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Am I the oldest Mama here?

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I am 41 and will be 42 in November.

Other older Mamas, how has your family taken the news of the new pregnancy? I don't know if its hormones or not, but I talked to my brother this morning and he didn't sound too excited about me being pregnant. I am sad. I know I should blow him off and its not his decision, but I guess I expected more support.

Also, if it matters. This brother is not married, never has, and doesn't have kids.
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i turn 37 this month...nak...i'm not planning to share for a while, but do expect some raised eyebrows from il's and maybe my family

i could see your bro not understanding if he has no kids
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My sister had a baby at 41, my aunt had her 3rd baby at 45 (her other two were born in her 20s (same father for all three) and my best friend was a 5th child born when her mom was 48... so me being pregnant will not phase anyone [in my family].

I turn 41 this month. I haven't told my family yet, but they will be supportive - they may be concerned about other things but not my age. I started later on in life so it isnt odd that I'm 40 and pregnant.

On the other hand it just occurred to me that I am "middle aged" and pregnant and that amuses me!

I think maybe your brother is just not relating at all. Sorry he was not more supportive.
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I'm 42 and should still be 42 when my new little one arrives, but edd is only 9 days before my b'day, so it could be a close call!!! Part of our family and friends were beside themselves with support and excitement, the other half thought we were nuts to even consider going forward with a pregnancy. The negative half, my Mom included, is starting to warm up to the idea as they see my belly grow. Hopefully your brother will warm to the idea as well, give him a little time especially since he has never experienced this.

Now my humor for my situation... I'm middleaged and pregnant, my sister is 6 years younger than me and about to become a grandma 2 times over. I love it. I know, I'm mean, but she has always said I am old!!! I feel pretty young right now!!!
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Please forgive me... I failed to say... Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!
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37-I wil be 33 when bby is born
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I am 34 and will be 35 when this one arrives!

Congrats on your pregnancy and know that I have SEVERAL friends that have had babies after 40!!!
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I'll be 40 next month. We haven't told anyone yet, but I doubt there will be negativity since the last one was born just a couple of months before I turned 39. Congratulations to all on these wonderful blessings!!
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