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How effective are banner ads?

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I'm looking into banner ads right now and wondering how effective they are. Personally, I'm a google or yahoo search kind of consumer. However, it seems like quite a few mamas are using them. So, how effective are they? Did you make your own banner ads or hire out?
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it really depends on your product & your audience (& a million other factors! LOL)

what type of products would be promoting? diapers?

where are you thinking of advertising,

I know feedback for wahmall, amitys, diaperpin have been good for others

i would be curious how the Mothering ads are doing on the main non forum pages?
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Any ad, banner or not, can be effective or ineffective. Often, it's not the banner itself that makes it effective, it's the placement, the size, the site it's on, and the location where it's placed.

Here are some tips for banner ads:

1. Keep your file size small. Every 3k is 1 second of loading time on slower modems. General rule is to keep your banner ad smaller than 10k.

2. Animated gifs don't necessarily get better click through rates.

3. Use the word "click here" somewhere on the ad... you have to tell the person what you want them to do.

4. Be sure your banner ad is going to appear in a place that's relevant, easy to see, and not too crowded with other ads.

5. Put a special offer in your banner if possible. That will increase click through rates.

6. Find out what the click through rates are for the site you're thinking about putting it on. Industry averages range from .1% to .5%. If you can find a click through rate higher than that, you're lucky. Targeted sites will bring higher click through rates. The banners on my site get a .6% to 1.2% rate.

I probably have more thoughts and ideas but my toddler just woke from her nap. Must go!
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Just glanced at the WAHMall stats and my side banner got .7%, whereas my top only got .4%

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Thanks for all the valuable info. I'm still debating whether to get photoshop and do my own ads or find someone to do them for me. I sell waldorf-inspired toys, organic baby clothes, soft shoes,... I'm not sure if wahmall would be the right place or not. Erin, I looked at your site. Can I get some info on banner ads on your site? Thanks!
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make sure you get your free links up at all the organic listing sites!
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Thanks Lala. Why didn't I think about that? I guess I'll be busy doing that during dd's nap today. Thanks again!
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It's harder to measure and YMMV but you also get some "brand awareness" from your banners if they're done right. In other words, they might not click but they may remember your name/web address and return to it later. So in addition to a great offer, see if you can get in a way to make sure they remember the business name.

Also, keep the $$$ in mind. How many sales does the ad have to generate to cover the cost?

One other thing, make sure the banner links to the page on your site with information relating to the offer you're making and not just to your home page...
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