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Ebay bidding question

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I am new to ebay, and maybe don't quite understand how it all works...you know, behind the actual rules and regs.

I bid on an SOS diaper several days back and decided that $20 was as much as I was willing to pay, so I put that as my max amount.

When the auction was closing I refreshed my browser over and over because I decided that IF someone outbid me, I was going to go higher. It got down to 0 hours 0 minutes, but the auction was not over...one more refresh and I figured I had it at $18, but in that split second two bids were made and the diaper sold for a few cents more than my highest bid!

What happened? That wasn't even enough time for me to bid again on it. If someone else outbid me, why didn't it show up before the auction closed? I would have gone up to about anything (I think) to get my hands on just ONE SOS. They just keep slipping away from me in this same fashion.

I've always tried to be nice on ebay and not be sneaky....but this time around I'm doing what ever I need to in order to get ONE SOS Diaper! :LOL So, give me the secrets please!! (unless you are the one getting all those SOS's!! )
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Basically, you got sniped. The other bidder waited until the last few seconds to enter their bid.

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Re: Ebay bidding question

Originally posted by Safemommy
So, give me the secrets please!! (unless you are the one getting all those SOS's!! )
Oh, and I got two the other day, LOL, but not all.

I usually wait until the last 2 minutes to bid, then I can bid again quickly, if need be.
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I guess what I need to do is put an item in my "watching" list and then just bid at the end. I put a lot of time tracking it to see if I had been outbidded (is that a word?!?!) everyday, only to lose it at the very end.

I'm learning. I'll check my conscience at the door next time! :LOL


p.s. Not that I am MAD at the person who was so sneaky....obviously an SOS lover too (hopefully she wasn't buying her 18th SOS or something though...I'm very SOS needy! ) but man....I got dooped!!
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Here's a brand new one on Ebay with a BIN for $26. Hope my link works.

No, it's not my auction
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Some people use a program like esnipe to do this because the bid will be placed a few seconds before the auction ends. Another tip is to bid with change. If the bid increment is $.50 bid like $20.68 as you max bid. In addition to bidding the last minute.
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What I've learned from Ebay

Is that you've got to decide how high you would really go and just set your proxy bid to that. You need to think about what price would you be relieved to not win and bid less than that. I rarely bid before the last hour of an auction and then just put in my REAL high bid and leave it to the auction fairies. The trouble with bidding early is people "chase" proxy bids, adding a dollar or 2 each time trying to outbid you by as little as possible. If you bid at the end, there is less possibility of that and you'll see if it has already surpassed your high bid.
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