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Baby is finally here!

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So I got home from my in-laws Saturday night and started having some contractions around 10:30. When they didn't let up by 11:30 I had Jeremiah call and let my in-laws know that we would be on our way. We dropped off the boys and headed into the hospital. My contractions weren't too painful at this point and were about every 15 minutes, but with my last labor being only 4.5 hours I wasn't taking any chances!

We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors. We were there for 2 hours and I wasn't dilating past a 3 (which is what I was at my midwife appointment Friday), and was still only contracting every 12-15 minutes, so they sent me home. I was not happy. They weren't that frequent, but they were PAINFUL. They gave me 2 vistiral (something to help me sleep) before they sent me home.

We got home around 4am, and by the time we got there they were REALLY painful and coming faster. Jeremiah wanted to head right back, but I did not want to make that trip only to have them tell me I was still only at a 3. I was not making that drive to the hospital three times. All the sleeping pills did was knock me out between contractions, which wasn't pleasant. I laid in bed and slept between contractions until about 6 or 6:30 am. Then we headed back to the hospital.

We got there at around 7, got checked, and I was at a SIX! Yeah! I was so relieved. As soon as I got there though I was DONE with the pain. This labor was already a LOT longer than my last. The nurse gave me a dose of fentanyl and called up the anesthesiologist for my epidural. She got there in record time and got it placed (which took two tries~!). It was WONDERFUL. No more pain. Thank you, thank you thank you! That was probably around 8 or 8:30.

I rested for a while, slept some (I was SO tired), and was complete at about 10. They had me start pushing at around 10:30am. I pushed for an HOUR (way longer than my last), and Elijah was born at 11:26am, September 2nd.

I tore slightly, but I'm feeling pretty good. We got home yesterday around 2.

Elijah is nursing great. Daniel is totally smitten (as am Jeremiah and I!). Isaiah is pretty indifferent to it all at this point. He'll get used to it though!

I'm still pretty tired. We didn't sleep very well last night, and the hospital didn't have a nursery for healthy babies so I didn't really get much rest. I'm SO glad to be home. I'm SO glad to have Elijah here with us and to NOT be pregnant anymore~!
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congrats on your new babe!
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Congrats on not being pregnant anymore and on your expanding family. Enjoy this time with your new little boy and I hope you get all the rest you need.
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Congratulations mama!
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Congrats! You and the abbe have been added to the welcome thread
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