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Hi, my name is Natalie. I'm not new to the forums, but I had to create a new account because I forgot all of my information for my last screen name and no longer had access to that email address!! argh!

Anyway....I'm due on May 26th, with a little girl named Avery Elisabeth. This is our first and we are just super thrilled!! I will be delivering at a birth center with the most awesome midwife ever!!

So...hey May Mommas, nice to meet you!! I can't wait until everyone starts having their babies...soft little smelly-good bundles of perfection! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

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Originally Posted by MamaWolfe View Post
All my midwife will say is the last days of April or first days of May. I ovulate more than once a month and was in a strange part in my cycle when I conceived so she can't go by the typical, first day of your last period. Like a baby's gonna care about the calendar anyway

Ummm, haven't you heard? The uterus actually comes equiped with a calendar so that babies can keep track of how far along they are. It's only the sick, impatient or lazy babies who don't come at exactly 40 weeks gestation...you know who you are, lazy lazy babies! : : :
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my due date is May 5
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Hi, new here and will be 40w on May 12th.
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May 31st

Please add me to May. I'm due May 31st.
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new & expecting

Please add me, due about May 1
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May 14th
Getting closer!
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Please add me, if you get a chance, for May 5th.
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ummm not sure. My menstral DD is the 22nd but by 6 week u/s the 28th. I would wanna go with the u/s date but my mw keeps referring to the menstral date-even though I know it's wrong. So in short...please put me for the 28th. at the very very end of the month *wah*
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Add me please ;D
May 31st
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my due date according to my calculations (by period) is May 15th. By u/s it is the 25 (but the u/s always puts me a week or two out...and it is always wrong....because I get u/s so late in pregnancy and it is hard to do good measurements....the tech always says that it is probably not right)
But I tend to always go a few days or so before when I think my due date is by my period calculations....so maybe May 12th? But you can just put me down for the 15th but I doubt she is born on that date....but most babies are not born on their due dates anyway!
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Hi, thought I was on this list. May I be added? I have been watching and occasionally writing since Dec. I am due 5/14
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i'm due may 24th. i have no idea what we are expecting but i hope to go soon.
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Can you change chantelhayes in late may to Intertwined on May 30th?
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