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writing the mat leave letter!!

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Well, here I sit writing the mat leave letter! Only 3 months (of work) left to go!! I can't wait for this babe to come! It's finally starting to sink in. Hallelula!

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So, I'm still not "out" at work. I'm 23wks tomorrow It is a long story, but basically I was a post doc and was up for a big promotion which was a great opportunity, great $ for right now, and would ensure my maternity benefits. I interviewed last Friday, was offered on the spot and started yesterday. I don't plan to return after the baby based on the fact that the salary isn't competitve for the market (better than my post-doc, but still low) and because at the last minute the location changed adding a 45-60 minute commute to the job.

I know I can do what needs to be done in this position very well between now and 1/1, however I'm trying to figure out how to break the news so soon after the position was given. And honestly I'm waiting for my official "offer" letter from HR because the company has just been restructured and many many people were let go. It's a real time of turmoil and I just don't trust the powers that be.

I'm thinking that as soon as I get the letter, I will tell my director and then the team that I manage and we'll go from there. It's sort to nerve racking, but I'm also super excited to be able to do this job and I think I'll do it better knowing I'm leaving soon if that makes sense at all.
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How on earth could they not know!! wow, you must be good at hiding it.

Good luck with your job, leafwood. I always find it difficult to tell my boss. Right now I'm just writing the official letter, they have known for months. I told when it was pretty obvious - at 10 weeks or so....

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I wonder myself sometimes how at 23 weeks I am still pulling it off! I lost about 10 pounds at first and have only gained 2 back. The good part about that is that I just kept wearing the same clothes the entire time. I have worn skirts every day and they are just starting to get "fitted" around my middle.

I will definately out myself next week. I am trying not to worry, and looking forward to letting my belly hang out.

How did you decide when to start your leave? I was thinking that I would just work to the end, but I'm not sure how that will go. Part of my reasoning is because if I go late I will loose a lot of holiday pay over x-mas/new years. However, in the big picture that's not a big deal. I only have 6wks paid coming to me and then 6wks of disability (which equals about 4wks paid). I will have to start doing some work on my own after that so I don't want to jump the gun and sit at home w/o baby on my leave. Tough decisions I tell you!

I'll let you know how it goes!
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How did i decide when to leave:
Well, with DD I took off 3 weeks before my due date. I had all sorts of stuff to do and was really looking forward to relaxing a bit before the baby came. Well, wouldn't you know it, she was born on my first day off! Yes, I didn't even get a single solitary sleep in day! It...um...wasn't ideal, so I'm planning on taking more than that this time. I'm in Canada and we can take max 52 weeks of mat leave, and can start it up to 8 weeks before the due date. With DD I wanted to go back to work early - I went stir crazy - so I figgure time before might be more beneficial than time after. So I'm taking off 7 weeks before the due date. It'll be before christmas so I'll be busy getting things ready for that, and then happily gestating after that. Plus this time I have a 3 yr old to run around after, so It's not like I'll be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs! The one thing I'm hoping for is good weather so we can get out lots. The weather varries quite a lot here, so that will make a huge difference.
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Thanks for the information. Since I'm only gettin 10wks to be home full time, I will likely plan to work until my due date and then if I go early, so be it. I am still awaiting my official promotion letter before announcing my news. I will likely be 24wks when this comes through.......I'm so excited!
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If I were you I'd probably work up until my due date, too. Or maybe leave a week or so early.
I know we've got a pretty good deal with our mat leave here.
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