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Yeast Infection: how do we get rid of it???

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My 8 wk old 2nd dd has a yeast infection which looks like diaper rash except she has had it almost every single day since she was born!! We are obviously passing it back and forth so I've heard from nipple to baby and back. I got yeast infections for the first time ever during this pregnancy, I also took a round of antibiotics a couple of weeks ago - so it has flared up AGAIN. We are treating her with an antifungal cream but I need to treat myself again.

I heard about that natural remedy with something that turns everything purple. I just don't really want purple nipples, even temporarily - my husband will get such a thrill out of it, he'll be telling the story to any who listens :

Can you please give me some advice?? Oh by the way, she has really bad gas (lets out true burps and farts) and gets very miserable with it and I read in one of my nursing books that that is a sign of a yeast infection. What relieves the extra yeast in the gut???
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I can totally relate to you! I have been fighting thrush/yeast since day one with my dd (she's now 6.5 months) -- hopefully you can kick it more quickly than I can.

There's a great thread here with many ideas (not sure if can paste it in correctly) http://www.mothering.com/discussions...threadid=56706

Also, there are many good links on kellymom.com (thrush resources page)

the purple stuff you're thinking of is gentian violet -- it does turn everything purple but it works for most people in just a few doses. Jack Newman has a page on using gv (linked on Kellymom)

I have used gv several times and have managed to keep my house and clothes from getting purple -- just be really careful when you open the bottle on the counter. My dd likes to chew on her hands so I make sure she is wearing an outfit that I don't care if it gets stained (sometimes the stains come out, other times they don't)

If you want to get your dd's gi tract back in balance, you can give her acidophilus. Just wet your finger, dip it in the powder and have the baby suck on it. I think it is recommended that you do this three times per day but check the pages written by IBCLC's for this.

When I first used gv, I diluted the 1% solution down to 0.5% solution using 1/2 soln, 1/2 water. GV can cause sores in a baby's mouth if it is too concentrated and they come on quickly. My dd has never had a problem with it.

Also, you might want to try different antifungals for the diaper rash - some yeast strains are resistant - if the one you're using doesn't clear it up.

Good luck!

PS. you probably have to get gv at a natural pharmacy or else a regular pharmacy might have to order it; oh, and I think you can order it on-line if you can't get it at a store. I've had to buy all of my yeast-fighting stuff at the natural pharmacy here.
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I agree with everything above. it is really important to get her tract in balance. the gas is from yeast, that is how it is shed. We used GV and that is what got rid of it. good luck
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I want to add one more bit of info -- there's a great article that appeared in Mothering that is not linked from the thread I listed in my earlier post -- here it is

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Just wanted to mention a couple of things re the yeast (we are very familiar w/this in our household, ugh)...

- be careful with the gentian violet - don't use it on baby for more than a couple of days - it can burn/blister the insides of the baby's mouth if it is used too long

- I have also heard that taking baby swimming in a chlorinated pool a couple of times helps - the yeast doesn't like the chlorine

- acidophilus powder on the finger is a big help in keeping the yeast in check. You should take it, too

- if the baby is eating solids, try to eliminate sugary stuff (applesauce etc) for a week or two to discourage yeast growth

- everything baby's mouth touches (including sheets, pacis, etc) should be washed with a vinegar rinse at the end
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Both times when my babies had oral thrush, I used homeopathic remedy Borax. I gave one pillule, potency 30c three times a day, 15 mins before or after food. Raspberry leaf tea bathed on the affected area and/or drunk by mum also helps. This cleared it up in about 6 days.HTH xx
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