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Is it possible to homeschool while working part time?

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I really want to try homeschooling, but I need to work at least part time. Does anyone else do this?
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I'm home fulltime and am homeschooling. The great thing about homeschooling is that you can make it fit your life. You don't have to do it at certain times and for six hours straight each day. I suggest reading The Skylark Sings with Me and Home Education Magazine. Check out some homeschooling websites (try www.nhen.org, homeshooling at about.com and www.home-ed-magazine.com) There are lots of different ways to homeschool. Most of the folks I know unschool or are eclectic homeschoolers. Also- most homeschooler will tell you that kids get more accomplished one on one and need way less time to work. You can do it for one or two hours a day all year round if you want. The best part is all the family time your kid gets. My son is 100% nicer to be around since I brought him home to unschool.
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i work part-time. since my little one is an infant, i start work at 8pm after both have gone to bed. i'd rather not be working, but since i must this works out well for us. i only work about 12 hours/week - if i had to work more i would probably look for a homeschooled teen to come keep an eye on the kids for a few hours every day or a few mornings or afternoons a week, then get dh to watch while i worked on the weekends. maybe barter lessons in something i know in exchange for babysitting! or i would set up a swap with one of my friends who also works part-time, at least for part of the time i needed.

it's hard and you make sacrifices (like it's really hard to get any time for myself), but it has really been worth it for us. and i figure in a few years the kids will be older and more self-directed and i'll have more flexibility with my time. in the meanwhile i am having experiences with them that i never could if they were in school!
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Funny, we just had this discussion on one of the homeschooling e-lists I subscribe to and I was surprised to see how many homeschooling parents do work part-time. Some of the jobs people mentioned were indexing for books, working for the local court system, or selling products made at home. Most people did most of their work from home and set their own hours. Like myself, most of the these parents work 20 hrs a week or less but they do manage to do it and still homeschool their children. I will agree with erika that you do have less time for yourself but the rewards of being able to spend your days with your children are priceless and far outweigh the sacrifices.
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I have a dear friend who went through nursing school and now works part time as an OB nurse. She homeschooled her children the whole time. She now has 9 children., ranging in age from 24 years old to one week old.
Her husband also works full time, and really doesn't help with homeschooling. Her older children are very helpful and she also has her mom help out, on occasion.
She is not a supermom and I know if she can do it so can you!

Go for it!
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Yes! IT's possible. I'm an OB nurse and work one to two 3-11 shifts per week, and hs my two kids, 6 and 12. I have a sitter for a few hours til dh gets home from work. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work at all, but other days I'm glad to be going off for a few hours to do my own thing with other adults! We get together with a huge group of other hsers once a week and many of the moms there work part-time. I don't think hsing means you have to be with your dearly beloveds 24/7 and I know my work outside home stimulates a fair amount of interesting discussion around the house. Good luck!
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I'm glad I came across this post. I want to homeschool, but my husband wants me to work. Maybe we can compromise.
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I'm glad to know that there are parents out there who homeschool and work, too. My son is only 7 months old, but I'm already looking forward to our homeschooling future. Out of all of my violin/viola students, my homeschooled kids are the most enjoyable to teach. I want that kind of future for my son.

I first thought of homeschooling (my unborn children) several years ago, but assumed that I couldn't because of our financial situation. I will always need to work. Luckily, my teaching schedule can be very flexible.

Now I just need to convince my doubting husband that this is possible!
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Glad I found this thread. I have been at home since DD (age 2) was born. Now my husband is going to sell his business so that he can have a turn staying home w/ the kids. I'm going to pursue my own interests in childbirth education and postpartum doula work. I have lots of great ideas and can't wait to get started.

There is, however, a small conflict. I promised 8 y/o DS (from a previous union) that we would try homeschooling over the summer break and continue into the fall if things work out for both of us. DH doesn't want this responsibility and feels that I won't have the time and/or energy to devote to DS's studies. I think it CAN be managed, because I will set my own hours. If we get up early, we can work together for a few hours before I go to work. Also, much of my work will be done in the evenings.

From what I hear in this thread, it's possible. Realistically, how many hours a day does one need to spend in educational pursuits? Are there any gov't guidelines or requirements?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Pennsylvania has some of the tightest restrictions on homeschooling. That said, I know there is a big group of PA unschoolers - even if you don't plan on specifically unschooling they could give advice on how to deal with state regulations.

Realistically, you can do a fantastic job in an hour or less per day. Seriously.

Good luck!
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