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Carrier for Dad who hates Ergo?

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I need some suggestions! We have an Ergo that my Dh hates -- and I need him to help me out with babywearing...

I'm sort of a minimalist (compared with most of you ) and have mostly used an adjustable ring pouch and the Ergo for DD (now age 2). We did have a Bjorn that neither of us liked and also a frame backpack which we both loved (got rid of it when we moved overseas -- big mistake!) but it was not great for wearing around the house or shopping in town, and we couldn't use it until after 6 months.

Our second DC will arrive in December and I want to have something especially for Dh to wear a young baby. I don't really have any ideas -- he's a tall guy (6'3") and with an athletic build. He likes the look of the Ergo, just not the fit. Something super-easy to put on is what I think will get used the most, which is why I was thinking of another ring sling without the un-manly flowers... but considering I only have 2 kinds of carriers, it might be nice to branch out a bit!
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Maybe a Mei Tai? What exactly does he not like about the fit of the Ergo? A pouch may work too.
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I think a Kozy with XT staps might be the way to go. They are very durable. Great for little babies but because the body size is a bit bigger than alot of other MTs it will work great with a toddler. I have one that I use with my DD2she is 23 mos and 24lbs but I have also used it a few times with my older DD who is now 5 but 40 inches tall and 38lbs.
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My Dh was the primary babywearer in our family for a long time. He favored a homemade wrap for most of the first year and now he prefers the Maya ring sling with our toddler (18mo).

I actually bought the fabric and had Dh make (i.e. cut) the fabric to fit using the directions from mamatoto.org. With the wrap, Dh would put it on in the morning and just wear it about, popping Ds in and out as he pleased. It took some prodding to get him to try the wrap but he became quite the zealot once he figured out how versatile wraps are. He used to come home all excited and telling me about all the pregnant women he had taught to tie the wrap.

Two other reasons I plug homemade wraps: 1) super inexpensive--you can make 3 wraps for around $15, 2) you can make several wraps so if your kiddo is a spitter then you can have one in the wash, one on your body, and one clean and waiting.
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My BIL is 6'4" and built like a barrel, so he's had problems with a lot of carriers, too. He has had the most success with a Kozy, although I don't think theirs has XL straps, just regular ones. My very crafty sister just made him his own soft structured carrier which he loves because it actually fits him!

I have to post the link with pictures because I shamelessly brag about how talented she is:


A pouch might be a good carrier for him especially for the early days. My dh really liked the simplicity and snuggliness of the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. He also really liked the Maya Wrap ring sling (and in fact taught me how to use it 5 years ago when our first was born! )
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Maybe a Beco

Or a Carry Me Mama Buckle Tai... which she can make specifically to your husband's measurements. I *love* mine.
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My husband will wear the Beco because it's very comfortable. But he likes the rugged look of the Patapum. ooops...baby woke up
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I have been thinking about a pouch for the ease of use -- I'm just skeptical of buying anything made just for him (what if he doesn't use it?!)

I've showed him the pics of the other carriers, but anything that resembles the Ergo is immediately out! He just doesn't like the fit. We both feel like the straps are wayyyy too padded (we're both broad-shouldered, and they slip off). He doesn't get the weight transferred to his hips either, so the Ergo hurts his back (wearing our not-so-huge 2 yo -- she's all of 23 lbs.)

I think I may just go with a pouch for him, for the early months... then give in to the huge, structured, backpack thing again -- at least it'll give me a break on long walks.

The only problem now is that I want them all!!!
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