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Anyone use Kissaluvs Contours?

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Curious how you like them or do not like them? How do they comapre to fitted Kissaluvs?
Have you used them on a newborn and how was that??
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I bought one to try out (from Peapods. Been there yet?) and was not exactly thrilled. Didn't hold a lot of pee (though my DD is a heavy wetter) and slid around in the wrap (Bummis SIWW). Didn't even come close to fitting once she hit about 13# (the smalls "should" fit from 5-20#).

We have one Kissaluvs fitted, and it still fits but is dangerously close to leaving DD with major plumber butt.

I think that we'll try some size 0 with the next baby, but wil leave it at that.
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I did and although i loved the way they feel and they were so cute they just didnt fit. I got the M/L , way too small, they didnt even come close to fitting ella and she only weighed 18 lbs at the time. i emailed the wahm i got them from and told her, not that i thought it was her fault, but i thought it was rediculous that the biggest size didn't fit my 4 month old! And yeah, they dont hold A LOT, but i would have really liked them had they fit.
Oh, and one more thing, I had to pin them because my snappi wouldnt hold.
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Same thoughts here. I thought they were a brilliant idea and that I would love them with wraps. Since my ds (2yr old) stands up and moves constantly during changes I can't get it on him securely with a wrap. I have heard others say good things about them for newborns, but not sure they are any better than trifolding a cpf in a wrap.
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Unlike the other posters, I've had good luck with Kissaluv countours. No, they're not the most absorbant dipe out there but if you're planning on using them on a newborn who'll be changed frequently, that's not such an issue. On an older infant, you'll probably want to use them with a doubler.

This isn't a countour that I'd recommend using without a snappi or pins (I've never had a problem with the snappi not grabbing) especially on a young infant. They don't contain runny poop as well as a fitted but they do a fairly decent job of it.

They're not my absolute favorite diaper but I like them enough to recommend at least trying them. My advice, buy one or two and see how they work on your babe. If you like them buy more, if you don't, sell 'em.
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We had two, and ds outgrew them quickly (we had the small size). In retrospect, I'd have definitely ordered the super-absorbant version, because ds was a super-soaker as a newborn. LOL

I did like the fit, though. And, I thought they were easy to use. I used them in a Prorap or Bumkins Wool cover.

If they were more absorbant, I might have ordered more. They were trim fitting, and I liked that. They were easy to deal with, and dh liked that.
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