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vitamins for 1 year old

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I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but can someone recommend a good vitamin for my 1 yr. old dd? She won't eat any green vegetables... or very few, and I'm worried about her getting her B vitamins. The pediatrican recommended supplementing with vitamins but didn't tell me a specific brand. I still breastfeed... does she get B vitamins from me??
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I have given my kids several different kinds. I use Usana's children's multiple, Seasilver, & right now I also have Twinlab Animal friends. I have used a few others too but can't remember what they are called right now. You might try to do a search and see if you can find any other threads that talk about children's vits...I know we have discussed it before.....lol
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power of probiotics

The best for Bs, and for the overall health of your entire family is to get a yogurt maker (mine is a Donvier--8, 6oz easy to use containers) buy some organic stonyfield (2 tablespoons for starter) Ethical Nutrients lactobacillus--- then after a few cultures Kyodophilus lacto and bifidus-- and START MAKING YOGURT (Organic milk only please.)

there's a reason those little old Armenian women would make sure they could bring their cultures through customs when they emigrated to the US, by hiding them in their linens( by soaking the yogurt in, drying it and rehydrating. Buy Natasha Trenev's probiotic book for more info.

These probiotic cultures synthesize B vitamins in the intestine and are powerful antibiotic (only against the bad bacteria) and antiviral-- I know this from my self-medicating.

When you get the yogurt maker, don't use the plastic containers for long-- get 6 oz baby food glass jars and when you set them in the maker to culture make sure the lids are only sitting on the top NOT fastened down.

Remember the GI tract is the most vulnerable part of our bodies, and is the source of our immune system.

Good luck,

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I have been using Shaklee's multivitamin and multimineral supplement for infants and toddlers. It is in a powder form so it can easily be mixed in water, juice or with their food.
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