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Could he possibly be transitioning to just one nap??

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Cole used to take 3 short naps a day. About 2 -3 months ago he dropped the midday nap and started taking 2 longer naps, one midmorning and one midafternoon.

Now I'm having a hard time getting him to go down for his morning nap, and he only sleeps for maybe 30 -45 minutes. He still takes a pretty long afternoon nap. Could he possibly be getting ready to drop the morning nap? He's only 8 1/2 months old! Maybe it's just a phase but it really seems like he doesn't need it anymore. Has this happened to anyone else?
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I've been wondering the same thing about Maisie. It's the opposite for us. She's been taking a long morning nap and then it's either really hard to get her down in the afternoon or she only sleeps for about 45 minutes.

I actually tried only one nap yesterday since she got up so late (8:30 a.m.). She was pretty fussy late afternoon (4-5), but really happy in the evening. I don't know. I don't think I'll encourage her to take only one nap. She's still so little. I'm just going to go with the flow for now.
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I remember this as being somewhat difficult. since they need your help to adjust their schedule you must play with it a little and watch them closely for cues. this becomes another way in which we know our children better. it's not too early for this change to take place i think because they do differ from each other a bit and it's not like okay ding 9 months time for two naps.!!
wait till its one!!!! also remember their whole schedule is effected where nighttime and naps are concerned. the later nap will affect the nighttime sleep and so on.
sounds like you mamas are doing fine though! keep up the great work!!!!
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hey ladies! between being not so awake and time passing since my little ones took their two naps i goofed on my reply! sorry.
reading your threads again I realized you were talking about going from 2 to one nap. yep, I think the transition is taking place for you and what i said still applies. just alter and guide taking in to account that one is going to affect the other and afternoon naps need to not be so late as to affect their decent bedtime. again, your doing fine. And no, I dont think its too early, it's just a strange transition time and may take some tweeking.
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I was wondering the same thing; my 9 1/2 mo dd suddenly resists afternoon naps with all her might! i've had to take her round and round (and round and...) the block in the car for 20 mins til she conks out. even last night she was resisting going to bed and dh had to do the same with her - at 10 pm !(she normally goes to bed at 8pm in summer). It just happened overnight,and seems to coincide with her being more alert and active -s he doesn't want to stop exploring and practising standing etc.
Let's wait and see what happens!
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