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bikini cuddlebuns

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Who sells these diapers. I need to get some more. They fit the best on dd. (I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore, but I am going to sell a bunch of stuff).
Please post links if you have them.
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http://www.girlwomangoddess.com has bikini cut CB and even in hemp.
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Or for a real variety, check out WAHM BOUTIQUE This way if you don't yet have a favorite maker, you can find one that is Gold Certified.
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The bikini cut hemp one I have is from Rocking Horse Babies
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I love this site, the only one who sells the PUL cuddlecovers. She also does wool and bikini.
Good luck, let us know where you find them, I want some too
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custom order slots

I just did some research for you and www.stork crossing has many custom slots open for hemp!
She has restocked everything and I have to stay away from there. BTW the pul covers are my all time favorite covers yet!
Just thought I would pass it on!
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My favorite is www.righteousbaby.com
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www.bumbundles.com has them ...they even fit my little chubbalubba butt dd LOL


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I just got this bikini cut CB


from Carli at Little Caboose (www.littlecaboose.com) which is soon to reincarnate into Blossom Baby (www.blossombaby.com). When I corresponded with her on 7/6 she said it would be a few weeks before the Blossom Baby site was open for business so orders from for that site (she has some different fabric choices there) needed to be emailed to her directly via the Little Caboose site.
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Originally posted by Penguinlady
http://www.girlwomangoddess.com has bikini cut CB and even in hemp.
Tiffany's diapers are spectacular! We have a cuddle in one bikini cut and I just love it. It was a custom order and Tiffany was very nice and friendly thru out the transaction (even when I thought she was ignoring me and then I realized her emails were being sent straight to my bulk folder, stupid yahoo! LOL).
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Here are my favourite places

for the bikini cuddlebuns

There you have it, these wahms make and sell the best looking cuddlebuns ever! I cannot wait to get mine in the mail. That is if the posties do not strike!!

Just edited to correct one of the links.
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Storkcrossing is my favorite. Amy is terrific to work with.
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Why are these diapers sooo expensive??? I thought my firefly diapers were expensive but some of these are over $20 a diaper!!!
I finally find the perfect fit for dd and they aresooo much$$$. Can I cry again??
Anyone have used ones they want to sell???
(I know Heather that belongs on the trading Post, sorry it slipped ).
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strange....ive found that they are sometimes cheaper than the ff...
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I never find a good deal on the bikini ones...probably b/c I always have to have it made custom since I want microfleece.
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What does gold certified mean???
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I tried not to! Got the DT's and hit the BIN button. Only on the monkey lot though...couldn't...help...myself... :LOL

Sorry 'bout that!
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I noticed no label

from what I could see. Odd....
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