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HI! New on this Forum and a WWYD?

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Hi, I'm Meagan! I'm not sure, since this IS a WAHM forum, if we're aloud to say what we do or what our website is, so I won't say now. LOL But, I just opened shop ~ I make kids clothes and diapers. I've actually been doing the clothing bit for almost a year, but just now got my offical website up. I've been meaning to stop by here and say HI, but I haven't had a chance, until now...

So, here's the scenario that I need help with. I made an outfit for a gal about 4 1/2 months ago. She was just about due at the time. She asked me to make the outfit sized 0-6 months. No problem ~ made it, sent it out, never heard back from her. Until today...

She emails and reminds me who she is. She says that the outfit doesn't fit her dd, now 4 months old, and reminds me that it was supposed to fit until 6 months. She says that she washed the outfit, but her dd never wore it.

What do I do? I mean, it's been a long time for one. I usually prefer to take care of these kinds of things a little earlier on, YK? Second, it has been washed and according to my usual policy (which wasn't official at the time), I don't take returns on items that have been washed unless the product is defective.

I hate to start out my biz on a bad note and *usually* I wouldn't have aproblem taking care of this kind of thing, YK? Again, if not for the time issue...

Okay, I'm just rambling now LOL I think you understand what I"m getting at.

ANyway, HI and can't wait to post more here. I already have a few questions lined up for you all!

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This is JMHO, but babies grow quickly, and the 0-6 month stuff I have is getting tight on my 3 month old. I know she won't be wearing it much longer. She has been out of 0-3 months since she was 8 weeks. I have no intention of calling all of the companies I bought clothes from saying that their clothing didn't fit the specified amount of time. I think the woman is just aggrivated that she didn't have a chance to put the outfit on her DD before it got too small. I know I have quite a few outfits that only got worn 1 or 2 times. Good Luck!!!

Again, this is JMHO
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Yeah, since everyone's kids are different sizes at 6 months who can really say it should fit her kid? I know I never expect my 6 month outfits to last until 6 months. My daughter has always been wearing clothes that were 3-6 months bigger than she was.

Did she have the outfit for 4 months already? And she hasn't put it on him? If that's the case, it's kind of her own fault for not using it when she had the chance.

I would, however, be sure to send each customer a copy of your return policy so you can point to it and say, "see."
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That mom is unreasonable. I'm certainly not returning all my Carters clothing because we didn't get exactly all the months out of each item! That's just nuts.

I'm sorry you have to put up with such a PITA. I certainly wouldn't take it back, and you really don't even have to give an explanation. That mama seems to be lacking common sense.
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And if it was never worn why did she wash it? While you should make your return policy very clear in advance, I don't think any company would take something back that has been washed. She's grasping.
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That's just silly! Babies are such different sizes there's no way you can guarantee that the item would fit her kid till 6 months-what if she's a chunko like my guys, and over 20 pounds at 4 months?!?! I think the time frame really lets you off the hook. I would direct her towards your return policy, and tell her that baby sizing is of such a nature that it's impossible to accurated predict how long something will fit and the size ranges are estimates. She had the outfit long enough to try it on way before 4 months. I'd maybe give her some links to places she can sell the item, too.
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To answer your questions there is a sticky at the top of this forums with the guidelines of the WAHM well board (for posting)

Nice to hear your intro!!
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Yes, I agree with the others. It is a bit ridiculous to expect a 0-6 month size to fit all 6 months. My son grew like a weed and was out of 3-6 month stuff by 4 months or so. I would be curious if her daughter is wearing that size in all her other clothes?
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I agree with the above posters.

In order to help with the "not starting out on a bad note" thing - maybe you could offer her a coupon on her next purchase for the next size up?

Just explain that you are happy to exchange or refund unwashed unworn garments within 30 days, but that unfortunately, you cannot estimate the length of time a child can wear a garment and that sizes are approximate.

Then offer her 20% off any instock item

Also, I love the idea of putting up links where she can re-sell the item!

BTW - T Your shop is AMAZING and the clothes are simply stunning. As a mom of 3 girls I can honestly say that I will be saving up money to get the girls matching dresses from your site (and, if God should EVER decide we can handle a boy in this house, DEFINITELY overalls!!!!) :LOL
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0-6 months is a general estimate for most babies and she should know that some babies will grow sooner. She is being a pain by pestering you about it. Unless you sell gently used clothing what are you going to do with it?(washed is now gently used). I have plenty of clothing tags still attached, I either sell it on ebay or give it away.
Stck to your policy. I can understand not wanting to start off on a bad foot but you don't want to start off as queen puch over either.
The coupon or discount idea is great it should smooth her ruffled feathers.
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She is being ridiculous, and I agree with all the above posters.

I didn't look at your site (yet) but I'm thinking it might be a good idea to have a size chart on it, that gives height and weight measurements corresponding to the sizes.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. Of course your thoughts were my own, but that was exactly why I posted. I think oftentimes I AM a bit of a push-over. I don't want to get a bad name so I tend to bend over backwards to fix things. Now that my site is up though, I think I can easily stick to my policies.

As far as the sizing issues and the suggestion posted by the user just above this message ~ I usually do clothing made to size. IOW, they send measurements and I make clothing to fit *their* child with room to grow. In her case, it was for a new baby, so I made the smallest size I had. As many of you know, patterns are made rather large so I assumed there was no way the outfit *wouldn't* fit KWIM? (and in this case I was using Kwik Sew although I now have my own patterns that I've developed)

Anyway, I'm getting wordy again... I like the idea of a coupon code, so I might try that. Now I just have to think through this email in orer to be as tactful as possible. LOL

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Hey Meagan could you PM me the link to your site....I wanna see cover alls

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that is strange...

I don't think I would expect clothing to fit exactly to the T for size..

I will give you an example... My boys were almost 10# at birth.. they came home in 3-6 months clothing!! I had wash and had the 0-3 months all ready for them but, they NEVER fit them, I ended up just giving them away to someone in need..

Sorry you have to go threw that
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