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My 24month dd has been creating a real mess in her diapers lately and it's leaving stains!! I usually don't have much of a problem here, an occasional stain, but no big deal. Well, now it's staining all the time! I've even been rinsing these things pretty well. I rinse then put in pail til wash day, ususall 1-2 days away. In washer, they go through a cold water rinse, then hot wash with scoop of OxyClean and 1/2 detergent, then into dryer. I even set one of these out in the sun and it didn't get it all.
Right now I have a few sitting in the sun with some lemon juice on them! Ooooh, I really hope that gets it out!

Please help! Any tips to avoid staining in the future?
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Let me preface this by saying, I've never been one to have completely stain free dipes (except after a visit to my mom's in the sunny south) because we don't get any sun in our yard, but my only suggestion would be to not put anything into the dryer that is stained. The heat of the dryer sets the stain. When you take stuff out of the wash try putting the stained items out in the sun while they are still wet. Good luck!!
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In addition to what Kristin said, one day in the sun will not always completely remove a big stain on a dipe. You might need to try sunning it wet (with water of course) over the course of a few washings.
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Detergent? What detergent do you use?
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I use cheapo detergent. usually Xtra, right now it's Purex (it was on sale)
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Hmmm . . . well then I'm sure there is a trace of phosphate in it - a lot of the less synthetic detergents have less 'stain-removing capability.'

Well, I know that Kenny has been pooping the carrots he's been eating and its made for some stains, but that Shout OxyPowder cleaner is taking care of it for us. Maybe switch your oxygen cleaner - or let your dipes sit overnight in cold water and baking soda for a soak, spin out in the morning before washing in hot.

And yes, sometimes it takes more than one 'sunning' with a 'wet' diaper to remove a stain!
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yes.. good point. I should definitely invest in some more stain-fighting power! Englighten me about phosphates(?) I've seen the term and even read a little, bit am drawing a blank.
Also, I did notice some blueberries in tonight's mess, along with a lot of green! Those are very staining! I just don't know what's up with her lately... quite a change from her usual non-messy variety bm's. Thanks for all your tips! I will definitley put them to use. I hate for my dipes to get really stained.
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phosphates basically - good for lifting stains - studies are showing they are bad for our lakes.
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When I have some bad stains I skip the cold rinse I usually do before the wash and go straight to the hot wash.

I then wash in hot with no soap once again.

This has worked every time! I actually got the idea from Heather when she said she visited her MIL or mom and only did the hot wash and did not have any stains when she thought she would.

It takes up extra water, of course, but it has worked for me and I don't use any extra oxy stuff-just Sportwash. Luckily I only have to do this about once every 10 days or less. And these are some nasty 22 mos old DD poops too-yucky!
Good luck,
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hmmmm... I thought hot water would set the stains in, that's why I've been rinsing in cold water. Well, I'll try anything!
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Hot water does 'set' stains for me. But the dryer is the real kicker - if it goes through the dryer . . . !
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