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I'm sorry they are being so horrible. I am glad you are sticking with it.
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Originally Posted by Turkish Kate View Post
Ugh. Still can't access it from Turkiye, but it doesn't sound good. Would you mind to cut and paste again?
Well, the update is that there is no update. Rather, the YMCA has chosen not to respond to the claim.

Where does that leave me you might ask? It leaves me hanging. Apparently, they don’t have to respond. They don’t have to indicate whether they are attending the Mediation. They don’t have to do a darn thing. At some point, and of course no one can tell me when that might be, they will be contacted to be asked whether they are coming to the mediation or not, and I will be notified if they respond. So deadlines aren’t really deadlines, and requirements to respond are not really requirements. Man, this process has less teeth than my 7 month old!

So I have to make the plans to attend Mediation in December and wonder the whole time if they are coming, right up to the start time. They might not. And if they don’t come, then my file will be added to the huge pile to be investigated, sometime. Of course, as the one filing the complaint I have none of these luxuries, my deadlines are deadlines and the burden of this process relies on me.

My intake worker at the OHRC today sounded tired. I wonder if she is as demoralized as I am about this whole process.

And how do I feel about the YMCA? They suck even worse than before. They chose to not even dignify my complaint, or follow process.

Scroll down to a previous post for contact information to voice your complaint. Maybe that nurse-in would grab their attention?

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Their bfing policy in my area (only in locker rooms) is why I won't join-even thought they are closer than any other health club. Keep fighting the good fight!!!
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Ugh. How typical of large organizations. Bleh.

I will send an email and am also ready to mobilize for a nurse-in if you want to go that way.
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Totally outrageous :
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Call for action! Let's nurse-in (is that a verb? It is now!):

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Nov 17th? I'll be there with bells on girl!!! Both boober and me!

I'll be wearing (thank you mama who sent it) my "It's not about my right to breastfeed, it's about my child's right to eat" shirt on!!! (cute pastel pink btw)

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I wonder where my local Y is in Halifax? Off to find out. I'll see what their BF policy is too.

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Are you wanting to do a national nurse-in, or just local at the one that harassed you?
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I am happy with whatever people want to do, but wouldn't it be great if there were nurse-ins all over Canada and the US, and even worldwide?!?
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I've just read your blog and this thread. Good on you for standing up for moms and babies, I hope you get some more pos results. It's a crying shame to be treated like that, it's an outright attack on women and babies, total hypocrisy and I commend you for fighting it out which must be exhausting

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I am going to try to do it at the one here!
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I'll be at the Y in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia! Nurse-in! Nurse-in!
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For those of you interested in following my story and the lactivism spawning from it, please check my blog for updates as it is being updated daily or more as things ramp up again.
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