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Never tried a wool soaker... Sell me...

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Okay ladies I have never used wool. I mostly use Pul Aio's with some fleece mixed in. I think I am scared to mess up wool.
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do NOT be afraid of wool!! once you get your first cover you will understand why. They are no trouble to take care of. You just hand wash in Eucalan (or other wool wash) and lay flat to dry.. no big deal.. and they only need to be washed about every 2 weeks or so.. or when they are soiled. I use wool almost exclusiveless (I always keep a pul cover in the diaper bag) .. and I would never ever use anything else.
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Wool sounds scarier than it really is. Go for it!
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why wool is good!!!

Some might think that wool is a pain because you have to hand wash mostly, but it only takes a minute!!! most messes just bead up on the cover, making it really, REALLY easy to rinse off, or I've been know to pick off a lil piece of poo on the side, and there, my cover is clean again!!! He he, these little icons to the left are just too cute!!!

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Heck, you don't even have to use eucalan or special wool washes! I use shampoo on mine
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What about lanolizing? I bought one bumpy imse vimse wool wrap and have wool fabric to make a few more. Babe's not due until November, so I'm wondering if I should lanolize them before use or if they're all set as is. The bumpy wrap is so beautiful!
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I got my first two in the mail today, freshly washed and ready to go (Thanks trishshack!!). I put one on the babe for nap, and it was great. Try it, you'll like it
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