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Loony Doula Story?

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Saslewis11 please do tell, you now have me all intrigued to hear this story.
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hahahaha Well, I was really, really excited about having found a doula. She was training to be a midwife, was about my age, and we became pretty good friends before Tom was born. My mom didn't like her from the get-go...She felt like she was rude to everyone else but me...

I started having ctxs on my due date, and she came and spent the night with me at my house...(DH kind of got a bad vibe off of her, but I disregarded his premonition lol) I went to the hospital the next morning (ugh, Pitocin) and she met us there. DH broke out a snack bag of cookies, and mean doula said, "Matt!!! Stop making so much noise! You're going to distract Sarah!". Keep in mind, that my pain at the point was pretty much close to 0, and good lord, he can eat a snack if he wants! So...DH was pretty ticked at this point. (and I was sort of embarrassed...I'd chosen this girl to be here at this most special time for my family). Around lunchtime, my midwife came in and started mentioning breaking my bag of waters...(which didn't happen until the next day, btw)

Doula breaks out one of her midwife textbooks detailing all of the things that can go wrong when a mom's water is broken...She even mentioned death of my baby...This was all in front of the midwife and my family, and honestly freaked me out a little bit...She kept going on and on...It was horrrrible. The midwife was put off, and all of us were, honestly. I mean, I know what she was trying to do, but it just wasn't the time or the place for it, you know?

After this incident, my labor completely stalled. I was on the highest dose of Pit possible, and still no progression. I attribute it to the stress she was putting me and my family under. She left that afternoon to go home and have dinner, and I had my sister (I know, I'm a wimp, but I was in labor, lol!) call the doula and tell her she wouldn't be needed the next morning when they broke my water. It was such a relief to have her out...The next morning they broke my water, and I progressed from 2cm to 10 while asleep! (epi)...

My birth was totally not what I wanted or expected. My son was born healthy, and for that I am grateful. I know that the majority of women who are doulas are awesome, gentle, sensitive women with the mother's best interests at heart. I don't know what was going on with the girl I hired. Maybe her sensitivity chip was missing (???) Anyway, she's turned me off to doulas I'm scared to go through the same thing again...and my dh would never let one in the delivery room again, I don't think...

So...that's my evil doula story!
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Yeah thats a bit more than Looney! So sorry for the bad experience but at least you got her to leave and not come back. I am training to be a doula and boy I hope I am much much better than that.
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