, I think she'll be Kookums(my mom) little shadow. Perfect.. My dh has also set his holidays for the two weeks after the baby is born. I'm so excited. They will be doing alot of cooking, let me tell ya
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Which reminds me..I need to go have some breakfast:
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Mmm Thanksgiving dinner sounds great. We're tight on grocery money this week and turkey is cheap so maybe we'll do an early Thanksgiving meal.

Our neighbor set a nice crib out on the curb complete with instructions. We're not getting a crib for a few reasons (co-sleeping and lack of space mainly) but I keep eyeing it. I can't really carry it up our stairs by myself anyway.
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Yup, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, too. Since turkey's on sale right now, we bought a small one to have a post-Thanksgiving dinner, after we get over being sick of turkey sandwiches, turkey fried rice, turkey soup... We're heading up to my parents' place a couple of days early to have a nice long visit. Can't wait.
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i didn't know canada had an early thanksgiving than we do. learn something new everyday. i tried to get my family to quit celebrating thanksgiving, because i think it was a stupid holiday. yeah sure lets celebrate the pilgrims and indians being friends...right..but they wouldn't go for canceling family celebration so now my mother is just limited to using only pumpkins and turkey decorations. halloween is really more my thing. i began gettting excited about it several weeks ago and putting out halloween table clothes and decorations. ds is already wearing his pumpkin romper i made him. i don't ever feel like the halloween season lasts long enough because most places start putting out christmas stuff before october is over.

ds actually took a nap today. in bed....meaning i got to take one too. i really can't believe it. it was wonderful, but now i know he will be up later. oh well.

i have an appointment tomorrow. dh was suposed to come home (to fl from ms) tonight to go with me to the appointment, but now he is saying he has to go to a meeting first thing in the morning and then come to the appointment. this irritates me. mostly because i was just excited that he would be here tonight but also because he never knows whether he will be able to take off or what not. he works for FEMA and he is one of the only people right now that is left doing the job that he does so if they need him he can't have off. so instead of being able to just say, "i wont be here friday." he has to say, "i need friday off if it is slow." so then he never knows until thursday afternoon what it will be like on friday. i shouldn't complain though because atleast he has a job. i just feel like i haven't seen a lot of him lately. he was home one day last week and ds was crasy the whole time...wouldn't sleep...wouldn't let daddy use the bathroom without taking him...wouldn't let him out of his sight..and because he was so excited he was just bouncing off the walls.

it is five oclock now and i am still in this mornings sweety workout clothes. i think i'll take a shower soon.
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hey mamas!

short break from packing...too much stuff...steve and i were reminiscing about how we fit into our schoolbus (and it's a shorty) for 7 years before laurel...now we're not even close...thank goodness we're finally moving to our OWN home...leaving here (i'm gonna miss tahoe A LOT) on monday if all still is going according to plan...the bus is taking longer to fix than we'd planned, as is generally the case with a 1950 chevy bus, but should be done tomorrow, with brand new brakes and a sweet rebuilt e-brake...so hoping...especially since my mum is meeting us out there to help me unpack...not so much looking forward to the LONG days in the car with laurel, but will be so grateful to arrive...leaving home to go home.

i'm also grateful that we've opted to not have tv in crestone, as i think it's frying my brains. i find that when we've had tv i tend to be more depressed, and i get sucked in to every stupid show. yep, i'll totally watch everything from bret michaels rock of love to hgtv to survivorman to what not to wear, but am much happier with none of the above. i'm hoping the finale of top chef, at a hotel room on wednesday night, will end the run for us. but thank goodness for dora and diego helping us with the endless packing and cleaning.

pregnancy has been going fairly well. i've been a little dizzy lately, but i'm attributing it to so much going on. my bloodwork still shows higher than normal wbc count, but everything else is normal. i think i might have a pretty benign uti, so i'm taking some GSE per my midwifes rec. i'm generally eating healthy, staying well hydrated, taking my perfect prenatals, extra b, c, folic acid, omegas, and molasses for iron. perhaps i haven't been getting enough protein. i don't know. i've definitely been exhausted, though. i'm pretty huge, what with a baby, a fibroid, and amniotic fluid on the very high end of normal all trying to fit in a very short torso area. my b/p was 93/58 (or was it 98/53?) today at longs drugs - but my heartrate was 92, which seems a little high. does that seem high to anyone else, or do our heartrates generally go up when pregnant?

btw - negotiations for the lease on the restaurant we're opening when we move went very well! we'll meet with the landlords when we arrive next week to sign. now we need positive thoughts for us getting the loan! they thought our business plan looked great, but they only meet once a month (very small county) to decide on loans...so we wait...

enough of my blah, blah, blah...just thought i'd drop in before the computer gets shut down for the journey...

love to you all
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My heart rate shot up when I got pregnant too. We have about the same HR and BP lol!
Sounds like you are in for a very busy couple days, hope it all works out well for you and your family.
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Some sort of cruel joke to have insomnia when you are this exhausted. Add to that the constant sneezing and eye watering at 2am and well, that is just not nice at all. So. Here I sit. Trying to stop sneezing long enough to go back to sleep. Anyone else with crazy night allergies since getting pregnant? Ever since about 6 weeks along I wake up sneezing in the middle of the night and it lasts anywhere from 15-30 minutes or more. Strange.
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Last day of September! We had our 1st real windstorm last night - it always makes me a little nervous b/c our neighbour behind us doesn't take very good care of her trees (i.e. ivy choking 2 of them) and I'm afraid they're going to come down.

Bought 2 pie pumpkins this week, so I might make some pumpkin puree today. What are you up to?
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