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FMBG sizing?

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Do her diapering products run small or large.. or average? My son is 3 months old.. weighs 19 lbs ..needs a 15-16 inch rise on his diapers..and has a 16 inch waist. I've got some larges on the way.. I am assuming that it will be a while before he can wear them.. her website states the larges start at 22 lbs.. but I know this is just a general guideline.. so will Caden be able to wear these soon... or will it be a good while ? Thanks!
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I am not sure about the rest of the sizes, but I find the XL AIO we have to be very generous. My 2 3/4 y/o son is 40 something lbs., 40 " tall and the xl fits him very well. I would email Terri with any questions because she is SO helpful and nice to boot! HTH
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Well my 32 lb son wears the larges with several snaps left to go, so it may be a loooong while before he will fit into them.

So you should really sell them to me in the meantime

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well dang it! I was expected him to fit into them at least when he is 22 lbs which should be in a few weeks at this rate .. on well.. I guess I'll just have to hang onto them for a while ....sorry Jenn
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