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So I finished my first day of pocket diapering!

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I like it! I want to try new pocket dipes now. The whole thing is so fun! I was a big diaper dork today putting together my diaper bag and carefully putting an insert in each dipe. So bring on the HHs!! The downside was that I was constantly checking to see if dd had wet. And it seemed like she peed less today just because I was checking every two seconds to see if it really felt dry after she wet. It was fun and I think I may have already converted a few people to pocket dipes....... A few dispoable users!!! Woo hoo! Okay, it's late... I've got to sleep before I get too delerious. Now the question is... One insert or two for bedtime???
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I love my HH. You'll have fun picking out the prints.
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We couldn't do any inserts at bed-time . . . full blow chinese prefolds for Kenny!
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For night time, I use a premium prefold or two hemp doublers.
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We also use prefolds as our inserts. When they're tiny, an infant folded the wrong way - when they're a bit bigger, an infant folded the right way - and now that she's a toddler, two infants folded the right way

I was thinking about your predicament last night - the vegan/wool issues...and I was thinking about How It all Vegan. (We once were vegan - now we're *trying* to live cruelty-free and avoid *most* animal products).

ANYWAY - in the book it mentioned a leather belt and shoes. How it would be wasteful to get rid of these items, and better to continue using them until they were no longer usable. I was thinking the same might apply to wool. Perhaps you would feel better if you purchased *used* wool covers or recycled wool soakers? That way you are not contributing to the demise of the sheep who are shorn, but preventing the Earth from being cluttered with trash?

Just a thought - I don't mean to presume your reasoning for veganism - just wondering if that might be a way that you can work around this "using unnatural fibers on a natural baby"
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My DP and I agree that using used wool is a good idea for those who are wokring on living in a less cruel world. We decided that leaving the used wool for those who might buy it new if it's not there is a better idea. Also, we don't condone using animal products because they are not ours to use, even if we didn't give money to the wool industry. We have though about it though. We prefer to see wool on the sheep where it belongs. I am interested in Bummis new cotton cover when it comes out.

Anyway, I used two inserts last night and it was relaly a waste b/c dd doesn't pee much at night. Usually just once in the morning. I think I am just indoctrinated into the "night time diaper" mentality. She pees for the first time about 8 a.m. and we got up for LLL early today, so the inserts were dry when I woke her up and wet only after her first morning pee.

T I convinced someone to switch to cloth at LLL today though!!

Anyway, I am digging the pocket. Now I need some HHs. I am already scoping prints. I have to sell off some dipes first and maybe wait until we have a garage sale and then I can justify it. Rest assured when I win the lottery there will be some MAJOR diaper purchasing, LOL and I'll rememebr who my friends are and they will get secret santa flully mail...

Thanks for the advice- that's why I love this forum so much.
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Check out www.apronstringsbabythings.com, too! I love her "buttery soft" inner fleece!

I could never get a pocket diaper to work at night, though. I stopped at 4 inserts...I think it was b/c Ds was lying down.
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I've been trying to get into apron strings too! So many diapers... so many pee pees... so little time and $$. NOT FAIR! **Sulk**
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