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a dumb question...

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My husband talked to a co-worker today about cd, and this guy said that they tried it and we're into it at first, but ended up using disposibles because when they used cloth it was "like they had nothing on".
(Now that I'm thinking about it, i wonder if they were trying to use cpfs without covers? lol)
dh said the diapers were free and the guy couldn't remember the brand, and didn't know the type.

So, here's my dumb question--dh and i need some reassurance--we know that you need to change cloth more than disposible, but they do work better than what this guy claims, if you have a good kind and they fit your baby right--correct?

(While I'm at it, I'll add that I talked to another guy, they have twins, who used a diaper service, and when i asked him about cd, he said "run. run as far as you can". He said he wanted to like it, but it was awful. VERY reassuring for us first timers, LOL)
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I find that people who have had problem with cloth, have not been using the "new cloth". It is so different now that you don't have to use pins or fold in fancy ways. You still can do that, but you can also take advantage of nifty new products like covers, snappies and pocket diapers.

I went into CD'ing with a "try it for a month attitude" and I will never go back. it has become my new hobby

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Oh Jeez: Dont listen to them! Cloth has changed so much in the past few years. Now diapers work better than sposies and hold more and are damn cute to boot. I will guarantee you this....try the good stuff, good fitteds, all in one's, pocket dipes and you'll never go back.
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You definitely get out of it what you put into it, so save yourself some troube and buy quality from the get go.

Also, it has been my personal experience (and I've also noticed this with other cd'ers) that people who start out with cpf's don't seem to like them. I know I didn't.....I hated it and wanted to quit. But decided to try some fitteds and then AIO's and then I was hooked Now I use only cpf's and I love them, but it seemed like first I had to get used to cloth diapers in general before I could. I guess because cpf's are really different from disposables.
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I'm using ubcpfs with my 2 weeks old and have been from the start. We use them with a snappi and various covers (proraps and bummis sww and pants). I have only had about 4 leaks onto the covers, never on clothes, which is a lot better than what I dealt with when I used sposies with dd 1.
Even dh thinks they are great. They don't take longer than sposies to put on.
I wash every day because my prefold stash is limited (If only I had known I wouldn't like the fitteds all that much: ) and it doesn't bother me, even with a newborn, a 4 yo, a working dh and a house to keep running. It only takes a few minutes.
I'm sure you'll like it, but agree with others that you need to buy quality, I think it makes all the difference.
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My neighbor said the same thing. She kept saying that her son was wet constantly, leaked everywhere, and she couldn't even take him out, because he would be so leaky.

I plunged in anyways, and I have to say I wonder what in the sam hill kind of dipes she was using, because it's been fabulous, and after 4 kids and maude knows how many dipaer changes, I am a confirmed addict!
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I wonder if those people just bought the plain ole Gerber diapers at Walmart. You know, the kind you use for burp rags?

Buy the good stuff and you will like it, really! Plus you know where to come to find out more than a person ever needed to know about cding! You can't go wrong!
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I think that most people who don't like cloth, didn't give it a fair enough chance. And, as for the one that said "run as fast as you can" -- maybe he is a hyena husband! I think my husband would say the same thing, given the level of my "hobby!" :LOL

I would spend the money on a part-time diapering package. Like one dozen fitteds. Get something good, like kissaluvs or lukes drawers so that the resale value is good if you decide you don't like them. That's the best way to give this an honest attempt.

We used sposies when my son was babysat or went to his daycare, and honestly I had a few days here and there where I was too lazy to cloth diaper him. Cloth diapering take a little more work....but not a lot. Definately worth it for the benefit you get out of them!
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I used disposables for the first 14 months or so, and have been using cloth full time since. I do not have any leakage issues. I really like prefolds, but can't seem to get them on right. But even with prefolds I haven't had leaks. And I have never had a leak with a wool cover!

As far as changing, I change a bit more than I did with disposables, but really not that much more often. Maybe every 2-4 hours, depending on what we're doing. We had leaks with disposables at night, and since we have switched to cloth at night and found the right system, we have had no more problems.

I agree it's about finding what works. I will use cloth from the beginning with the next baby, but will use fitteds, because I just know that I wouldn't be talented enough to use prefolds on a newborn to stop the blowouts. BTW, we had TONS of blowouts when we used disposables.

The only 2 things that I have found harder with cloth: Packing diapers for an overnight trip (they take up a lot of space), and if you have a particularly nasty poop diaper in an awkward place (this has only happened 2-3 times, but each time I found myself wishing it was a disposable). Other than that I like cloth sooooo much better.
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Originally posted by Safemommy
Cloth diapering take a little more work....but not a lot. Definately worth it for the benefit you get out of them!
Wanna hear something sick? I don't think cloth diapers are "work" at all. I actually enjoy washing them and assembling all the soakers and whatnot and folding them and putting them away... ahh! OK, I need a life. :

The one thing I could live without is rinsing the poopy ones but you know what? I actually on some level enjoy that too because I feel like I'm actively doing something good for the earth by not chucking a poopy sposie in the trash. It's like I get some kind of satisfaction out of knowing I'm going the extra mile for something I believe in.
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I started using cloth diapers when ds was about 4 months. He's just over 5 months now...so after cding for about a month I'd say I've pretty much got the hang of it. I wanted to use them from the beginning, but I had to convince my husband....plus it took us a while to get that first bit of money together to get everything we needed to start. I ordered three dozen chinese prefolds, 4 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and some snappis. This last week those 36 diapers lasted the whole week. I am having leaking at night, but I plan on getting some wool covers soon, I have heard so many good things about them! I do have some trouble with poop getting on the wraps...at least once a day, but it doesnt come through to the clothing like it always did with the disposables. I think I'll be getting some more covers soon that should help. Until then, I'm hand-washing and air-drying (lay out the wrap on a towel on the coffee table with fan blowing on it) and that works just fine. Blow-outs are a thing of the past for us also!
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