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Did different genders create different pregnancy experiences?

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Hello Mamas,

I'm preggo with #3. I have two boys and yes, I'm wondering if this one could possibly be a girl. I'm sure there is no science there but I'm just wondering anecdotally for those who have birthed both sexes, if the pregnancy was different.

Thanks for sharing! Deb
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My 3 1/2 year old is a boy, and I pretty much sailed through that pregnancy. I had very little nausea, and gained weight steadily and happily. Up until my b.p. shot up at around 36 weeks, things were pretty peachy.

I am currently almost 20 weeks pregnant with #2, who the sonographer assures me is a girl. From the start, this pregnancy has been harder than my first. Even at 20 weeks, I am still exhausted half the time. I never threw up, but I had a lot more nausea for a lot longer with this one than I had with Nicholas. I'm not gaining weight as well (I lost 3 lbs this past week!) and I'm just generally more uncomfortable than I remember being the first time around.

Of course...I'm also 4 years older now than I was then, and getting awfully close to 40 years old, AND I have a more stressful job now than I did then, so those could be huge factors. Whatever the case, I know I never want to be pregnant again.
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I'm pregnant with my second dd, and everything is exactly the same - right down to the week it's happening at (bad MS until 15 wks, severe GERD).
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IME, different pregnancies create different experiences! All mine were very different, and it seems gender had nothing to do with it. lol

With DD1, I sailed through, no ms, no heartburn, no real fatigue. No BH contractions. nada. Until she was born premature at 34 weeks.

With DS1, I had no ms, but tremendous fatigue and severe heartburn in third trimester. Lots of contractions beginning at 33 weeks, but he stayed put 'til 39 weeks.

With DS2, I had no appetite/nausea/light ms until about 20 weeks, HORRIBLE sciatica, light fatigue and no heartburn. Lots of contractions beginning at 32 weeks, but he was 41+ weeks when he finally made his appearance earthside. I was convinced he was a girl, since I did not have heartburn - The boy equipment was quite a shock!

Oh, and despite the old wives tale that hair=heartburn, my DD had a huge head of long dark hair that never fell out, and my boys were relatively bald.
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I can only speak from my experience...with my son I was sick until about 10 weeks, throwing up each morning. tired...but around 14 weeks felt energized and great. This time I am pregnant with a girl, I am 19 weeks and just starting to feel great. I was throwing up throughout the day until 15-16 weeks, and still feeling quesy (sp?) until this past week. It has been a very different experience. With my son I loved being pregnant. with this one I am like the other post.....feeling like I never want to be pregnant again. I think it varies though. Also, my 14 month old son is a very poor sleeper so I am getting WAY LESS SLEEP this time around and know that that is affecting how I feel.
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Hey Mamas! There was a clear difference in my male pregnancies and my female pregnancy and this one is following the female trail. With my boys I had predictable ms everyday at the same times until I was 12 weeks, little or no heartburn or gas, normal exhaustion. With my dd, oh my, much worse ms either sporadic throughout the day and night or all day, everything, including water caused gas and heartburn, feel like I am going to drop dead from exhaustion even after a nap... I keep saying this one is a girl, we'll see....
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My two girls were very similar. Not much exhaustion or nausea but serious moodiness, crankiness and depression.

This one is a boy and I was nauseous and exhausted for the first 13 weeks or so but haven't had nearly the same problems with depression or crankiness.

My mom had similar experiences with her two girls versus her two boys.
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My last pregnancy (the only boy) was carried much differently than the first three. I was "out front" with ds, so that you couldn't tell I was pg from the back. With the girls, I widened out.
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I'm pregnant with #4 and had different symptoms with each kid, except with all of them I had nausea. So far, all I have are girls.
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Thanks for asking, because I love hearing the stories, too!! My mom had girl, boy, girl but her pregnancies were always exactly alike. I figure I'll be the same way (especially since my girl pregnancy was all "boy" signs, which all of hers were as well)
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My Dd's and Ds's pregnancies were almost identical.

Now this pregnancy is not, but I think that has a lot to do with being a little older and being a lot busier then I was during the other pregnancies.
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