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Has anyone here used nothing except AIOs

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Just curious...
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I'm new here, but I use all "Almost in ones". My entire collection is made up of FB (about 10 small and 12 medium) and Apron Strings (16 mediums).

I stuff everything with Hemparoos, one during the day and 2 at night. I only bought large hemparoos because, well, I am cheap, but I fold them to fit in what ever size diaper I am using and they work just fine!

When she moves into large I plan on continuing with the above system!

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i'm new to all this--what are hemparoos?
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Does that include trying everything under the sun and *then* deciding to use nothing but AIOs?

That's ME!

I am branching out into fitteds with our new baby though--since the idea of BF poopies in AIOs (not to mention the cost ) mildly terrifies me! LOL
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Kellysmom, that's an idea--using cpfs when shes small, and then when she outgrows them (and my life is more busy because i'll be back in school, etc) do AIOs.
Just brainstorming...
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A hemparoo is made by Baby Kicks I think. I purchased mine from a site I got my Fuzzi Bunz at. It is what you stuff the dipe with. This is made out of hemp and is really trim. Much trimmer than a CPF (prefold). They are about 5.00 each, but to me very worth it for the trimness. I can't stand bulky diapers.

When I started CD'ing I startef with prefolds and covers. That lasted about a week or two, I hated it. Sold everything on Ebay and bought tons of FB. Liked those, till I tried Apron Strings. LOVED those, sold half my FB and bought a bunch of AS.

When Abby moves into larges, I plan on getting almost all AS with a few FB for night time and long car trips.

Well, that was a longggg answer to a very simple question!

I would post a link to a hemparoo, but I am really not sure of the rules re that.

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sounds like a good system!
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I used to only use AIO's for both the boys. Except when Ethan was a newborn, we did cpf's and covers, but then I switched him to all AIO's, too. But a couple of months ago, I got tired of matching diapers and soakers and doublers, etc., so I sold them all and bought all CPF's and that's what we use now.
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I used to be a strictly AIO user (Chumbas Trim AIO's), 'til I came to this board and saw all the raves about this fitted and that fitted, so I had to give 'em all a try.
My current *system* is SOS dipes w/Bummis wraps.
Who knows what it will be next month.
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